"Brit-Am Now"-253

June 9, 2003
1. Texas Brit Am meeting June 15th at 3:00
2. New Feature: Biblical Proofs
3. Biblical Proofs: Ends of the Earth
4. David Ben-Ariel: Spreading the Brit-Am Message-1
5. Spreading the Brit-Am Message-2
  6. "better folks"
7. Points on Judah and Joseph

1. Texas Brit Am meeting June 15th at 3:00
From: Judy Snyder <yudeit@hotmail.com>

Good news, We have several more members that have a great interest in Brit Am .
Come and met them at our next meeting on June 15th at 3pm at my house call
Metro 8173556097 for more information.

2. New Feature: Biblical Proofs
This feature will discuss each time one Biblical Proof out of the thousands
that exist. Even those who are thoroughly familiar with our writings
will  find additional points of interest, new perspectives and new
information from time to time in this feature.
Each proof will be examined separatedly but needs to be considered together
with all the other evidence.

3. Biblical Proofs: Ends of the Earth

Moses (Deuteronomy 33) prophesied concerning Joseph, (33;13): <<And of
Joseph he said, Blessed of the LORD be his land (for the precious things of
heaven, for the dew, and for the deep that croucheth beneath, And for the
precious fruits...And for the chief things of the ancient mountains of the
everlasting hills...of the earth and fullness thereof...the good will of
HIM that dwelt in the bush.. His glory is like the firstling of his BULL,
and his horns, are like the horn of a unicorn with them he shall push the
people together unto the ends of the earth: and they are the ten thousands
of Ephraim, and they are the thousands of Menasseh>>

             In this (and other) blessings Joseph was promised agricultural
bounty, mineral resources, favorable climate; He was associated with a
people being pushed together unto the ends of the earth.

             "Ends of the EARTH" when considered from the Land of Israel
means the continents of America and Australia and the geographical
extremities of South Africa and Northwest Europe. The very name of England
(Angleterrein French) can be understood as meaning "Corner of the Land",
i.e. Angle-Land, or "End of the Earth". The prophet Isaiah appears several
times to have located the Lost Tribes of Israel in the "Ends of the Earth"
e.g <<But thou Israel, my servant Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of
Abraham my friend...Whom I have strengthened (taken) from the ENDS OF THE
EARTH and called thee from the CHIEF [i.e. best] parts hereof>> (Isaiah

The King James Translation of Isaiah 41:9 above instead of chief partshas
chief men.This interpretation, if correct, is reflecting a most unusual
employment of Hebrew expression for if men were meant the Bible would
indicate it more explicitly.  The Hebrew expression used in Isaiah is
"ATZILAYAH" and this means "chiefs of" or "nobility of" or "highest points
of" and to the author's mind is qualifying which of the Earth's ends would
belong to Israel, -obviously the best and most noble ones. The Hebrew word
(Atzil) is related to the Nordic Aedilmeaning noble. It also connotes
reservedand in a sense all the areas settled by the sons of Joseph had
been reservedfor them since previously they were often sparsley occupied
before the sons of Joseph reached them. Areas in which we have traced the
Lost Ten Tribes to have settled are qualitatively the best regions of the
earth. Climate and Geography  influence the characteristics of the
inhabitants. They are not the only factor but they are important. The
Geography of Scandinavia, Holland, France, Britain, North America, South
Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and the State of Israel has determined
something in the National Personality of the people involved. It is the
interaction of the people with the Land that is important. "Atzil" can also
mean "arm-pit" as a noun and as a verb can connote delegation or
bequeathment of quality.

The author once came across a book of instruction for professional Jewish
Orthodox Scribes. These people have the very exacting task of exactly
transcribing certain Scriptural passages onto parchment. Most of this
parchment is derived from calve skins. The book of instruction was also a
guide of professional advice. It was stated that North America and
Argentina are the two main sources for calfskin. It was also stated that
different geographic regions have intrinsic properties of their own and
that something about North America rendered calve skin from there superior.
The Talmud was quoted to the effect that different regions give rise to
different types of people and that some areas are better in certain
respects than others. Regions in which the Lost Ten Tribes settled are the
best in the world.

             A similar reference to World's ends is found in another
passage: <<I will say to the north, Give up; and to the south, Keep not
back; bring my sons from far, and my daughters from the ENDS OF THE EARTH>>
(Isaiah 43;6).

In this verse the Midrash (Sifrei, Haazinu 32:11) links north country with
the return of the exiles and an eagle, the symbol of the USA: <<AS AN EAGLE

4. David Ben-Ariel: Spreading the Brit-Am Message-1
From: Dbenariel@aol.com
Subject: Joseph stands before you
Boker tov Yair,
Perhaps you could encourage your readers to 1) share/forward a newsletter
to family, friends & acquaintances who might be interested in what we have
to say; 2) it's possible to post this vital information on bulletin boards
of your local newspaper or various forums we're on or to make reference to
our Brit-Am beliefs in letters sent for publication to various newspapers
(every JP letter of mine reveals I'm from USA/Menashe for the whole world
to see) and magazines and/or listing our website (www.britam.org).
G-d's Holy Spirit of creativity and resourcefulness will bless us to do all
that we can. If we put forth any effort to scatter this precious seed the
Father of the Harvest will bless it to take root, grow and bear fruit to
His honor and great glory and our transcendent joy! We'll be blessed by
what we do with what we have. May G-d grant us to be good stewards of His
holy revelation to the Tribes: "I am Joseph your brother who stand before

David Ben-Ariel
Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall

5. Spreading the Brit-Am Message-2
Rabbi Feld frequently and Yair Davidiy on occasion meet up with Jewish and
Christian individuals and groups
and leave them with literature or at least a verbal explanation about Brit-Am.
Some are not interested, others are mildly curious and a few enthusiastic,
even liberated and feel as if this what they were waiting for all their
lives. These are the people we want to reach. There are plenty of them.
Some of the others will also come round in the course of time. In the
meantime give the message to those who feel the need for it now, calmly and
with reserve. We have a valuable truth whose worth is far in excess of
ourselves. We must become the still small voice that provides the answers
since that is what we have.

6. "better folks"
Lari Kemiläinen <lari.kemilainen@printcenter.fi>
Subject: Comment on Brit-Am and "better folks"
Hi Yair,

It seems strange that people seem to get the idea that because Brit-Am sees
some nationalities as descendants of israelites, they should be considered
better people than others. My understanding of the word "holy" is that Lord
reserved these people to his own purposes, to reveal himself to all the
nations through them. This doesn't mean that theses peoples are any better
than others, but that  they will be tools in a certain plan.

We need to remember that their exile is part of their punishment and the
reason why their identity is still lost is that they haven't fully repented.
Still, no matter how lost they are, Lord will use them to do His justice,
just as well as He has used other nations to punish them. Ephraim shouldn't
take any more pride of being His warhammer than Assyria should have, taking
Israel to exile. It is not the hammer that should have the glory, but the
hand that swings it.


7. Points on Judah and Joseph
From: Craig & Karen Blackwood <ckblack@tpg.com.au>
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now"-249

Shalom Yair - good reply.

Josephs story is a classic reminder to us all that families squabble and
betray.  Although Judah was not as evil as his elder brothers - he too sold
Joseph even though his intentions were to save his life.  From what I
understand there was a real fear that at least two of the brothers really
intended on killing Joseph and there was a real fear that if one stood up
for Joseph there would be a fight.  Sometimes the rescuer cannot always
rescue immediately.  THE BIG HOWEVER - JEW -  ALWAYS HAS HIS HAND
(PROVIDENCE) - AND JOSEPH SAID "What you intended for evil - YAHWEH -
intended for good".  We will all struggle with the question why but do we
believe that YAHWEH is in control?  Ask the question - if there hadn't been
a Hitler and a WW1 and WW2 - would there be the State of Israel now?  Let us
remember that many Jews found Germany to be the ideal HOME AWAY FROM HOME -
like returning to Babylon.  Just as the northern kingdom of Israel reverted
back to idolatry and went back to Egypt, I don't believe that Israel has
fully shaken Babylon out of her system.  I think that it had to be this way
to free us from the fascination of Babylon/Egypt/Germany.  Let us ask the
question - the Germans are smart, cultured and organised and is very
appealing.  I have read somewhere that some Jews are migrating to Germany.
ANYWAY - JEW sent Jacob to Egypt but from what I understand the children of
Israel were ensnared into slavery through the greed of earning Egyptian
money.  Did many Israelites die?  Hundreds of thousands?  But it is clear
that YAHWEH allowed it.  Do we understand YAHWEH?  NO but later we see the
wisdom.  Jews may feel betrayed by the English - but how many lives did
Joseph lay down in order to stop WW1 and WW2.  USA gave 10 million -  and
many were killed or wounded in action during WW2.  Did YAHWEH allow WW1 and
WW2?  Yes and therefore we must believe that others intent on evil was
Yahweh's intent for good.

Shalom Craig


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