"Brit-Am Now"-265
July 9, 2003

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1. Betty Rhodes: Defending the Bible
2. Brit-Am Commentary on Ezekiel: worth seeing
3. Brit-Am Welcome Note
4. Stephen Coneglan: Scotland is Gad

1. Betty Rhodes: Defending the Bible
Subject: "Brit-Am Now"-264: 7.  Defending the Bible

In light of historical records from the land of Sumer being made public;
along with ancient Egyptian writings coming to light; [not to mention
scholars putting all these historical records and accounts together]; even I
am guilty of suspecting the Bible to be a collection of earlier history
gathered, compiled, and passed off as Hebrew history with only the names
changed to reflect, and favor the 'Jewish' people. Taken on this platform
alone one could easily come to this conclusion, BUT when you take in
consideration the evidence that prophecy plays in the proving - 'the proof
is in the pudding'. If the Hebrew Scriptures did not belong to the 'Jews';
if the identity of the Israelites were not as Yair Davidiy professes them to
be; if Abraham was not the first Israelite; and if these scriptures were not
the workings of the God of Israel, then how does one explain the prophecies
playing out nearly word for word - why are all the predicted players
standing, performing, and acting exactly as predicted? Why is it that
believers in the Bible and the Torah seem to excel in academics far beyond
any other culture in history? Why is it that the Jews are hated so much by
the ignorant of the world - could it be because Isaiah chapter 53 says they
will be a 'man/people' of many sorrows and be rejected of men - suffering
for the whole of Israel? Why do America and Great Britain fit perfectly in
the prophesied Ephraim and Manasseh pattern? Why do all the other tribes
behave and live exactly where predicted? Why do millions of people from
three major religions instinctively hold on to Jerusalem as if it were holy
and sacred ground?

So what if there is more than one account of Noah's flood; so what if there
are several historical figures who fit the pattern of Abraham, Moses and
Solomon; so what if ancient Egyptian pharaohs parallel a couple of Hebrew
kings; and so what if the recordings of Genesis were also documented in
Sumer - after all Abraham come from the Mesopotamian Valley [Ur] and could
have passed the Genesis story on to his descendants - and aren't we glad he

The crowd is rapidly growing that is ready to throw the baby out with the
bath water because historical documents are suggesting the Hebrew Scriptures
are borrowed from other cultures, BUT we must remember and keep in mind ALL
the prophecies, ALL the documentation that Yair Davidiy has gathered which
proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the Bible is a true account of Hebrew
history, and the prophecies therein identify conclusively the lost tribes of
Israel, as well as several other peoples who are players in the scheme of
things. Could all these prophesies come true if they were given per chance
and imagination of old Rabbis?

Brit-Am may be experiencing a slow, hard beginning but we should consider
that a good thing, for if it sprouted out like a house on fire it may have
burned itself out by now. All enduring things start with a slow steady climb
with many obstacles and delays - his is how a good solid foundation is laid
down. Many leaders would have given up, fizzled out, become bored or sought
out their own thing, but Yair Davidiy has proven himself a steady, patient,
enduring leader and this man needs our support and cooperation.


Betty Matteson Rhodes

2. Brit-Am Commentary on Ezekial: worth seeing

3. Brit-Am Welcome Note
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4. Stephen Coneglan: Scotland is Gad
From: Steve Coneglan <swaggerz@hotmail.com>

Dear Yair,
I have been reading through some of the info on the Lost Tribes. I've had
an interest in this subject on-and-off over the last 15 years or so. Now
I'm taking a greater interest.
Many years ago I read evidence to support the Scottish being descended from
the tribe of Gad. It is a conclusion that is manifestly correct, although I
don't remember anything that was written. While the part of Sweden called
Gotland may have a Gadite connection, Scotland has the preeminent claim to
this position. Consider these facts.
Scripture shows the people of Gad to be a warrior tribe particularly adept
at highland combat (1 Chronicles 12: 8). The epithet 'having faces like
lions' seems quite well suited to the Highlanders of Scotland. The
description of their fighting abilities is also well matched. Moreover, Gad
is associated with the Mazzaroth sign of Aries, and the attributes of this
sign are warlike.
They also, along with Reuben and East Manasseh, fought alongside the other
tribes after receiving their inheritance east of the Jordan River.
Gad kept sheep. They, along with Reuben, were the only tribes that took to
their father's pastoral profession, at least as far as can be determined by
Scripture. The Scottish have always been renowned sheepkeepers. Indeed,
many of them travelled half-way around the world to settle in the South
Island of my country, New Zealand, to continue raising sheep in the Otago
Ranges. Gad and Reuben are the quintessential sheepkeepers of Scripture,
and New Zealand is the quintessential sheepkeeping nation in the world
(about 20 sheep to every person!).
The name Gad is, according to Strong's Concordance and Lexicon, pronounced
'gawd'. Now how much more Scottish could a name possibly be!? Gord is so
Scottish that the name alone acts as the chief waymark of identification.
There is another fact that brings the matter to the point of being beyond
reasonable doubt. Check out Israel's landmark blessing of Gad at Genesis
49: 19. The sense of this blessing is easy to make out. Gad will first be
attacked, but he will strike back. Or, if you attack me, I will strike back.
Compare this now with the Scottish motto: 'Nemo me impune lacessit',
meaning 'no one attacks me with impunity', or, if you attack me, I will
strike back. The motto clinches it for me, although the other evidences are
more than sufficient.
Furthermore, the correct translation of the breastplate stone 'leshem' is
the Greek stone 'amethustos'. This is the oriental amethyst, a relatively
uncommon stone known as the violet sapphire. (NB: ignore most of what you
have heretofore read regarding the identities of the 12 breastplate stones.
Most commentators haven't even got 50 per cent of them correct. They ARE
identifiable in modern terms, the conclusions can be proved through a
number of means, and the ONLY method for identifying them correctly is
found in the Bible itself, and this includes the aptly titled Book of
Revelation. It is a wonderful subject that I will write on one day, and the
stones act as further evidence to the whereabouts of the tribes today
through their colours, which have been retained. In fact, it was
researching and finding the 12 stones that finally convinced me who the
Lost Tribes are, a truth I had vehemently resisted until identifying the
stones. They reproved me, and made me a convert).
The violet sapphire is exactly the colour of the Scottish national flower,
the thistle. The violet sapphire is a very hard stone, keeping in character
with the hardy nature of the Scottish people and the hardy nature of the

Stephen Coneglan

Brit-Am Comment:
In our book "The Tribes" we remarked on the presence of Gad in Scotland
but noted that in our opinion the Tribes of Manasseh and Asher were the
predominant ones.
More later,
God bless you all
Yair Davidiy