Brit-Am Now"-249
May 29, 2003

1. Mormon Family Tracing Site and Palestinian Motivation
3. Jeremy Birningham: Finding our way home
4. Irish, Welsh, and Jews
5. Anglo-Domination and Ethnocentricity

1. Mormon Family Tracing Site and Palestinian Motivation
At 14:22 24/05/2003 -0700, Lee Sheldon <> wrote:
>Dear Yair:  Please keep up your valued & much appreciated works, it
>reaches more people than you know.
>  I wrote to you a few weeks ago & asked you to make a published note that
> the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) is very much
> Christian & as mostly made up of Ephraim, is full supporter of all the 12
> tribes & fair inclusion to all the Jewish peoples. Thank you for
> publishing same.
>re Anne & her need to find her family tree. As the LDS can be credited
>with starting the interest in family history -- it is a church doctrine,
>which is why the vaults hold the greatest list of names in the world. You
>do not show any e-mail address for Anne,

>so Please be kind enough to publish the LDS web -site on your Brit-Am page
>- Thank you


>should get her started. There are many other sites that glean back to this
>one. It is free to access, whereas many others try to catch you out by
>charging AFTER you enter details ( & of course NEVER contain what you need).
>While writing to you, I would like to say that I too desire a truer
>understanding of why the Palestinians are so greedy with demands for a
>land that clearly they are not entitled to occupy,
>so a truthful history would be welcome by many. While I have always stood
>up for the Jewish nation, I cannot agree with the fighting & killing on
>either side, but a better understanding would help.

>Regarding the Palistinians' birth into the country of Israel: As much as I
>understand that side, I cannot accept any excuse for the violence,
>bloodshed & hatred. This goes back to Abraham when it was revealed that
>Isaac was the son of promise, not Ishmael. Regardless of how any of us
>feel - that is God's Word & statement, & we cannot refute it. No matter
>how much the Arab nations are given by God, they will remain jealous of
>this fact, & only the return of the Messiah will sort this situation out
>to one of fairness & Truth.

>Also, like many others, I am very interested in Bible prophecy, reading
>all I can, & watching some broadcasts on tv. Amazing how many different
>versions of the same situations !!  However, my point is this:
>regarding the absolute 'latter days' when Armageddon & such will take
>place, scripture tells us that "kings of the east & north will attack Israel".
>No matter how I read it, in light of knowing the existence of Israel: the
>People (12 tribes) & Israel: the Nation (physical land mass), is there
>scripture 'proof' that this battle will be only against Israel the Nation
>as we generally understand it to be??
>When you consider what is happening with Iraq (Babylon), & the buddy-up
>between Russia & China, could this dreadful war be on a much larger scale
>than first understood/discussed, involving ALL Israel (the People == US &
>UK, plus Canada, Australia, NZ, S.Africa etc., who "happen" to be of
>Judeo-Christian faith)  ?
>warm regards, & God Bless,    Lee  S

Regarding e-mail addresses: In the past we used to show the e-mail
addresses of all our correspondents but then unsavory tapes started
spamming them so we generally keep the addressees anonymous unless the
people concerned appear to be interested in additional contacts.
Palestinian Reasons for Opposition:
This is where they were born. They often have no other place to go and
their attempts to go elsewhere are often discouraged by their kin. Most
would gladly leave immediately  if they could.  They should be enabled to
do so. It is inhumane not to transfer these unfortunates elsewhere. They
are told that the Jews stole their lands and they are led to believe that
through violence and aggression they will be able to take from the Jews
that which the Jews now hold. They are also taught to despise the Jews and
that the Jews are somehow "inferior" to them. Culturally (amongst their own
kind) they are used to oppression, exploitation, violence, incest and rape,
killing and/or exploiting the weak and the Jews are depicted in their eyes
as worthy of victimization and capable of being victimized.


3. Jeremy Birningham: Finding our way home

Brit-Am - 247 Anne wrote I just really want to know
 >who I am and where my family has come from because I think that is
 >important. I think the time is upon us of Israelite hertiage to find out
who we are. God is awakening us. About three years ago I was asking myself
that very same question. "who am I where did my family originate" Yes, I
have an English last name and I obviously realized that my origins come
from the UK. However my thinking was there was no way people just sprung up
out of the soil of the UK to become the people of the Islands. We had to
come from some other place. I started researching and reading some of the
ancient history of the UK and the name Israel kept poping up. I bumped into
Yairs website in my research and all my questions where answered with
clarity. We are Israelite. I think that we are at the beginning of the
endtimes. Soon many lost Israelites will start asking "who am I."

At 02:19 29/05/2003 +0000, timothy burton wrote:

>      I totally agree with on the point that many Europeans and Americans
> are at least in part of Hebrew descent and might not know it.  What I was
> saying was that, although it may be plausible that Danes and Welsh/Irish
> folk may have be related through one or more of the same Hebrew tribes, I
> don't see many physical or cultural resemblences between them that
> confirms any direct Japhetic relations.  I can even see that the names
> Cimbri and Cymru have the same origins, but that the two groups were
> separate and later used these names in reference to some historical
> connection in say Scythia or the Near East.  But whatever historical
> connections these groups may have had in the Near East and/or Scythia,
> has since been severed through a long history of ruthless medieval and
> modern occupation, breeding deep resentment between them.  Yair, I am
> approximately two-thirds British Celt and my dad was a full-blooded
> Welshman who was born and raised

4. Irish, Welsh, and Jews
From: Nancy L Schick
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Message
Thought this was very good information. It explains a lot of things ,
especially when I look at the Irish, Welsh, etc and I feel like they are
part of my people.

5. Anglo-Domination and Ethnocentricity
  Joseph Haniff wrote:
>Please answer the following question...where were the original Jews from?
>Biblically speaking...Iraq. Why don't you reach out to the Iraqis or is
>your movement just another hybrid form of Anglo-domination? I'm aware that
>your organization is tracing the lineages from Israel to the nations but
>if you really believe that most of the Western powerful nations are of
>Israeli descent then you are guilty of ethnocentrism. It's funny that
>Britain and America, being of such Israeli ancestry, would turn their back
>on the Jews as they were being slaughtered during WW2. Additionally,
>Britain and America have long recorded atrocities in their treatment of
>Jews. It's jovial how in the 21st century, those same nations have misled
>individuals who claim to be of Hebrew descent! We can name all our towns
>Bethel and claim authentic Israeli lineage but YHWH, the God of Israel,
>knows what truly happened. If we really were from Israeli lineage, then we
>are only angering YHWH even worse by our lack of true worship. I'm sure
>you will not respond to this but I would appreciate if you would. Sending
>a newsletter every other day does not help your cause if you are unwilling
>to stand up and prove your truths. If what you purport is authentic and
>truthful, then YHWH will bless you and you would be able to enlighten
>those like myself.

Brit-Am in the state of Israel takes a Jewish perspective from "Judah" but
identifies Joseph with the so-called "Anglos".
I guess we do support so-called "Anglo-domination" for other peoples as the
least of all evils if someone is going to be dominant at all.
"Anglo-domination" is preferable to Continental European, Russian, Arab,
Chinese, Japanese, or who ever else may be aiming to fill a power vacuum.
For some peoples "Anglo-domination" may be better than independence at
least from an international point of view.
At the same time both Judah and Joseph should strengthen their Biblical
belief and Joseph should identify more with Judah.
We may well be guilty of "ethnocentrism" but the point should be whether or
not the facts support our case or not.
If reality is "ethnocentric" what do you want from us?
In WW2 Britain and America  did not turn their backs on the Jews. On the
contrary. Even so they should have done more.
We have discussed this matter at some length at the beginning of our book,
"The Tribes".
You said:
<<If we really were from Israeli lineage, then we are only angering YHWH
even worse by our lack of true worship.>>
This is partly correct.
On the other hand, we have shown that according to Scripture the Lost Ten
Tribes would lose knowledge of their identity
and worship in a mixed Hebraic-paganised form while at the same time
fulfilling their mission in world history
according to the Divine Will. This is what the Bible says. We do not
necessarily have to have all the answers.
At some stage towards the end times the Lost Ten Tribes will have to return
and accept a true worship.
We may be drawing closer to this era but we have not yet gotten there.
Our task, in Brit-Am, is restricted to informing Judah and Joseph and the
other tribes of the identity of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.
In this world you have carpenters, plumbers, doctors, and dentists.
They are expected to do their own tasks and stick to them.

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