"Brit-Am Now"-258
June 18, 2003

1. Server Problems
2. thank you!
3. Plagiarism of Brit-Am Material
4. Brit-Am versus other groups

1. Server Problems
One of our subscribers whose server was refusing our messages is now
receiving them
through the same server. This is apparently without any action being action
by anybody.
  It turns out that nearly all servers have problems of their own at
some stage or other, some more than others. Anyway another subscriber is
making inquiries on our behalf and we are looking around for
ways to improve our service.

From: A
Subject: Re Server troubles

I have my computer guru, ...researching your server problem.

He says your problem is probably that your server is being patronized by a
bunch of spammers.
When that happens the  offending server gets shut down altogether.
Unfortunately, this results in a disruption of service for the good guys as
well as the nogoodniks.

Your work is far too important to allow it to be interrupted like this.

Non illigitimi carborundum!


Comment: Maybe our server did "offend" in this matter but when we
(incorrectly) were also suspected of spamming
we were threatened immediately by our server with disciplinary action.
Anyway,  I think things will work out.

  2. thank you!
I really enjoy your articles! ...  My ancestry: my father was English and
my great grandfather on my mom's side was Scottish/Irish.  On my mom's side
as well is the family name Haim and back in the 1400's they changed it to
Heim..they were from Germany.
Is it possible that Hashem is calling His "lost sheep" back to His truth?
The gathering?

3. Plagiarism of Brit-Am Material
In our magazine "Brit-Am" "vol.1, issue no.2,  pp.9-14 we published an
article concerning the Lost Ten Tribes that consisted
mainly of a translation from the great Rabbinical sage Nachmanides
(1194-1270). The source of the article was from Nachmanides Writings.
We had spoken of this source in our work, "Ephraim".  We had revealed the
source (which was NOT commonly known) and translated it which was not an
easy task. The Hebrew of Nachmanides is replete with Biblical and Talmudic
expressions and philosophical terms and is a work of art in itself .
Since then the source has been quoted from by other "Identity" writers
without reference to us.
Recently our article  was taken word for word and sent out over the
internet to a large e-mail list belonging to a "Messianic" movement.
Our name was not mentioned. Copyright laws may well have been infringed but
we will take no action. Nevertheless a moral issue is involved.
Permission could have been requested or at least our contribution acknowledged.

In other cases findings of ours have been utilized by other writers. In
some cases our name has been recalled and in other cases "forgotten".
At all events we have contributed to the general "corpus" of  information
referred to.

The said article in FULL will now be posted shortly (God willing) on our
A shortened version will be sent out to all the list.
This leads us to our next heading:

4. Brit-Am versus other groups
Brit-Am is the best choice if you are looking for:
a. Proof that many people in the west today are descended from Israel. Our
evidence utilizes both known and previously unrecognized sources
backed by Scripture and by "secular" academic studies. Others also have
much to contribute and have done so in the past but our impression is that
we are leaders in this area.
b. An approach along with sources and existing (as well as potential)
infrastructure than can reach both Joseph and Judah and bridge the gap
between them.
c. Support for the State of Israel, the Jewish people, rebuilding the
Temple, in the light of "Brit-Am" truth that is consistent with true
Patriotism of the American, British, and related peoples.
We are the only ones it appears who bring all of these aims together into
one coherent whole presented with great potency.
People tend to act according to the source of their "soul" that is
sometimes also reflected in their social circumstances.
Many have  psychological, social, religious, and other needs that we cannot
meet whereas others may be able to do so.
At all events we are here. Please take us into consideration and enable us
to continue to serve you for the sake of those causes
that should be important to all of us. Checks for orders and offerings
should be sent to our address below.

Visit our web-sites frequently:
Quite often there is something new
and the aesthetics are worth it.


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