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May 13, 2003

1. Druid Groves in Bible?
2. Marianne Connolly: Christian Zionists
3.William Rasmussen: The Return of the Tribes in Preparation?
4. Thomas Malloy: Need for Maps
  5. Jeremy Birningham:  Moses is our example

1. Druid Groves in Bible?
From: D
Subject: Re: Ezekiel 47
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In a message dated 5/11/2003 5:21:20 AM Eastern Standard Time,
britam@netvision.net.il writes:

>"For the LORD shall smite Israel as a reed is shaken in the
>water, and he shall root up Israel out of this good land, which he gave to
>their fathers, and shall scatter them beyond the river, because they have
>made groves, provoking the LORD to anger.

are these the same as the later Druidic groves that was the center of power
where the druid priests performed many of their ceremonies?
(very graphically described in the historical novel : DRUIDS, by Morgan
Llewelyn, published by IVY Books)
David M

2. Marianne Connolly: Christian Zionists
Hi Yair,

This is in response to this message:

2. Encounter with Friend from France
I just met a friend of mine who returned from a longish visit to France
which country he was born and raised in.
My friend knows history well and is quite intelligent.
The conversation went roughly like this and may be of interest:
"Do you still believe that Reuben is in France and other Tribes of Israel
in parts of Europe?
You are living in a dream world. You do not realize the depth of hate these
people now have towards the Jews.
All over Europe it is the same. Even in England. Even old friends (like
Denmark) are now becoming enemies, etc.
Anti-semitism is everywhere, etc."
HOWEVER My friend then acknowledged that the few good friends the Jewish
people and the State of Israel still have
are mostly Bible-believers. Since in the past  some Bible-believers were
enemies of the Jews we can assume that another factor is involved.  People
who believe in the Bible and identify with the Jewish people may well
(based on this point alone) have some Israelite ancestry.

In the past, and today by the way,  some Bible believers were enemies of
the Jews because there was and still is today a misunderstanding of the
covenants God made with Israel and who true Israel is.  The Roman church
taught that the church had replaced Israel and now were the sole recipients
of the promises and covenants God made with national Israel, and therefore
God was through with Israel as a nation.  The Reformation, although
clarifying God's grace for salvation as opposed to works to earn salvation,
carried on the belief that the church had replaced Israel in God's plan for
redemption, and the only way the Jew could get into the covenant is by
becoming part of the church, through the shed blood of Yeshua.  This belief
is the backbone of Reformed theology and is fervently being taught
today.  Those who adhere to this view have no special regard for Israel,
because they consider Israel to be just another nation, not set apart for
God's purpose and future redemption.  This theology also teaches that all
prophecy for Israel was fulfilled in 70 A.D. when the Romans sacked
Jerusalem and the temple.  This view allows for anti-semitism within the
church.  This is why some Bible believing Christians do not differentiate
between the Israelis and the Palestinians, because they don't understand
the importance to God of the land of Israel in general and Jerusalem and
it's people in particular, because as I said, they consider themselves to
have taken the place of national Israel.  There is however, another group
of Bible believers who see that the church has not replaced national
Israel, but it a separate, unique entity consisting of Jews and Gentiles
who believe that Yeshua is the Messiah that came to Israel to give them the
promised kingdom, with him as king.  He was rejected by national Israel and
therefore the kingdom was put on hold, and the church age of grace ushered
in. However, all the promises and covenants God made with Abraham, Moses
and David will be realized in national Israel, Israel right there next to
Jordan, Lebanon, etc. It is these Bible believing Christians that identify
with Israel and love Israel, because God loves them.  We are excited to see
prophecies regarding Israel coming true in front of our very noses,
beginning with the restoration of the Jews to the land and nationhood in
1948.  There are millions of us here in the U.S.  We stand with and defend
Israel with all of our might and we love Israel because God loves her, and
we love all that God loves and hate all that God hates.
Whether that means we have any Israelite ancestry or not, can be debated,
but I do know that this belief stems from Zionism and a theology called
Dispensationalism, which came on the stage of history at the very same
time.  I believe it was a  work of God to prepare his people, the church
and Israel, for the redemption of the 12 tribes of Israel and the
establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth, with Israel as the head of
the nations.

Marianne Connolly

3.William Rasmussen: The Return of the Tribes in Preparation?
Subject: Re: Jerusalem News-210
Shalom Yair:  Baruch HaShem for the divine protection of the daughter of a
founding member of BritAm and for the elimination of the Philistines who
tried to murder innocent people.  I would hasten to add that these
terrorists are worse than wild beasts; wild beasts kill only to
survive.  Wild beasts do not commit murder nor do they kill for
pleasure.  The terrorists are demonically controlled individuals who are of
the same kind as those who were on the earth during Noach's time and those
who were in Sodom and Gomorrah.  They are murderers and fanatical devils
who must be dealt with swiftly and surely.
During World War 2, the Japanese demonstrated similar cruelty and murder,
degenerating into fanatical, suicidal barbarians that had to be burned with
fire.  Suicide defiles the land.  Thus, the Americans burned them out of
their caves on Iwo Jima and Okinawa.  Ultimately, two atomic bombs were
dropped on Japan to burn away the defilement of suicide.  Similarly, the
Philistine terrorists must be burned up to purge the land of
defilement.  Perhaps this will be the role of the tribes when they return
to Eretz Yisrael.  Is it possible that in a spiritual sense, the war in
Iraq was a precursor to the return of the tribes because the land to the
Euphrates is being secured by the Americans and British?  HaShem made a
promise to Yehoshua that Israel would extend to the Euphrates river.  King
David realized that during his reign.
Personally, I believe that the war in Iraq is indeed a prelude to the
return of the tribes, as the land allocated to each tribe must first be
secured before they can settle there.  Then the tribes will indeed remove
the "thorn in the side" that the Philistines now present.  Perhaps a Holy
Fire will come and purge the land of the terrorists and also refine the
people of HaShem as gold is refined.  Fire can be both destructive and
beneficial.  The pillar of fire that protected Israel, kept Mitzrayim at bay.
May HaShem continue to protect you and watch over you and those in Israel
who long for the Messiah.  Shalom, Bill Rasmussen

4. Thomas Malloy: Need for Maps
Subject: Re: Ezekiel 47

Dear Yair;

It's real annoying to read your posts in which you use place names that I
have no clue where they are. Have you considered publishing a map with
multiple place names on it?

I noted with interest your belief that peace will only come when the Arabs
are relocated elsewhere. Ed Chumney mentioned a verse in the writings of
the Prophets where the nonbelievers who remain, following what I assume is
the Ezekiel 35 / Obadiah war either convert to Torah or fly away to a land
in the west?  I brought up the subject of the fulfillment of that prophecy
to some Chasidic Jews recently, they didn't like what I had to say. I
assume that the Christians will like it even less.

I don't question your thesis that Zoroastriansm was influenced by Hebrew.
However they are not now Torah Observant, Mazda means devil, or demon.

  5. Jeremy Birningham:  Moses is our example

Did not Moses kill the task master that was whipping a Hebrew to make more
bricks. Was Moses not justified? in-fact this was the event that made
Hashem love Moses because he was willing to lose his life for justice.
Arabs and Palestinians whenever they get a chance they wish they could
enslave and whip and kill Hebrews. I don't understand why the Jews don't
rid themselves of their enemy. All other nations in the history of the
world have crushed their enemy to the point of submission. Only the Jews
are the only people to allow their enemy to survive. The Jews have proven
their justice what more can they do. I could open the Bible and see in
numerous positions in the text where Hashem tells the Israelites to destroy
their enemies because if their enemies are left to live they will become a
snare. Oh man, what a snare. The introduction of Baal and the Canaanite
culture which led to exile which from that very point in history for our
people and especially the Tribe of Judah such affliction and destruction.
How many sacrifices can the Jews make when will "we" stand up for Judah and
when will Judah stand up for themselves. When will we decide our own
destiny instead of others shaping it. Hashem tells us what we must do to
bring utopia. I

        I can understand human nature and I can understand that war is
horrible. However to fight for the destruction of the enemies of Hashem is
justified. What do we have to be afraid of, Hashem will protect us? Also if
you died in the attack you will go to heaven to be judged. Hashem will know
you died because you believed in Him and his words. Obviously I am not
condoning suicide bombing or fighting by yourself. My example is fighting
an armed enemy not woman and children eating pizza. To die in a true war as
a soldier. Arabs fear for themselves and understand subconsciously that if
they keep up their horrible actions they will in the end pay the ultimate
price. However the Arabs kill and destroy what they fear so they can keep
sinning and disregard Hashems instructions. The Arabs fear Israel so they
will continue to kill Jews and no matter what people say Jews until the end
of time will be killed by Arabs. This fact will not change until Messiah.
Obviously not every Arab can I paint with the same brush nor do I want to.
I wish for peace. However the scriptures tell the Israelites our boundaries
of our nation. Also the scriptures tell us we are his servants repeatedly.
Israel has to make the final sacrifice for all humanity to free Gods place
on earth to bring justice and law and to show mankind how to live properly.
I know human nature and the forces of Islam are generally evil and will not
role over peacefully and leave our boundaries. Nor will Edom stop hating
us. War is an absolute not a probable. As well I think Hashem wants us to
be his weapon's and kill His enemies and rid the planet of garbage. I guess
it is easy for me to say my words above. I have never been to Israel and I
do not understand the situation fully or the mentality. I have also never
been to war.

        Your letter scared me about the terrorist attack that almost
happened to your friends. I would be crushed if anything happened to you.

you are very important and I know Hashem loves you and I think that you
have come to this earth for a purpose. You will help many people find God
and the truth.  I wish their was millions of Yair Davidiy's in the world.
Because if their was the Temple would be built by now. God blessed your
parents who gave birth to you. Your the best. God bless friend.
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