"Brit-Am Now"-260
June 23, 2003

1 Soren Larsen: Black Sea Find in Denmark
2. Brit-Ish?
3. Invention of kilt
4. Jeremy Birmingham:  Some important points
5. Biblical Proofs:Tarshish
7. History: Odds and Ends: German plans against Britain and America,

1 Soren Larsen: Black Sea Find in Denmark
[Note: The Black Sea is just north of Turkey. Brit-Am studies have shown
how the Israelite Scythians were driven northwards
and established a center along the northern shores of the Black Sea. From
there they migrated to the west.
The following find therefore helps establish the truth of Brit-Am researches.]


  It is the jewellery from a female grave from Aarslev Denmark.

  The grave is dated to the mid-late third century AD

  The Jewellery which is of very high status  concists of
  7 embossed lion masks with gold pendants decorated with filigree,
  garnets and cornelians are attached to the chain.

  A large brooch is similary decorated as is a large fingerring and a
  peculiar hairpin.

  This whole set of jewellery has its counterparts in the second half
  of the third century barbarian Black Sea area.

  A crystal ball with a palindrome inscribed in greek letters points to
  a christian enviroment.

  The jewellery also concisted of a "simple" gold fingerring, a roman
  2nd c goldcoin used as a pendant, a silver spoon and a very beautiful
  gold and niello fibula.
  The christian context is not Denmark per se, but rather the original
enviroment of the woman in the grave. She was a high status woman
and the gravegoods suggests that she came from the barbarian
Black Sea area in the mid third c.

2. Brit-Ish?
From: Dennis McGinlay
>Dear Yair
>Would you agree that BRIT-ISH could be loosely translated as Covenant -Man?
>best regards
>Dennis McGinlay

Yes. It is not however commonly accepted Hebrew.
"Brit" means covenant.
"ish" means "man" or "belonging to".
Normally for man of the covenant you would say, "ish-brit"
but "Brit-ish" could be a dialectical alternative.
Taking that two words separately they do mean "covenant man".
Nowhere in the Bible however is this expression found.
"Brit-Am" is found in the Bible, in Isaiah 42:6 and 49:8. In both cases the
Lost Ten Tribes are the subject.
"Brit-Am" in the Bible means "people of the covenant". It was also an early
form of the name "Britain".
It suggests Britain and America. Jews who understand Hebrew automatically
link the name to "covenant" and "people"
and "Israel" and "Jewish". The name "Brit-Am" therefore can encompass
several nuances all of which reflect what we stand for.

3. Invention of kilt
[Scottish highlanders originally wore a kind of Roman "toga" cloak like
The kilt is believed to have been invented by Thomas Rawlinson, an English
Quaker industrialist, in the early 18th century.
John Briggs

The kilt is known for its tartan-like designs. Similar designs were found
on  mummies in the former Scythian area of Central Asia.
Hundreds of these mummies have been reported and they usually brown or
reddish-haired (some blond) and fair eyed.
Some of the Jewish defenders of Masada in the war against the Romans also
wore garments with a tartan design. These tartan garments
had been imported from Britain.

4. Jeremy Birmingham:  Some important points
Subject: Some important points about Charlottes writing in Brit-259
To: britam@netvision.net.il

They ravaged and hounded this ground off and on since they were dispersed
to Assyria. However, we especially see it since 1948. Now it is building to a
climax where it will no longer belong to the Palestinians but to the nations.
We hear rumblings of the UN sending in those who can stop the warring
factions. The slander and malicious talk is probably more prolific than it
has ever
We would be very misguided to allow the UN into Israel. If we look at the,
UN historically this useless anti-Semitic organisation has caused Israel
lots of Damage on all levels. Israel is a sovereign nation and has the
right to decided it's own outcome. Why would Israelites want to allow such
nations as Germany to have a say in what actions Israel can take or can't.
To allow the UN into Israel is like inviting your worst enemy over to your
house for diner knowing full well he is going to poison your food.
Ezek. 36:5-6 "I speak in my jealous wrath because you have
suffered the scorn of the nations.
     All of this slander and gleeful talking behind closed doors and in the
open when they have done some collateral damage will come to an end."

This verse is about some of these UN nations laughing and joining their
special club of racial prejudice against Israel. It gives some nation's and
people a sense of superiority to be racist and put down other people.
However we all know their real reason for being racist. They are angry
because their men of their nations aren't well endowed.

I hear people say, "well those Jews living over there
in Israel are not holy, they cheat, lie and do all the things that everyone
else does. And of course they are looking at the whole and not individuals who
don"t do that. But we can say, "God didn"t bring them back because they are
holy but because he promised to do it and he is doing it for his own
testimony of

When we look at the events in the Bible with the destruction of Sodom and
Gommorah we see that Hashem told Abraham that for the sake of a few good
men he would not destroy the two evil towns. Israel is the home and centre
of the Torah. As long as the Torah of God is being read in Israel Hashem
will bring about the end of suffering for the Jews. And as soon as the Lost
Tribes recognise the truth in the Torah they to will be redeemed sooner. In
addition I have been reading about some of the great Rabbis. I would
imagine that most of these men have been some of the holiest men ever to
walk the face of the planet and we should all try and emulate these
mortals. I have come to the conclusion within myself  for why the Jews have
suffered so much. God indeed loves the Jews. Why? because when a society
suffers they come closer to God and rely on Him more and are more
disciplined morally as a people. We can see prior to the split of Judah and
Israel and before the exile of Israel by the Assyrians that life was very
good in Israel. Israelites however forgot who gave them their bounty which
they have come to enjoy. Israel forgot the Law of God and started to decay
morally because they lacked self discipline in good times. Hashem say's "I
form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil; I the
Lord do all these things." Israel failed the test and was exiled. The Jews
presently with this constant dilemma of violence at their doorsteps are
being tempered in fire to become forged steel of virtue in which a Messiah
will emerge.

5. Biblical Proofs:Tarshish

Isaiah speaks of exiled Israelites (from Ephraim and the other Tribes)
returning by aeroplane and be ships from over the Atlantic Ocean:


They fly on the clouds in Aeroplanes.  When was it possible for this
prophecy to be literally fulfilled before our times?

The Talmud (Baba Batra 75;b) says: <<When Israel sins somewhat, they are
brought down like a fowl [flying away], as it says, AS FOR EPHRAIM, THEIR
GLORY SHALL FLY AWAY LIKE A BIRD[Hosea 9:11]. When they gain merit, they
are elevated like a cloud, as it says,  WHO ARE THESE THAT FLY AS A
CLOUD[Isaiah 60:8].>> So we see that in at least one place the Talmud
speaks of  the above verse in Isaiah (60:8) in connection to Ephraim
meaning to the Lost Ten Tribes.


<SURELY THE ISLES SHALL WAIT FOR ME:> Iben Ezra Commentary: For I will give
them a good reward.

THE SHIPS OF TARSHISH FIRST: Ships that plough the Atlantic Ocean bringing
people back from America, Britain, and Western Europe.

"Surely the ISLES shall wait for me, and the ships of Tarshish first, to
bring thy sons from far" (Isaiah 60:9).

             In Psalms (72; 10) "The Kings of Tarshish and of the ISLES"
are mentioned together. The Aramaic Paraphrase explains that the "Isles"
mentioned are those in the "Oceanic Sea" meaning those of The Atlantic
Ocean according to Talmudic commentators [see "ARUCH HASHALEM" entry
"Okyanus", where he says that the Okyanus was usually understood as being
the Atlantic Ocean.]

The Talmud (Hullin 91b) also infers that Tarshish means the Atlantic Ocean
and historically a major city-port named Tartessos and identified as
Tarshish was located on the southwest coast of Spain. Tartessos-Tarshish at
one stage was part of a maritime domain with probable establishments in
Britain and Gaul. The Biblical expression "Ships of Tarshish" means
primarily those plying the Atlantic Ocean and therefore the "ISLES"
mentioned in association with Tarshish and Israelites are presumably those
of Britain, America, and the coastline of Northwest Europe.

Steven Collins informs that the great Jewish scholar, archaeologist,
linguist, and author Cyrus Gordon  considered the term  Tarshish to apply
to the American Continent.

6. Genetics: Anne Hart has an interesting site at:

She has a series of long somewhat rambling articles on the site packed full
of possibly useful information.
I am becoming more and more sceptical of how much DNA studies can tells us
BUT it seems clear that they may be able to tell
us something once they learn to understand the results of their own tests
and we comprehend what they are talking about.
Anyway, among the possibilities she brings up are the existence of names
like Levine etc in Prussia, links between the Wends and the Jews,
and the fact that Ashkenazic Jews are genetically closer to the Welsh than
they are to the Arabs.
[Even when these studies appear to support the Brit-Am case we have learned
to not rely on them overduly].

7. History: Odds and Ends: German plans against Britain and America,
The following extracts are from a posting on Craig White's Origins list.
Craig is a Christian sympathizer of Brit-Am. His list deals with issues
similar to that of our
own but differently and some of our subscribers may find it of interest.
(Our policy generally is to avoid mentioning the works and lists of other
groups, even friendly ones, since once
you start with one it is difficult to refuse another, but this is an
From: surfer1 <surfer1@tpg.com.au>
Subject: [origin of nations] German plans against Britain and America go
back a
  long time!The Plot to Bring Down the British Empire
Mailing-List: list origin@yahoogroups.com; contact

Like Hidden Fire: The Plot to Bring Down the British Empire by Peter Hopkirk

[Extracts Only]:

Great Britain and the Tsarist empire, so long at daggers drawn in Central
Asia and the approaches to British India, found themselves uneasily allied
in 1914 against the crescent power of the Wilhelmine Reich.

German devotees of the geopolitical maunderings of Halford Mackinder cast
covetous eyes upon the
Near East. And when the Great War erupted in smoke and shot, the Germans
moved in for the kill. Having coopted the Turks into the Central Powers
alliance, they set their sights on nothing less than the destruction of the
British Empire.

Enter one Wilhelm Wassmuss... With Turkey in the Hohenzollern camp, and the
Reich thus in effective control of the Sultan-Caliph, it was Berlin's idea
that a jihad against the sirkar, the Raj, could be raised: Turkey and Persia
in flames, the Gulf Trucial States in arms, the landlines to India cut, the
wild Afghans poised to sweep down upon the Viceroy's denuded forces, the
Indian Army itself wracked by a new Great Mutiny.... Wassmuss was sent out,
with an Indian nationalist or two in the Wilhelmstrasse's pocket, to raise
the revolt. (As in the Second World War, there were colonial malcontents so
bitter against British rule that they would align themselves with despots
and commit treason to all humanity to bring it down.)

Oh, and Wassmuss? He escaped at the time, but he left behind a code book.
It, with a similar treasure trove from a sinking German vessel in the
Baltic, made its way to Room 40 at the British Admiralty, whence Admiral
'Blinker' Hall ran naval intelligence. In 1917, it was used to decipher the
Zimmermann Telegram, a German attempt to bribe Mexico to attack the US and
keep it out of the European war; which of course brought the US in on the
Allied side.

A German Attack On America?
The invasion plans which have been hidden for a century.

The German newspaper Die Zeit has published a set of newly discovered
documents, dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century; they
were found in a military archive at Freiburg, south Germany. The files
relate to the Kaiser's famous desire to conquer an empire, and archivists
have found a series of stunning material: plans for the invasion of the
mainland United States.

  Historians have known for many years, just as
contemporary politicians did, that the newly created Germany (or
Kaiserreich) wanted an empire of foreign land, just like those of Britain,
Spain and, to a lesser extent, France and Portugal. One obvious target was
South America, and the new material reveals debates between the German high
command, regarding bases on Puerto Rico and plans to capture the Panama

Germans planned U.S. invasion century ago

Early last year, military archivists found 19th century plans for a German
invasion of America. Goal of the plan was not to conquer and hold the United
States under the German flag. Instead, Kaiser Wilhelm wanted to ``put
America in its place'' and exact concessions in return for withdrawing,
according to a recent article in American Heritage magazine.

The first plan which was devised in 1897, called for a surprise naval
assault on American shipyards at Norfolk, Hampton Roads, and Newport News,
Va., similar in concept to one at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.

Mantey devised a revised plan that concentrated on northern population
centers. German troops would land on Cape Cod and march to Boston, Mass. as
a flotilla shelled New York City, causing panic and making the city an easy
target for a landing force.

Nothing became of Mantey's second plan either. German chief of staff Count
Alfred von Schlieffen, balked at committing 100,000 troops it would have
required. The idea was dropped in 1906.

A little more than a decade later during World War I, Germany being
otherwise occupied in Europe, encouraged Mexico to invade the United States
across the Rio Grande. When the United States learned of the proposal by
intercepting a Zimmermann Telegram, it drew closer to entering World War I.

And even today there are efforts to pin on President Franklin D. Roosevelt
and Prime Minister Winston Churchill conversations indicating they knew the
Japanese planned to attack Pearl Harbor.

It appears that the major source for such suggestions may have arisen in
books published and efforts by Heinrich Muller, head of the German Gestapo
who may have enjoyed a comfortable retirement in America, John Lukacs writes
in American Heritage.

It appears to be a campaign to revise Hitler's reputation by tearing down
both Roosevelt and Churchill.

The alleged verbatim transcripts of conversations between FDR and Churchill
were made after British and American technicians established a
radio-telephone link that they believed made it possible to have untappable
conversations between London and Washington, usually going through New York.

Not sure the line was 100 percent safe, the British had ``censor'' operators
to monitor the calls.

The alleged transcripts of the telephone conversations between FDR and
Churchill have some accurate details. However, there is very strong
circumstantial evidence that they have been very cleverly falsified. Some of
the ``facts'' just do not fit in.

We do not think that FDR or Churchill had any inside information regarding
the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Earlier in this column we wrote about a U.S. Air Corps major who advised
owners of a small Hawaiian island in 1933 that the Japanese planned an
attack. The U.S. ran military exercises aimed at stopping a Japanese attack
should it occur.

Our nation cut off oil and scrap metal supplies that virtually shut down
Japanese industry, pushing them into a corner. That did not excuse the
Japanese attack but it didn't take a wizard to figure out what might happen,
especially in the view of other world events.

Anyway, research by Lukacs has pretty well destroyed any creditability that
these transcripts may have had.

It is always difficult to know who knew what and when. If one could always
determine these factors, a lot of ``incorrect revision'' of history could be

Dean Stone is editor of The Daily Times.

Saw the following on an e-mail forum:

From: "Ryan Gill"
 > >While we are on the subject, recently a historian checking German
 > >archives found plans drawn up for a German Invasion of America under
 > >Kaiser Wilhelm before the first World War:
 > The American civil population would have made life bloody hard on
 > them. The sheer size of the country and distances involved would have
 > made them aghast at what it takes to get from A to B. All the while,
 > they'd have been harrassed on all sides by a civil populous bent on
 > stopping them.

Yes and No.
Look at how they dealt "harshly" with francs-tireurs in the contretemps
in 1870, and in Belgium in WW1.

a) German soldier gets shot.
b) Ten hostages get shot
c) Another German gets shot
d) Twenty hostages get shot
until either
a) the surviving populace turns in the guerillas, or
b) there is no surviving populace.
In which case no problem, move to next section to be pacified.

The large ethnic German populace in the Eastern states may not have been
all that enthusiastic at repelling a German invasion, especially if limited.
Then again, a lot of them were in the USA simply because they wanted to
get away from the Prussian-dominated German Empire.

More likely, many of the "Minutemen" would have expended their ammo on
unarmed German-Americans rather than duke it out with armed invaders.

OTOH there's no way on God's earth that they could have taken and held
more than New England, and even that's doubtful. Just the coastal cities,
much like the Japanese did in China.

George Bailey, in his book Germans: Biography of an Obsession, published in
1972, asked the question:

"... can we be sure that history has written finis to what was perhaps the
grandest design ever conceived by man: the Holy Roman Empire?" (p.360).

"The Nazi German invasion of Britain would have not been a gentle affair.
The captured German papers leave no doubt of that. On September 9 [1940]
Brauchitsch, the Commander in chief of the Army, signed a directive
providing that "the able-bodied male population between the ages of
seventeen and forty-five [in Britain] will, unless the local situation calls
for an exceptional ruling, be interned and dispatched to the Continent... In
no other conquered country, not even in Poland, had the Germans begun with
such a drastic step...[The plans]...seem designed to ensure the systematic
plunder of the island and the terrorization of its inhabitants... Everything
but normal household stocks were to be confiscated at once" (William L.
Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, p.782).