"Brit-Am Now"-220
March 30, 2003

1. Conspiracy Theories
2.  Zion in New Jersey
3. Remark on "Brit-Am Now"-217   Chad Dohman: Presidents and Kings
4. Question:  Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair's "Road map"???
5.  Question on France
6. Frank Blande: notes on ephraim
7. Flags of the American States

1. Conspiracy Theories
I know that some of our subscribers believe in conspiracy theories as do
some of my friends and personal acquaintances.
Conspiracy ideas are usually the fruit of sick minds and/or fictions
invented by  sinister elements who themselves
are part of an unspoken "conspiracy" to work against the Jewish, American,
and British peoples.
I find it very disheartening when otherwise good, intelligent, sensitive
people (sometimes Jewish ones or even Brit-Am supporters)
suddenly reveal that they have been taken in by Conspiracy propaganda.
Conspiracy theories are in effect the outcome of those who seek the renewed
betrayal of Joseph and Judah.

2.  Zion in New Jersey
In New Jersey; near the pine barrens in the South is a deserted town;
except for campers named Atsion...which is for.....At Zion.....   something
Yours, Yehudith Shalomith

3. Remark on "Brit-Am Now"-217   Chad Dohman: Presidents and Kings
"Brit-Am Now" is not an open list but rather a closely moderated
one.  Experience shows that this is what most of our
subscribers want this particular list to be. On the whole we do not post
out ideas we disagree with though in exceptional
cases we might to do so to arouse interest. Sometimes we also post out
ideas that even though they appear mistaken
in part may yet have elements of truth in them worth considering. I usually
try and read everything through well before I post it
but sometimes things inadvertently slip through that I did not notice and
would not have wanted going out on this list.
Sometimes we also make mistakes. Recently we inadvertently transgressed one
of our own principles.
Our principles include the statement:
  <<Self-Respect i.e. no hatred of fellow Israelite groups, no
anti-Semitism, no anti-American, anti-British, conspiracy doctrines or the
like.>> This would also extend to different sections of the Israelite
nation making exaggerated negative claims against the other with whom they
have been in conflict, e.g. ex-Union States in the USA versus Confederates,
and the opposite.

4. On another list it was asked: By the way, what do Mr. Davidiy and his
followers think of Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair's "Road map"???
a. We do not really have "followers" in the strict sense of the word. There
are people who had already reached similar conclusions to our own
previously and then found that we had additional information to confirm
their conclusions or others who became convinced due to what we reported.
In other words we have supporters, sympathizers, fellow-travellers or those
who are generally interested to some degree or other.
This agreement extends largely to questions of identity and on all other
matters there is a tendency for each to go his own way. Brit-Am supporters
have proved themselves to often be highly original and independent in their
thought processes.
b. On the matter in question I (Yair Davidiy) can throw out a few ideas
that reflect my own private understanding.
Concerning the underlying principles of Brit-Am this is the Bible, this is
common sense, alongside historical and scientific consistencies.
Concerning contemporary events and other matters we can use Brit-Am
principles to try and understand what is going on but we emphasize in
advance that we may be wrong. We also reserve to ourselves the right to
UNASHAMEDLY CHANGE OUR MIND if the facts warrant it.
This also ties in with the following question concerning anti-semitism in
Lost Israelite nations have been and can be anti-semitic. Isaiah even
indicates that some degree of fiction will exist between Judah and Joseph
right up to the end times.
The USA and Britain in the past were quite capable at times of seriously
harming Israel but up unto now on the whole they have helped much more than
they have harmed. The USA was often the only friend the State of Israel had
in the face of a vicious spiteful filthy (and all things nasty) rest of the
world. I believe that both the USA and Britain will continue to be the
conscious and/or de facto allies of the Jewish people and that Joseph will
draw closer to Judah. I may be wrong. Up unto now the Brit-Am scenario and
explanation despite everything has proven the best available. Stick with us.
Remember that President Bush, Prime Minister Blair and Prime Minister
Sharon are all national leaders and politicians and sometimes have to say
things that do not necessarily reflect their true intentions. Even so words
can be traps. We should all make ourselves conscious of who we really are
and what we should do and pray to the God of Israel for guidance.

5.  Question on France
From: "Craig M. Hamilton"
I hope this doesn't disqualify the identification of France = Reuben for you.

Report: Racist violence explodes in France in 2002
By NATHALIE SCHUCK, Associated Press Writer
[There follows on article on anti-semitic incidents in France].

Answer: Most anti-semitic incidents in France are caused by North African
elements or by other moslems.
Some are carried out by "white" people but even these are often of
non-French origin.
Even so anti-semitism does exist in France.

Brit-Am says that most of the Lost Ten Tribes went to the west and settled
in specific areas and can there be identified
in Tribal formations. What proportion of the population they constitute in
the said areas is an open question.
For the sake of perspective it should be remembered that:
a. France still fulfills the role of Reuben.
b. Germany is much worse than France.
c. France is limited in the choices it can make.
d. The French are not cowards. Sometimes, just the opposite.

6. Frank Blande: notes on ephraim

gentlemen. a few points to consider that demonstrate that ephraim is britain.
1. the reference to ephraim having 10 times the population of manasseh is
fallacious. scripture doesn't support this. what scripture shows is ephraim
led 10 tribes and manasseh was but one of the 10. hence the 10 to 1 ratio
between the two lads.
2. jeroboam the ephraimite set up the golden calves. the hebrew egli
(ayin-gimel-lamed-yod) being calves. this word is the root of aegli,
angles, english.
3. english is the lingua franca of the world. manasseh defers to the tongue
of ephraim to this very day.
4. israel set ephraim before manasseh. he has the final say as he IS
israel. manasseh is unquestionably the 13th.
5. britain IS greater than america today. greatness is not to be reckoned
economically or militarily. it is in the extent of influence. ephraims
language is the worlds language. ephraim has a commonwealth family  whose
people are more informed than americans are. i would definitely liken
manasseh to the wild ox and britain to the unicorn. i liked yairs comment
quoting churchill.
6. in the 7th chapter of revelation ephraim is subsumed into joseph and
manasseh takes the place of dan. dans brigade emblem was the eagle. the
eagle is ophiuchus attacking and destroying scorpio. america has this eagle
in its heraldry. and dans dont tread on me. and the colour of dans stone
predominates on the great seal and is the presidents colour. that is azure
from the lapis lazuli.
7. manasseh: causing me to forget my fathers house. the usa embodies this
principle in the naming of manasseh. usa made the clean break.

these are a few points that spring immediately to mind. and in relation to
the stones ephraim being subsumed into joseph would give him josephs
colour. the shoham stone is white the colour of england. this matches with
the other characteristics of ephraim today.
there are a few other points that have slipped my mind for now but ephraim
is unquestionably britain and manasseh the usa.

hope this is of interest and help

Comment by Yair Davidiy: I personally thing that <<THEY ARE THE TEN
33:17], still refers to population.
The shoham stone of Joseph according to sources that I use was black.

7. Flags of the American States
I have added flags to the American states page - it is interesting to see
the how the theme of the eagle and the red, white and blue colors carries
through. Also was surprised at the flag for Hawaii, which sports a British
flag in its corner. The flags will enlarge by clicking on them to make
viewing better.
Here is the page with the USA state flags:


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