"Brit-Am Now"-280
August 21, 2003

1. The name "Yair"
2. Questions on Jewish Attitudes to Lost Ten Tribes
3. Eric Schendel: Need for More References
4. Gluckstahl colonies in Russia,
5. Surnames and Jewish Reactions

1. The name "Yair"
From: Joan Griffith
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-278

Hi Yair,
I just read that "Yair" means "illumination" -- very interesting in "light"
of Proof No. 13! Probably others would like to know that as well.

Always listen to the experts. They'll tell you what can't be done and why.
Then do it. - Robert Heinlein

Brit-Am Comment: "Yair" actually means "He will enlighten". It is from the
root "Or" meaning "Light. Thus we have other names such as
"Oriel" = My light is God", and "Mair" = Enightens, and the female name
"Orah" = Light.
My name, "Yair",  is future tense. When my ex-wife used to get irritated
with me, she would (approximately) say, "You were aptly named, in the
future tense. You are all promises!"

2. Questions on Jewish Attitudes to Lost Ten Tribes
>I was wondering what orrthodox Jews as a whole think about Joseph.  Do
>they acknowledge that the 10
>tribes are lost and will be reunited during the messianic era.  Whether
>they know who Joseph is or not do they know that he is out there
>somewhere. Or do orthodox Jews believe that Israel and Judah were reunited
>at the time of  Ezra?  Is Brit-Am an exception to what most Jews believe
>about the 10 tribes?
>Could you post some links to any websites where Jews at least believe that
>Joseph and Ephraim have yet
>to be united. (even if they do not know where Joseph is).
>Thanks, Shane

Answers: (a) Nearly all (with perhaps one or two exceptions) Jewish
authorities acknowledge that the Lost Ten Tribes are lost.
For many of the rang and file however the subject is rather abstract and of
a mythological nature since its practical importance is not
(b) The Brit-Am identifications are ours alone. We hold that to some degree
sages in the past may have held similar beliefs
but for the present this is not so.
(c) See our article by Nachmanides on our web-site were he proves that no
re-unification took place at the time of Ezra.
(d) There exist a few Jewish groups who hold that the Lost Ten tribes are
in Burma, or india, or Afghanistan, or Japan, or elsewhere.
Our position is that though in some cases small offshoots from "Judah" or
"Joseph" may have reached some of these areas and left an impression on the
whole the Lost Ten Tribes are to be sought for in the west. This is what
the BIble says and how we understand
messages from the sages. All other opinions at this stage in our opinion
are misleading and harmful.
The emphasis should always be to the west and that is where the
overwhelming majority of lost Israelites went.
We have a work in Hebrew that we intend to publish as soon as even part of
the funds become available.
see our answer to item (5. b) below.

3. Eric Schendel: Need for More References
>I really think you are doing an excellent job.  I have only one suggestion,
>Over the years I've read lots of theories and ideas, some of which are
>really far-fetched and others aren't.  As a result (and also because I am
>scientifically trained) I tend to be very skeptical.  What you propound
>feels right but I'd like more proof.
>Would it be possible, whenever you make a major assertion, to indicate what
>the academic authorities believe, and then why you either agree with them or
>not--specifically offering evidence to support any disagreements?  For
>example, when asserting that the Scythians were Isaacsons/Saxons and became
>the Scots, could you include a comment along the lines of [I'm just making
>this up as an example] "(conventional historians accept Scythians as being
>ancestral to the Scots--see "History Book A"--but don't accept them as being
>of Hebrew origin.  However, so-and-so writes....)"  I realize you probably
>go into more detail lin your books, but it woud help to also do this in the
>Keep up the good work.

Point taken. Thanks

4. Gluckstahl colonies in Russia,
From: Virginia Schmidt
Subject: Feedback
To: yair davidiy <britam@netvision.net.il>

Hello -

I am a subscriber from North Dakota.  I don't always have time to read each
issue, but I either save them on disk or print them off.  I have learned a
great deal from reading your articles and am looking forward to future

It is my eventual dream to live and work in Israel.  Having my ancestry
come from the Gluckstahl colonies in Russia, we are atempting to find
documentation/proof that we are of Jewish descent.  The language our
parents spoke had a great deal of Yiddish in it.  There are various other
reasons we believe this.  Should you have any information about people from
that area, please let me know or how to find it for myself.  Also, do you
know if the name "Geist" has any Jewish roots?

Yours very sincerely,

Virginia Schmidt

May G_d bless you in your work!!!!!!!!!!

5. Surnames and Jewish Reactions
>Dear Mr. Davidiy,
>    Do you know anything about surnames and how they relate to the tribes
> of Israel??  That is if certain surnames could be connected to certain of
> the 12 tribes of Israel??
>    Also, how well does the Lost Tribe identity message go over in the
> land of Israel?  Do ya'll have much of a presence over there?
>    My husband and I have ordered a number of your books and The
> Tribesman.  All of this is very interesting to us.  Especially since
> there are Jewish people who believe this message of the 12 tribes of
> Israel.  We have believed this for many years because of reading the
> writings of Herbert W. Armstrong.
>    Seems like most Jews do not want any one else to share in being "the
> chosen people".
>     We love our Jewish brethren.  We are very concerned about what is
> happening in Israel.  We pray that they will not give up their land to
> the Palestinans.  What a big mistake!!!
>     We hope to order more of your writings and the journel.
>     Sincerely,
>     William and Patricia Mortimer

Answers:  (a) Names: A lot of work could be done with surnames. At present
I am the only full-time worker with Brit-Am. I receive assistance though
e-mail lists and every now and again supporters send us interesting and
valuable pieces of information and references.
Even so there are limits to what we can do at present.
At present the funds we receive allow us to keep going from month to month
(each month being uncertain) and little more than that.
If we ever expand and have the funds I would like to be able to pay
researchers to  collect DNA information and information concerning family
origins. I would work with these researchers, direct their efforts, have
them consult with other researchers in the same fields, and regularly
publish the results on a web-site.
I believe that the fruits of such research would strengthen Brit-Am and it
would also arouse more interest in Brit-Am.
How did names originate?
Even apparently simple names (such as Cook, implying that an ancestor was a
professional cook) can lead a long way.
Which areas were the names concentrated in at the first?
Where are these names concentrated now?
Are there any patterns to these names? Did they tend to intermarry with
people bearing names of a certain type?
Famous people with these names, professional predilections, political
patterns, how does
information from one area interrelate with that from elsewhere, etc.

(b) In Israel most people have not heard of us. We hope to change that
shortly. Most Jews are actually open to the Brit-Am idea.
The religious difference is the major problem.
What about "Joseph"?
Say the Jews do suddenly recognize "Joseph" how will you all react? It may
be more traumatic than you imagine.
It may require a reconsideration of many things you have always taken for
granted. Are you really ready?
Do you want the Jews of judah to consider their long lost brothers?
Do you really want this?
Does Joseph want recognition at this stage?
Is Joseph really ready?
Why is support for Brit-Am not greater than it is?
At all events, Brit-Am believes that this is true knowledge and must be
made known.
Beyond that Divine providence has its own agenda.