"Brit-Am Now"-229

April 10, 2003
1. Brit-Am and History
2. Funds

1. Brit-Am and History

             Brit-Am beliefs are justified by the Bible especially when
considered in the light of the Hebrew original text and traditional
Rabbinical understanding. In addition we have shown through historical
studies how the transfer of Israelites came about. Brit-Am traces this
movement to three major sources: 1. By Way of the Sea: Israelites were
taken to the west in Phoenician and Philistine ships acting on behalf of
the Assyrians. Many were taken first to Spain and from there moved out to
France, Britain, and Ireland. 2. Cimmerians: Israelite exiles amalgamated
or became identified with the Cimmerians who at an early date moved to the
west and founded Celtic civilization in its true sense. 3. Scythians:
Israelites were likewise grouped with the Scythians and Goths and they too
moved westward but at a later date and are associated mainly with groups
who spoke Germanic languages. The Khazars too were a Scythian-Israelite entity.

             Our historical explanation is similar to that of other groups
and writers (such as Stephen Collins) who believe as we do in the Israelite
Identity of western peoples. It used to be similar to the conventionally
accepted accounts of academic historians. This is no longer the case.
Nowadays, the experts provide different explanations of how western
nationalities arose. They now more or less assert that all western peoples
arose locally from the areas they are now in. If any of them did come from
elsewhere then that happened, they say, an enormously long time ago and
could not possibly be linked with the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.

Nevertheless, all the facts on the ground appear to fit the Brit-Am
explanation better than any other.

Even if we were to be mistaken on some points our beliefs would still be
justified on Biblical grounds alone and another historical explanation
would have to be the answer.

  Our historical explanation however appears to be a basically correct one.
It may be viewed in our works and also on our web-site. See
<http://www.britam.org/>http://www.britam.org and
  So far our track record in these matters has been a good one.
Possibilities that we indicated were vindicated.

We hope to eventually republish our book, "The Tribes", which has a great
deal of historical material. We are also re-writing and re-arranging our
research notes and updating our findings throughout including those
published in "Lost Israelite Identity". Much new information has come to
light. We hope enable our subscribers to partake of this knowledge through
regular articles that we will put out to this list.

2. Funds. I dislike asking for funds. I do not want anybody  does not want
to (or cannot) contribute to us to feel uneasy. We do however need funds
I sincerely believe that we are doing God's will. Finding and affirming our
Israelite identity is for the good of all our peoples,
for the good of the world, and for the good of each one of us individually
and for the good of our families. It is our duty to do what we can to
forward this matter. I have a duty that I must fulfill and so does each one
of you. We will be rewarded greatly according to   how we act and how we
fulfill this duty of ours. Please send whatever is possible.

God bless all of you
Yair Davidiy

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