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June 25, 2003

1. Interesting Site on Biblical Codes
2. Question on sources for "Origins"
3. Why the Bible Will Never Be Accepted?

1. Interesting Site on Biblical Codes:

2. Question on sources for "Origins"
>From: Stephen G. McLeod
>Subject: Origins
>Shalom, Yair!
>I have been reading the online version of your latest book, Origins.  Thank
>you for searching out this information and for making it available.  You
>have done an excellent job of presenting a wealth of complex material in a
>clear, well-organized manner.
>I agree with your thesis that the "lost tribes" played a major role in
>settling the British Isles, America, Australia, and Europe. I want to be
>able to convince others of this point. I would, therefore, like to see more
>documentation in Origins.
>There are some footnote/endnote numbers in the manuscript, but I could not
>find the corresponding footnotes/endnotes.
>Is the online version a draft? Will the footnotes/endnotes be added to the
>printed version?  Please advise.
>Thanks in advance.
>Best regards,
>Stephen G. McLeod, Ed.D.
>Pensacola, Florida
"Origins" is a summary of much of the most important work we have published
up to now.
The version on the web was put up (perhaps on a temporary basis) to enable
the information to get out and allow those who cannot (for whatever reason)
purchase a book but are interested see more of what we are about.
In the printed version we enclosed the following message:

"Origin" summarizes historical researches that were explained in detail in
our other works. In these publications every minor detail was ascribed an
adequate reference for the sake of verification. In "Origin" we have kept
references to other works to a minimum. All facts quoted in "Origin" may be
verified from standard reference works on the subject in question or from
previous books and articles of ours.

In the printed version the numbered references are given. BUT "Origins"
deliberately contains very few references.
We deliberately refrained from including the references in order to keep
the book as simple and free-flowing as possible.
For the historical section any point in "Origins" that was not referenced
is to be found in our other published works.
For the Biblical section of "Origins" the references are to be found in our
Biblical Studies much of which are on our web site
and in an improved expanded point may well become sections of other books
in their own right.

3. Why the Bible Will Never Be Accepted?
EXPERIENCES ON ANOTHER LIST  confirmed our view of academics who do not
believe in the Bible.
These people are Biblical scholars and often know quite a lot about
Biblical History.
If you want to learn something concerning the historical background to the
Bible you have to use these people
even though they are often opinionated, dishonest, and will not balk at any
means to discredit their opponents.
They have usually done their homework. They studied the sources and the
languages and many of the past studies.
They lack, however,  intellectual honesty and quite brazenly  will often
utter an outright falsehood or misquotation if it suits their purpose.
They sometimes speak quite well and have a sympathetic (though somewhat
patronizing) manner.
Let us be quite open:
Anyone who does not believe in the Bible and is against the truth of the
Bible in most cases will be found to have an ulterior motivation.
One scholar in Germany said that his wife had joined a religious group and
because of that group refused medication that could have saved her life
instead of dieing and leaving him to raise their children. Ever since he
has waged a lifelong campaign to discredit the Bible. He also sent Brit-Am
a very dangerous computer virus. It may have been an honest mistake (as
could happen to all of us) but when I questioned him on the matter he did
not reply.
At all events they all have something else that pushes them. The truth is
far from them. Some of them are evil people. Hate the Jews, hate the
British if they are not British (and sometimes even if they are), and hate
goodness in general.
Biblical criticism may have its roots amongst a few intellectual wayward
Jews and Protestants BUT its real impetus came from German scholars in the
late 19th century who had an ideological motivation for their work.
It was said:
"The Higher criticism is the higher antisemitism."
The Kaiser openly said that he wished to demote the Israelite Jews from
their position of choseness.
The Kaiser also considered the possibility of exterminating all the Jews
and the use of gas.
He led Germany in WW1 and after that was exiled in Holland from where he
sent letters of encouragement to Adolf Hitler.
It may not be coincidence but most scholars who deny the truth of the bible
in this generation are pro-Palestinian and prepared
to believe the most horrible falsehoods concerning the Jews in Israel.

I sent the following note to the list in question:

The Bible in this generation will never be accepted as true in academic
If you acknowledged belief in the Bible you would be unlikely to receive
any type of employment in an academic institution.
If you presented your views on different forums the chances are that
whatever you said would not be accepted.
The evidence would be denied.
Whatever you said would be presented as if you had said something else
altogether. The more you denied saying or intending such things the more
your liberal academically minded opponents would insist that you did say
them or intend them and add more of the same.
No lie and no source of information would be considered too base and
disgraceful to use against you.
The dregs of existence would be freely quoted as the highest authorities if
they could be used against you.
And why all this??
Why such obvious disregard for the truth? Such blatant lies?
A CERTAIN "xx" provided the answer:

"xx"  wrote:

 >Hopefully, via this list, you will realise that the Jews are not God's
 >chosen people and have no divine right to the Palestinian's land.

It is all right "xx" . I quite understand why somebody like yourself should
react in such a jubilant manner.
You have to excuse my limited understanding and lack of social finesse.
I did not understand at first what the purpose of the list was.
Silly of me, wasn't it?

Without the Bible there is no source for morality, anywhere. No matter
whatever anybody says,
the Bible is the only thing that enables us to preserve our self-respect,
moral truth, and basic decency in this world.
whoever denies the Bible denies these principles.

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