"Brit-Am Now"-235

April 20, 2003
1. Jewish Ancestry of Americans
2. Identity and Need to get the Message Out
3. Hebrew Version
4. 'Tara and the Ark of the Covenant'
5. Messiah son of Joseph
6. Question: Which Tribe is the United States?
7. Letter

1. Jewish Ancestry of Americans
Growing Tendency amongst those concerned with matters of genealogy, genetics,
ethnicity, etc, to look for Jewish origins amongst early groups who settled
the USA and until now
were always assumed to be purely of British and related stock. Also
researchers of Appalachian, Old Spanish,
  Melungeon, stocks etc have begun to suspect Jewish antecedents to some
There may or may not be something in all these suggestions but the tendency
itself is of significance.
Various points of historical interest that we indicated in the past are now
being strengthened and added to
by researchers in several fields.

2. Identity and Need to get the Message Out
 From the Bible perspective the USA, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and
Canada fulfill the role of Joseph.
The question of physical identity is also important but not in every case
absolutely necessary. It is enough that the
Bible makes the identification. It is also true that a definite strong
element amongst the ancestors of people
who live in the mentioned countries were descended from Israel.
 From the Biblical and historical perspective we have proven this identity
in our publications.
We can improve on the proofs we have given and strengthen them and this is
what we are in the process of doing.
Additional proofs from other fields will also in the course of time become
available and we are following developments.
Together with the ongoing clarification of evidence we must also finds
means to get the message out to more people
especially to those who are potentially interested and instinctively
understand the truth of what we say.

3. Hebrew Version
A Hebrew Version of "Origin" in expanded form is being prepared and
improved upon and should be ready shortly for possible publication. This is
a very important aspect of our work in my mind.

4. 'Tara and the Ark of the Covenant'
From: Roy Garland <roygarland@tiscali.co.uk>

Dear Yair

At the end of last year I sent you an article that you published on the
interner.  In it I mentioned a new book 'Tara and the Ark of the Covenant'
by Mairead Carew that was being published.  It has now been published by the
Royal Irish Academy, 19 Dawson Street, Dublin 2.  In Northern Ireland it
costs £21.  It is a beautiful book with excellent photographs and tells the
story of a number of British Israelites digging at the ancient site of Tara
for the Ark and of the protests against them by Republicans etc.  This
happened at the end of the 19th century and start of the 20th century.

Roy Garland

5. Messiah son of Joseph
At 21:53 19/04/2003 -0700, Shaun Hansen wrote:
>who is the Joseph ben Joseph who will restore Israel in the last days, and
>what connection does he have with authorized temple worship?

You are evidently referring to the Messiah son of Joseph of Jewish
tradition. This person according to several sources will lead the Lost Ten
Tribes in the last days. The return of the Lost Ten Tribes (again according
to several sources) is linked with the rebuilding of the Temple. We have
discussed this in our books "Joseph" and "Ephraim".

6. Question: Which Tribe is the United States?
>From: Eddie Tools
>You have me thourgly confused. First you say that
>Ephraim is the USA then you say Britain is, then you
>say Manasseh is the USA then you say Britain is. How
>about making it simple for me. Which is it? Is the
>United States Ephraim or Menessah?
>                          Eddietools

We never ever said that Britain is Manasseh. Other people have said this
and perhaps you have confused us with them?
Regarding the confusion concerning "Ephraim" however you may be correct but
you should have quoted specific instances.
There could be some confusion.
In principle Biblical and related sources show that Ephraim dominates
Britain and her daughters whereas "Manasseh" is pre-eminent in the USA. The
USA has the characteristics of Manasseh on the whole. Together with
Manasseh being the major factor in the USA many inhabitants of America are
probably also physically descended  from Ephraim. Manasseh and Ephraim both
derive from Joseph.
"Ephraim" in Scripture can refer to the Lost Ten Tribes as a whole or to
the Tribes of Joseph acting as one.
The USA (especially when acting together with the UK) could  fulfill the
role of Ephraim in a Scriptural sense since:
a. Many citizens of the USA do descend from Ephraim and in some cases they
could come to play the major role at certain  stages.
b. Ephraim can refer to the specific Tribe by that name or to the Lost Ten
Tribes in general or to the Tribes of Joseph in particular. In our
generation the USA has become the predominant Lost Israelite entity and the
one in which Israelite qualities are most evident and in the stages of
arousal at present.
Despite this theoretical possibility I do not recollect any instance where
we referred to the USA as "Ephraim".

7. Letter

Dear Mr. Davidy,
I am a Christian in the USA who has discovered through much study and
prayer and desire to get to Biblical truths that what you say is correct
and I desire any information you can help me with. Churches in my country
have gone very far astray and in general would never touch upon old truths
long forgotten. Thank you so much for your work.
May G-d richly bless you.