"Brit-Am Now"-230

April 11, 2003
1. Need We Should Pray
2.  Hoard of  coins  found in Britain
3.  Jeremy Birmingham: Napoleon
4. DNA Findings

1. Need We Should Pray
From: John C Shore
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-226

    As a believer in the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob I believe
the most important benefit of the USA supporting Israel comes from Gen 12:3.
Your answer appeared to be all material but when we pray for the peace of
Yerusalem we include the spiritual
condition of Israel as most polls show only about 20-22 % practice any
spiritual relationship with our G-d.
B"H   John

2.  Hoard of  coins  found in Britain

University of Leicester press release, April 2003

Largest hoard of Iron Age gold and silver coins ever found in Britain

Amateur archaeologists have discovered the site of the largest hoard of Iron
Age gold and silver coins ever found in Britain, along with a unique Roman
gilded silver helmet. The local group who work with the Leicestershire
County Council's Community Archaeology Project discovered the site while
fieldwalking in east Leicestershire in 2000. A group member, Ken Wallace,
returned with a metal detector and found hundreds of Iron Age coins dating
back 2000 years.

Mr Wallace's discoveries led to excavations in 2001 and 2003 carried out by
University of Leicester Archaeological Services, directed by Vicki Priest
with assistance from members of the local archaeological group and funded by
English Heritage, BBC Television and the British Museum.

In excess of 3000 silver and gold coins have been found, mostly made by the
local Iron Age tribe - the Corieltauvi. This is almost the first time Iron
Age coin hoards have been excavated. Evidence for feasting at the site
suggests that the coins were probably offerings at an important open air
religious centre, possibly associated with the Druids. The silver decorated
Roman cavalry helmet is the only one ever found in England. Such helmets
were worn by high-ranking officers on parade and evidence indicates that it
might have been buried before the Roman Conquest. This raises the intriguing
possibility that a Leicestershire man may have travelled to the Roman Empire
and served in the Roman cavalry before Britain was conquered by Rome.

Peter Liddle, Leicestershire County Council's Senior Archaeologist, said

"This is by far the most dramatic archaeological find ever made in
Leicestershire, but across the County members of our local community
archaeology groups are finding sites week in and week out. Our training
courses give people the confidence to undertake their own research and we
are reaping the benefits in terms of new information about our past".

Dr Patrick Clay, Director of University of Leicester Archaeological Services
who undertook the excavation, added: "The discovery was not by chance but
the result of the ongoing fieldwalking programme by community archaeology
groups working in Leicestershire. The excellent rapport between the
community group and the professional archaeologists has meant that a
detailed excavation has been possible revealing this unique religious site.
The excavation, directed by Vicki Priest, located eighteen groups of coins
many of which still retained the shape of the bags which held them".

Dr J D Hill of the British Museum commented: "This is a discovery of
international significance, and one that has surprised us at every turn.
Hardly any Iron Age coin hoards have ever been scientifically excavated
before. Then to discover the silver helmet and then the bones from feasting
was even more of a shock. Together they can tell us a story about the ritual
that happened here 2000 years ago, and force us to rethink just how
important Leicestershire was before the Romans".

3.  Jeremy Birmingham: Napoleon

Reading Steve Collins article Brit-Am 228 we see that one constant formula
that happens over and over again. History repeats itself. I was watching a
TV show about Napoleon last night and something became apparent to me.
Napoleon at the height of his power conquered most of Europe and was at the
borders of Russia. Napoleon did engage the Russians in battle and won. The
Russian Czar negotiated and made peace with France. Napoleon after recently
making peace with Russia had to immediately leave before the ink could dry
on Frances deal with Russia because Spain was in revolt with the help of
the English. Napoleon had to send troops to Spain and was now in the
undesirable position of being attacked on all sides. Napoleon married a
princess from Austria which bore him a son. This marriage was a political
deal between France and Austria so the Austrian's-Germans would not attack
France when it was now becoming in jeopardy. Long story short Napoleon's
and Frances iron clad agreements of peace with Russia and Austria was an
allusion. Russia and Austria attacked France and the only thing that
stopped France from becoming an Austrian or Russian State was the fact that
England flooded into France and took control. We look to the present day
and we see France negotiating with who, Germany, Russia. Napoleon after a
long march arrived in Moscow and wondered were all the Russian's were to
fight. He said to one of his generals, "Russian's were worriers not murders
in the night." That night Napoleon awoke to Moscow engulfed in flames. The
Russians fled Moscow so they trap Napoleon in the city to burn the French
instead of fighting. Napoleon's Austrian wife left him and took their child
back to Austria when France was attacked by the Austrian's. France
presently is forgetting hard lesson's they should have already learned
along time ago. History repeats itself.

4. DNA Findings
The following quotation comes from a posting to a list discussing DNA
findings. It is perhaps worth Brit-Am looking into.
Unlike the author,  however we would not need to go all the way back to
"Neanderthal" times to explain an identity between English-Irish elements
and the Jews.

<<The low resolution-group at FTDNA consists of a significant group of
English-Irish, and a
significant group of Jewish people, many with origins in Eastern Europe, and
a smattering of others.  To me that's an interesting result, but many
attribute that to the English-Irish and Jewish people being descended from
Neanderthals or some such. >>
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