"Brit-Am Now"-289

September 7, 2003
1. Jeremy Birningham: We taught the Greeks:
2. Explanation to Joshua II:6
3. The Mission of Brit-Am
4. King David on the Web
5. Announcement of Foundation of Brit-Am
6. Anti-Semitism in Joseph?
7. Transfer

1. Jeremy Birmingham: We taught the Greeks:
Subject: I think we taught the Greeks a thing or two

As a whole some of the Greek or maybe all the Greek's western Idea's such
as early democracy and scientific discoveries such as naval navigation was
Israelites contribution to Greek society. As you proved in "Lost Israelite
Identity"  the Tribe of Dan was a major contributor to Greek society and
was in fact Greece's rulers for a time. Lets just face it, we are the best.
Hey, Yair that would be a good book for you to write. "How the Israelites
Taught the Greeks Everything They Know" You could stir up huge controversy
and maybe have dynamite sales of your book. Controversy sells! This would
be a great book and you are the man to write it. Really if we look at Greek
society today it is nothing special. What does Greece actually contribute
to the world today! The lights went out in Greece a long time ago. You
should write about why this is so.

2. Explanation to Joshua II:6
Brit-Am said:
<<THOU SHALT HOUGH  THEIR HORSES>>: This expression occurs several times in
Scripture. I understand it to mean cutting off the hooves but I may be
mistaken. Also, I do not understand the logic behind it.

David Ben-Ariel explained:

I grew up on our family farm for the first 11 years of my life, blessed to
be in beautiful Risingsun, Ohio, and I understand houghing their horses is
actually more like severing their tendons near their hooves so they're
rendered USELESS as war horses. It's permanently "flattening their tires."

3. The Mission of Brit-Am
Hello, Yair.  Thank you for your issue 285.  I was intrigued by some of the
replies you published and particularly one which made reference to your

You talk a lot about the Diaspora.  Can you tell me what your mission
is?  Thank you.
Althea Dixon

  BRIT-AM Works for the Recognition of the Present Day Identity of
the Lost Ten Tribes and for the Re-Union of Joseph with Judah.

Brit-Am works for the recognition by both the Lost Ten Tribes ("Joseph" or
"israel") and the Jews ("Judah")
as to who the Lost Ten Tribes today are: i.e.
That most of the Lost Ten Tribes today are to be found amongst citizens
of  the following nations:  Britain, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia,
New Zealand, South Africa (until recently), Switzerland, France, Belgium,
Luxembourg, Netherlands (Holland), Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden,
Finland. All together there are 17 nations but five of these (Britain,
Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa) could be considered as one
entity whereas Luxembourg and Iceland could be considered too small to
count on an international scale and should perhaps be subsumed under
neighboring entities. That leaves us with 11 entities and with the State of
Israel we therefore have 12 parallel to the 12 tribes of Israel. We do not
say that everyone in the said nations is of Israelite descent. We also
admit that descendants of Lost Israelites are to be found all over the
world especially in Europe, as we explained in The Tribes and our other
works. We do however say that in the named nations are to be found a
substantial percentage of Israelites (possibly a majority in some cases)
and also that Israelite characteristics were strongly apparent in the
formation of the national character and in the developmental history. These
countries may therefore  be considered as Israelite.

We also believe that ultimately the two entities of Judah and Joseph will
unite and that the knowledge of Identity
is a prerequisite and integral part of unification.
Many individuals amongst both Judah and Joseph have experienced an arousal
in this direction and Brit-Am
gives direction and formulation to such instinctive feelings.

Others worked in this direction (identifying the Lost Ten Tribes in the
west) before us and still do so parallel to us.
We however have had something of our own to add and provide a necessary
forum for many who otherwise
may not find one as suitable as we are or at least strive to be.

Our emphasis at present is on proof and on making this proof known:
For some people the matter is already proven beyond any shadow of doubt and
is entirely obvious and any more talk on the subject may seem  superfluous.
This is not enough however. We need to provide evidence that to an
unprejudiced mind is sufficient. The evidence we  provide pertains to
several different disciplines that supplement and interconnect with each
other. Consequently we do not necessary need the evidence to be
overwhelming in any one area but rather it should always be at least
sufficient to indicate the high probability in each field.
The fields of evidence that Brit-Am works with include:

a. Scripture: This is the most important source of proof and the one where
the evidence is most conclusive.
Others supplied a lot of this evidence before us but we have added a few
points of our own. Also since the proofs are true ones we are justified in
repeating them.

b. Jewish Rabbinical Sources:  These are important for believing Jews as
well as those who have a genuine interest.
In this field the said sources confirm our understanding of Scripture when
we say that certain verses apply to the Lost Ten Tribes and Rabbinical
sources also affirm this. In addition  Rabbinical sources provide
independent traditions that
are proofs in their own right.

c. History: This includes all related disciplines such as linguistics,
Mythology, archaeology, etc. In this field our explanations revived
previously outdated  theories sand provided new and better justifications
for them.  Our continued research is daily strengthening the case we have
made concerning Lost Ten Tribes Brit-Am Identity along historical lines.
Some Academic scholars have been saying in their own way similar things to
what we have said.

d. Genetics and DNA. This is our weakest point. DNA studies when properly
understood are in line (on the whole)
with what Brit-Am says but more work needs to be done in this area.

e. Contemporary Events and Personal Experiences: These when understood in
the light of Brit-Am sources
proof Brit-Am explanations.

We still need to advertise more, publish and distribute a work in Hebrew,
and function with greater vigor.
All of this requires identification with Brit-Am, funding, and support.

4. King David on the Web
Books and articles on King David (mainly from a Christian perspective) to be found at:
I have only glanced at the site but it looks interesting.

For a Jewish perspective see again
  House of David Monarchy web site
A Jewish Translation of Psalms may be found at:

5. Announcement of Foundation of Brit-Am
Does anybody still have a copy of that posting?

6. Anti-Semitism in Joseph?
In a message dated 8/30/2003 3:29:46 PM Eastern Standard Time,
britam@netvision.net.il writes:
<<Everywhere you find these two tribes (Judah and Joseph) hating each
other and  antagonistic to each other, etc. May we infer from this that
even the future Anointed Captain of War who will arise from Joseph and the
Annoited Messiah who will arise from Judah will (Heaven forbid) be jealous
of each other? No. There will be no antagonism between them, as it says,
[Isaiah 11:13].>> (Agadat Brayshit 63).
<<EPHRAIM:>> represents all the Ten Tribes.

this is a reapeating theme in your works
can you explain in more depth what is the qualitative difference between
Epraim's enmity and classical antisemitism of say, Edom?
David M
New Jersey

Answer: This is the type of question that to do it justice would require a
tremendous amount of research and even then
any conclusion would be subject to numerous exceptions and qualifications.
First of all, anyone can be antisemitic including Jews and Israeli
Government Ministers.
A few years ago I read of a case in Poland where the headmaster of school
requested that the parents of two
brothers pay him a visit. Their sons had been beating up and harassing
Jewish students. The parents then decided
that the time had come to reveal to their children that they too were
Jewish. They had kept it secret even from their own offspring. At that time
in Poland such knowledge could have become an impediment.

Despite this type of case
We say  that relatively speaking descendants of Israel will tend to be less
anti-semitic than others
and instinctively more pro-Jewish. We still hold by this and believe that
it is an indication that proves itself over and over again.
Even so, we also know that Judah and Joseph have always had a certain
antagonism and jealousy towards each other.  How can you make a distinction
between fraternal friction and inborn hatred?
I would say the difference is that of murderous hatred and prejudice.
Antisemitism in its virulent form is murderous hatred. Those who have this
sickness imply that the Jews have no right to exist physically or
spiritually on the same level as normal people.
Prejudice is when you say that you would prefer that a certain type of
person not dwell in your neighborhood, not learn in your schools, etc,  but
you have no objection to them learning in their own schools and dwelling in
their own neighborhoods under conditions equal to or even better than your
own. Prejudice is natural and is not necessarily harmful. We are all
prejudiced in some way or other.
Prejudice and hatred often overlap each other and it is not always possible
to distinguish between the two.

7. Transfer
The plight of the Palestinians is a real one.  After 1948 about 500,000 Jewish refugees
from Arab lands came to Israel whereas about 400, 000 (or  at least under
700,000) Palestinians fled to Arab lands.
The Arab nations refused to allow the Palestinian refugees to be
assimilated in their cultures since they wished to maintain their separate presence as
ammunition against Israel in terms of propaganda value and as possible cannon fodder.  Most of the
Palestinian refugees are now in Jordan, or Gaza, or in areas of Judah and
Samaria on the West Bank of Israel. The present hostilities caused by the Oslo War
have hurt their opportunities to work, and to function normally as they
should do.  This is the path they chose and still cleave to but their
families suffer because of it.
International concern for the Palestinians is sometimes genuine. There are
good people who wish to save
the Palestinians from their oppressive circumstances and have been misled
into thinking that Israel is the culprit.
There are however other causes in the world today that are much worse and
concerning which these same good
people appear to be unconcerned. An example is the people of southern Sudan
who for decades have  been systematically decimated, enslaved, and
vigorously tormented. These people are black Christians or pagans and those
persecuting them are Arab-speaking slightly-lighter skinned  Moslems who
consider themselves Arabs and the blacks their natural born slaves. No-one
says anything.  As far as the UN is concerned the case almost does not exist
but the case of Israel is what it mainly concerns itself about. Out of all
the world's problems you would thing that there is nothing more important
and nothing worth more dedication than condemning and attempting to harm
the State of Israel.
Apart from the Sudan, there are numerous other examples. The non-Israelite
nations of this world are all heathens and think like heathens.
  My impression is that the pro-Palestinians do not really care what
happens to the Palestinians, nor do the Arabs care, nor necessarily do many
of the Palestinians themselves care. Nor do most peoples of the world
really care.
They would like to see the end of Israel as an independent entity. They
would prefer to see as many of the Jews killed as possible. They would
perhaps prefer that not too many Palestinians or Arabs get killed or suffer
in the process but if it takes a lot of them down, so be it (in their
implicit or explicit opinion).  They all have the suicide bomber mentality
though naturally they mostly want the suicide bomber to be the son of their
neighbors and not themselves.
In some cases suicide bombers are unfortunate misfits or wayward daughters
who are made to feel socially ostracized
and already walking dead. Female candidates are sexually abused by their
operators and made to feel that in Islamic society there is no way back.
The only real solution is transfer.
Human transfers are possible.
Millions of Christian French-speaking Algerians who were born and raised in
Algeria had to move to France when Algeria received independence.
A large number (more than a million?) of Bulgarian Moslems who identified
as Turks were expelled by the Bulgarians to Turkey.
Numerous transfers  of populations have taken place in recent history. Some
were accompanied by bloodshed and some were relatively peaceful. Transfers
can be accomplished in humane ways and the Palestinians must be transferred.
People who really care about preventing bloodshed should be in favor of
moving all the Palestinian  Arab inhabitants in the Land of Israel to
somewhere else.


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