Brit-Am Now"-250

May 29, 2003
1. Jewish names/genealogy
2. Accusations Against the Talmud Answered
3. The Hebrew origins of the Welsh Language: New Research
4. Conflict Between Israelite Tribes

1. Jewish names/genealogy
From: Betty Rhodes
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now"-249

Here is a forum where people can converse with others who are researching
Jewish names/genealogy

2. Accusations Against the Talmud Answered
Sometimes people write in asking me concerning the truth or lack of truth
in anti-Semitic accusations against the Jewish people.
Those who ask the questions are usually (but not always) genuine people who
have been fed wrong information and want to know the truth of the matter.
Some of these accusations concern the Talmud which I study regularly but am
very very far from being  an authority in.
The following site mentioned by Betty is very good and should answer
adequately any questions of the said nature.
From: Betty Rhodes
Subject: explaining the truth
I have found a good website that explains the truth about the accusations
on the Talmud.

<<Talmud: Statement of Purpose
There are many lies circulating the internet about the Jewish Talmud. These
allegations are supported by "direct quotations" from the Talmud that are
frequently wrong or taken out of context. However, most people lack the
scholarly background to verify these claims. Most people have no way of
knowing that these accusation are false and malicious. What we are
attempting is to demonstrate in detail how these accusations are both wrong
and intentionally misleading. We are trying to show to the world the real
truth about the Talmud.>>

3. The Hebrew origins of the Welsh Language: New Research
In our book, "Lost Israelite Identity. The Hebrew Ancestry of Celtic Races"
chapter seventeen we prove that there was a hebrew component in Celtic
languages of the British Isles. We quote other authorities and also give an
extract from L.G. Roberts (1919) concerning the Welsh language. Roberts in
turn provided extracts from other works regarding parallels between Welsh
and Hebrew.
I updated the Hebrew examples and changed a few things and someone else
checked the Welsh (with which I am not familiar) and we published it as it
was. The examples are correct and they are very convincing. Nevertheless
all of the sources were "old" ones and the methods of comparison was
not  academically-acceptable ones in line with accepted linguistics.
A new book "Comparing Welsh and Hebrew" does make an accepted linguistic
comparison and does in effect agree with us. They however ascribe the
Hebrew element in Welsh as due to the presence of "an Afro-Asiatic
substratum in the British Isles, and perhaps also on the Atlantic shores of
the continent". This is apparently a new academic term for the Lost Ten
Tribes of Israel.
We are an "Afro-Asiatic substratum".
Here is a review of the book in question from the site:
Karel Jongeling

Comparing Welsh and Hebrew

'Comparing Welsh & Hebrew' consists of two parts. In the first part the
author discusses the history of the comparison of Welsh and Hebrew. In the
first half of the seventeenth century the comparability of Welsh and
Hebrew, on the level of syntax as well as on the level of the lexicon, was
extensively discussed.

This is, of course, a long time before the emergence of historical
linguistics in its own right in the nineteenth century, and therefore only
interesting from a historical point of view. However, the insight that
Celtic is one of the branches of the Indo-European languages, accepted
since the second half of the nineteenth century, was not enough to put an
end to this discussion. It rather made a change in the type of solution

The second part of this study gives an overview of the points comparable in
Hebrew and Welsh syntax. There are even more of them than supposed by
earlier scholars. The question how this situation came about is tentatively
solved by the supposition of an Afro-Asiatic substratum in the British
Isles, and perhaps also on the Atlantic shores of the continent.

ISBN 90-5789-032-1
Leiden 2000
177 pp.
Price 22.69 euro, excl. postage and handling costs

To order the book, please contact the CNWS secretariat, e-mail:

4. Conflict Between Israelite Tribes
Joan Griffith
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now"-249

Hi Yair,

When someone says the British & Americans have not always been kind to the
Jews, how can we be related, I am always reminded of the time all but 600
men of the tribe of Benjamin were wiped out before the others came to their
senses and decided they should not kill off that tribe. These men had to go
and steal women at the holy day gathering (I think it was fall holy days)
to be their wives, because all of the fathers took an oath not to "give"
their daughters to them, and then they had to go home, bury the dead, and
start all over again from virtually nothing. I think it all began with a
mistaken idea that the Benjamites were setting up idol worship. So, strife
between the tribes is NOT new!
(Furthermore, it seems to be a sad fact that family members kill one
another more often than do strangers)

There are a lot of places where the Bible says the world will be against
Judah in the latter days. There is a psalm that names the surrounding
nations who will be against Israel and Judah in the latter days, and there
is a verse that says Judah will be like a rock the nations will break
themselves on...sorry, just from memory. People who don't believe this
simply are not opening their eyes!