"Brit-Am Now"-252
June 5, 2003

1. Quotation of the day
  2. Jews in Scotland?
3. Personal Remark
4. The Jubilee Year
5. Please send in offerings

1. Quotation of the day
From: Verba Volant <quotation@verba-volant.net>
Author -

English - personally I am always ready to learn, although I do not always
like being taught

  2. Jews in Scotland?
A recent claim has been made that according to genealogical researches and
DNA testing
French-originating Jews (in Scotland) are:
<<Alexander, Campbell, Bruce, Forbes, Frazier/Fraser, Douglas, Gordon and
Stewart. We
have not tested but also believe that the Hamiltons, Davidsons and Camerons
are of French Jewish descent.

<<Incidentally the Clan Davidson includes several sept surnames that are
variations of the name David; these include Davies, Davis, Daoud, Dowd, Dowie,
Dovie, Dawes, and Dodd. These are all variations of the Hebrew/Arabic form of
David, which is Dauod.>>

The finds are controversial and still the subject of discussion. More
(perhaps) later.
The finds have to be clarified and permission to discuss them obtained.

3. Personal Remark
Recently somebody criticized us for including matters not directly
connected to Brit-Am.
We do not think this is true but even if it was the overall message is what
should be considered.
I, yair davidiy, am the initiator and principle writer and worker for
Brit-Am at the moment. Things may change later.
My involvement naturally allows me to include within the sphere of Brit-Am
interests matters that I consider to be pertinent
but other people may not always agree with. On the whole we do stick with
Brit-Am Identity matters
and we do provide and propagate information that is very relevant to
Brit-Am and that otherwise might not reach those who are interested in
obtaining it.

4. The Jubilee Year
From: Rabbi Azriel Rosenfeld

We are commanded to count seven times seven years and to sanctify the
fiftieth year, as it says "And you shall count seven sabbaths of years,
seven years seven times... and you shall sanctify the fiftieth year... it
shall be a Jubilee for you" [Lev. 25:8-10]
         On the 10th of Tishrei of the Jubilee year we
are commanded to blow a horn, as it says "And you shall pass a blowing horn
in the seventh month on the tenth of the month; on the Day of Atonement you
shall pass a horn throughout your land" The Jubilee year is exactly like
the sabbatical year as regards cultivation [as it says "A Jubilee the
fiftieth year shall be for you; you shall not sow and not harvest what
grows by itself and not gather what is untended; for it is a Jubilee, it
shall be holy for you, you shall eat its produce from the field" Lev.
25:11-12]; but it
does not require release of loans. The commandments involving the Jubilee
year, including the laws of Jewish slaves [i.e. Hebrew indentured
servants], houses in walled cities, and
land consecrated to the Temple or "devoted" to the priests, apply only when
all of Israel dwells in the land of Israel  [and all the TRIBES are upon it].

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