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April 4, 2002


1. Some Perspectives on Judah, the USA, and Blessings
2. Favored Subjects on Web Site
3. Our (Joseph's) Obligations?
4. "Why Do People Hate America?"
5. "Chosen People"
6. Funds
7. Brit-Am Sympathizers = "The Chosen"

1. Some Perspectives on Judah, the USA,  and Blessings
Subject: "Brit-Am Now"-(221-222-223)-224
We are used to thinking of Judah as "suffering" and on one level this was
so. The Jews were persecuted and despised all over the world. Sometimes
they were welcome "guests" and at other times they were unwanted intruders
who now and again were to be eliminated. Always they were in exile. Even
now all over the world people hate the Jews and incidents of antisemitism
are on the increase. Now it is the Palestinians who are the excuse for
hating Jews and before that it was something else. In the Holocaust more
than 6 million Jews were killed. It is worth while upon occasion reading
about the Holocaust to remind ourselves about what happened and could
happen again, God forbid. I could go on in this vein but the point is
obvious. Nevertheless the impression is not exact. Most other peoples
suffered greatly in history and more often than not they suffered more than
the Jews did. Even the Scottish and Ulster Scot pioneers who came to
America suffered a 20% death rate on the journey. Throughout history there
were wars, plagues, persecutions, oppressions, and so on everywhere. Very
often the Jews escaped the major tribulations. Usually the average Jew had
a better standard of living than those around him. He lived longer with
less sickness and was often (but not always) less subject to the
authorities and to oppression than his neighbor since the king or noble
would set him aside. He had universal literacy and often deep spiritual and
intellectual experiences. His children could always receive basic education
and if gifted would be enabled to fulfill their potential. If he was in
trouble his neighbors and community would assist and so on.
To a degree we can compare it to a comparison between secular and
Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel. The secular Jews statistically have a much
higher standard of living and greater wealth and the establishment is
largely in their hands.  On the other hand the quality of life of the
Ultra-Orthodox is in many ways higher. They are healthier, live longer,
have larger families, less divorce, less crime, little delinquency, little
substance abuse, belong to a community they  identify with and feel at home
with, good neighborhood relationships, little promiscuity and not much
violence, mutual respect, relative great honesty (when compared to others),
and so on.
Despite all this, there are a lot of exceptions and the Ultra-Orthodox
have  problems of their own and in some ways they are worse of. It depends
how you look at it and who you are.
Internationally, regarding all Israel:
We are nearing the end-times and things are changing.
The State of Israel has done something to alleviate the Jews sense of
alienation of being without a State.
Today roughly-speaking one-third of the Jews in the world are in the USA, a
bit more than one-third in the State of Israel, and the rest all over
especially in Western Europe and a large contingent in Russia. The Jews in
the USA benefit from the blessings of America alongside their fellow
citizens. In the USA the Jews are enabled to consider themselves as much
part of the nation as anybody. [The same holds, to a lesser degree in the
UK, Margaret Thatcher, the former Conservative Prime Minister of Britain at
one stage had six Jewish Cabinet Ministers. She was once described
(good-naturedly) by a prominent prelate in her country conversing with the
Queen as more "Hebrew" than anything else in her religious outlook.]
People of the USA today consume over half of all the goods and services in
the world.
About 40% (or more) of American foreign aid goes to the State of Israel.
Without this aid and American support Israel would be in deep trouble. The
USA benefits in many ways from helping Israel but it helps because it wants
to. The State of Israel reflects an aspect of American existence, of
American being. On the world scene America often stood alone against the
rest of the world in helping Israel. Nevertheless through this assistance
and protection America  it realized its inner being and became the "man on
the block" even against its will. When America supports the State of Israel
and the Jewish people it is true to itself.
Great Rabbis have said that America is great because of the goodness of its
heart. The slogan "In God We Trust" on the dollar bill
makes a deep impression everywhere. The assistance the USA gives Israel is
similar to tithing and the blessings given to America may be due in part to
the Almighty rewarding this generosity.

2. Favored Subjects on Web Site
From: Betty Rhodes
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For the Identification of the Lost Ten Tribes
go to: <>
Betty Matteson Rhodes

3. Our (Joseph's) Obligations?
At 00:07 04/04/2003 -0500, David M wrote:
Re: "Brit-Am Now"-(221-222-223)-224
>In a message dated 4/2/2003 6:24:16 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> writes:
>>Here is a valid comment to Johaida's other questions, to which I would add
>>the following. As the descendants of the House of Israel come into an
>>understanding of who they are, a lack of repentance, will bring about the
>>judgements of HaShem. They won't escape!
>this is brilliant
>I had not considered this notion, which has many precedents in Judaism,
>including the notion that the more one is aware , the more they are held
>to judgement like the eye of a needle, captives who are raised ignorant
>are not judged the same way others are and many other similar notions
>It would seem though , consistent with your message that specifically
>Judah's specific destiny and repsonsibilities do not allow his whole tribe
>to wander away like the others, for then calamity befalls them
>David M
>New Jersey

Comment by Brit-Am:
The credit goes to Malcolm Osborne rather than to myself  since he wrote
the passage in question and it is his opinion.
Our approach is that in the future the Lost Ten Tribes will once again
accept the Law of Moses. At present however "Joseph"
has no more obligation than to be "Joseph" and to fulfill his destiny. At
the individual level everyone of us is commanded to do as
well as we can within the confines of our own existence:


4. "Why Do People Hate America?"
Read "Why Do People Hate America?", by Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn
Davies (2002).
May review more at length later. Aim of the book, as the authors themselves
emphasize, is to show the negative rather than the positive. Some food for
thought. On the whole exaggerated expectations of America. The USA see
itself as "Chosen" and is criticized for being so wealthy and powerful and
for not using its wealth in the right ways; also  for intervening in the
affairs of other nations unduly etc.
For us the book mainly emphasized the aspect of "Israel" versus the rest of
the heathen.

5. "Chosen People"
Am reading  "Chosen People" by Clifford Longley (2002). The book says that
Britain and the USA saw and still see themselves as "Chosen" and as
fulfilling the role of "Israel" in the Biblical sense. The author takes
this as an historical fact as reflected in the writings and actions of
national leaders, politicians, writers, and churchmen. The book discusses
how this notion came to expression and attempts to explain it. The author
also goes into ramifications and side-issues of the concept some of which
we found of little interest - though other points were quite fascinating.
The author is apparently an English Catholic, patriotic, religious,
academic, liberal, and free-thinking. He  quotes the Bible often but does
not believe necessarily in its Divine Inspiration. The subject of the Lost
Ten Tribes is not mentioned as far as I see (I am still reading) and does
not come into consideration.
 From our point of view we would say that the book demonstrates how that
they who were in touch with the national soul of "Joseph"
became aware of the Israelite origin without being able to adequately
explain it.
The British and Americans did fulfill the role of Joseph. They received the
blessings of Joseph. To a degree, they even conceived of themselves as
"Joseph" without really knowing why.

6. Funds
Brit-Am is still in need of funds to function,  please help.

7. Brit-Am Sympathizers = "The Chosen"
In history often small groups of people and minority beliefs have
ultimately had great significance.
We are a small group and our beliefs are true ones.
Everything has a reason. It is not for nothing that you have become an
interested party in the "Brit-Am" enterprise.
You are important. Look after yourselves. Do as well as you can for
yourselves in matters of heaven and earth and assist
us according to your ability. "Brit-Am"  is in need of your assistance.
God bless you all
Yair Davidiy

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