"Brit-Am Now"-297

September 21, 2003

1. The Name Ephraim seen by Satellite from the Heavens
2. Runes, King Fair hair, Samson and the Tribe of Dan
3. Major Annual Brit-Am Meeting
4. Brit-Am Update and Request
5. Biblical Proof no.26 GATE(s) OF YOUR ENEMIES

1. The Name Ephraim seen by Satellite from the Heavens
On our site
You may see the name Ephraim written in Hebrew letters in mountain
formation running along the west bank, i.e. the former territory of Ephraim.
We hope to update this site and include more maps and ENGLISH EXPLANATIONS
soon so that the whole thing will be much clearer and you may see exactly where the name
Ephraim is written in the mountain ridges running through the territory of Ephraim.
The name of God in Hebrew and the name of Ephraim in Hebrew are written
large in the mountain ridges of EPHRAIM in the Land of Israel and can be seen from the skies!
Even now you may go to the site and get an idea what we are talking about.
This phenomenon as far as we know was first reported by  Vendyl Jones


It is derived from what may be seen from a satellite and was only noticed recently.
The map itself is an official satellite map and is sold freely in Tourist shops in Israel.
Most people however are not aware of what is written in the mountain tops
until it is pointed out to them. ONLY in our generation has it been possible to see this phenomenon
and there must be a reason for this.

2. Runes, King Fair hair, Samson and the Tribe of Dan
From: Carla K
Runes, King Fairhair, Samson and the Tribe of Dan

Dear Yair:
  I am of Icelandic heritage, and I feel strongly that our ancient
ancestors were from the middle east. Syrian matriarchal DNA has been found
in some families in Northern iceland, where most of our poets come
from.  Plus, runestones in Sweden can be read as Aramaic poetry (it is racy
poetry, I warn you...)   and follow the principles of Gematria.  see site
http://home.swipnet.se/~w-93783/ This site is really interesting and if you
speak hebrew, I'd appreciate it if you could verify his findings as to
whether these Swedish runestones actually do "speak hebrew/aramaic...")
My ancestor Egil Skallagrimsson (circa 9th cent) was a rune master and poet
and loved to play word games backwards and forwards, as did my own mom. Mom
always told us that her grandmother said that we Icelanders originally came
from Turkey.  My other ancestor Snorri Sturluson, the 12th cent writer of
Heimskringla, or History of the Norwegian Kings, said that the origin of the
Norwegian Kings from a warrior named Odin (o-dan?) who came from Turkey, or
Troy.  His wife's name was Frigga, or Phrygia?  Some Icelanders believe
that we are from the Heruli tribe.  In any event, we split from our
relative King Harald Fairhair due to our stubborn and independent natures,
and loaded up our ships for Iceland in the 10th century. This sounds like a Dan pattern, no?
Another Dan connection for you:
As you may know, the ancient Norwegian King Harald Fairhair (also my
ancestor)  grew his hair very long when the girl he loved refused to marry
him until he unified Norway (see Heimskringla, or History of the Norwegian
Kings by 12th cent. writer Icelandic Snorri Sturluson)
He vowed not to cut his hair until the task was complete, at which time she
would be his. She did marry him as one of 7 wives, and my family descends
from them.
This "hairy" macho story reminds me very much of the  Samson and Delilah
story of the old testament. It seems long male hair was a big tradition in
our lineage!
Carla "Hallfridur"

3. Major Annual Brit-Am Meeting

In what has become something of a tradition Brit-Am will be holding a major meeting on Succot, Tuesday,14th October, time 1930 hours (7.30 pm) in the Mount Zion Hotel lecture room in Jerusalem. The event is being hostedby Rick Richardson and his group (Rick@Shalom-CRMI.org) to whom we will be speaking in the morning(Yair Davidiy at 900 am and Rabbi Avraham Feld at 1030 am)  and many of whom will probably alsoattend our meeting in the evening.The meeting is open to everyone. We hope that as many people who are interested will attend.The meeting will discuss all issues but we will not debate Brit-Am beliefs with those who oppose themat this meeting though under certain conditions we may be prepared to do so elsewhere.In the past these meeting were successful, beneficial to all, and exhilarating.Rabbi Avraham Feld and Yair Davidiy will conduct the meeting.it should be well worth attending.

4. Brit-Am Update and Request
Our researches are progressing. New information has been coming in and made
available to us.
The basic claims and conclusions that we made in the past have been
strengthened and confirmed.
Here and there we have made minor modifications mainly regarding marginal
We hope to begin getting out more information shortly. A demand for our
Hebrew publication is being felt.
Physically we are doing OK (thank God). Financially we have been bumping
along and are getting by
marginally. We need finances in order to function and progress. In a few
days (3-10-03) the Biblical New Year
begins (5764 years from the creation of mankind) and we hope to go forward
There is some urgency for us to get the Brit-Am message out as quickly as
possible to as many people as possible.
Please assist us.

5. Biblical Proof no.26 GATE(s) OF YOUR ENEMIES

Abraham was told that his seed would inherit the gate of his enemies:


<<BY MYSELF HAVE I SWORN>>:  - by Myself  God is eternal and so is the
promise. The promise was now made UNCONDITIONAL and IRREVOCABLE. It had to
be fulfilled as in part it has been.


  <<THE GATE OF HIS ENEMIES>>: Abraham was promised that his descendants
would control strategic points giving him an edge over actual and potential


The son of Abraham was Isaac.

Isaac married Rebecca who it was predicted would become the mother of alfei
revavaor thousands of ten thousands (24:60) and that her seed would possess
the gate of those who hate them (24:60).


These prophecies meant that the promised seed would possess international
thoroughfares and vantage points of strategic importance as the USA and
Britain (and only they) have done. Obtaining bases and control over
international strategic points is still a fundamental part of American and
British foreign policy and military strategy. They are unique in this matter.


Abraham had been promised that his seed would possess the gate of his
enemies and Rebecca likewise was promised that her seed would possess the
gate of those that hate them. The promise to possess the gate of enemies
refers to the possession of strategic points that allow access to or
control over thoroughfares of supply or the interior of a country or
something similar. This is how Rabbinical Commentators understood it, for
instance it was said that the blessing was partially fulfilled in the time
of Solomon by Solomon building the city of Tadmor in Northern Syria.
Possession of Tadmor enabled Solomon to control the passage of caravans
bearing merchandise and traveling along caravan-routes through the desert.
At that time the spice trade between the Far East, India, and the West was
very important and it was conducted via the desert routes.

             In the past Britain and the USA controlled every important
international strait and thoroughfares: Examples are Hong Kong, Singapore,
Gibraltar, Falklands, Panama, Philippines, The Suez Canal, Malta,
Heligoland, Cyprus, etc.- Everywhere where there was a strategic point of
international importance it was in every case under official or at least de
facto British or American control.

             Even now many of these places are still controlled by the USA
or Britain. The USA has bases all over the world. The USA does not always
publicize the existence of these bases but they are known about. The host
countries to whom these bases technically belong have only limited control
over them. They cannot just tell the USA to leave. In some cases the host
countries are open enemies of the USA and in others they are potential
enemies. Even so, they have no real say on a day-to-day basis concerning
what the USA does or does not do with these bases, and on them.

The USA has the Wheeler Air Base in Libya, it has a base in Cuba, it has
bases in Japan, bases in islands off Japan, in the Pacific Ocean, in the
Indian Ocean, in every Sea and in every Ocean, in Greenland, in Saudia
Arabia, in the Persian Gulf, in northern Iraq (i.e. Kurdistan); It has all
kinds of facilities of strategic importance all over the world, not all of
which are publicized.

             The host nations (as we said) in which these bases are located
are often Americas enemies but they still can do little concerning what
America does in these bases. They cannot get America out though these bases
potentially allow America access to their vital points. In other words they
allow America access. They allow America, if necessary, to come in. They
are gates. They are the gate of your enemies that was promised to the Chosen
People and these promises have been fulfilled through Britain and America.

America and Britain are the only countries who have rights of this type on
such an international scale and they are the only nations where these
arrangements have become a natural integrated part of foreign and military

             In the past Britain ruled the waves and all the major Sea-lanes
and Sea passes were under Britains or the USAs control. Nowadays
sea-movement is less important than it used to be. Nevertheless, Space is
important. The USA has control of Space. It has Satellites and Missiles and
a Space-orientated -infrastructure that allows it access by satellite to
most places of the world: -for the purposes of attack or at least of
surveillance. Through its satellites the USA (if it so wishes) can take
very-close-up photographs of a lot of areas. In some cases, not only can
they see soldiers marching below but they can even discern what
signs-of-rank the soldiers filmed bear on their shoulders.

             In other words the USA has gates meaning avenues of entry. It
has means of access to all of its actual and potential enemies. The
possession of these gates (of option of entry into these areas) does not
guarantee victory in War but it is an advantage. Other countries have got
space-programs of their own but none of them so far have achieved anything
like the USA. -Not that they are less gifted. It just was not there. They
lacked the resources and inclination at the right time. Even when they
become powerful other nations rely on other means of influence, defense, or

The principle of possessing a gate or potential point of access to a
strategic position is not applied by other nations. It is not part of their
traditional Strategic Orientation, Military, or Foreign Policy. Other
nations had Empires and globe-encompassing policies. Examples include the
Ottoman Turks, Russia, Germany, France, etc. These were all great and
formidable powers. None of them applied the principle of possessing gates on
a large scale and first preference as part of their overseas policy. This
principle however is and always has been an integral aspect of the very
pattern of thinking in British and American orientation. It was always that
way. The Blessing to possess the gates of your enemies was pertinent to the
British and Americans and was not applicable to other nations.

Another aspect of gates of your enemies is access to information and
intelligence concerning the intentions of real and potential adversaries.
In the First and Second World Wars it will remain a matter of debate
amongst military historians as to whether or not the military abilities of
the Allies were relatively superior (both sides made terrible mistakes) or
whether their ultimate victory was due to chance, i.e. direct Divine
intervention. At all events it would be generally agreed that the Allied
Intelligence services were superior and much more successful. The allies
had much better results when it came to knowing enemy movements, (e.g. the
use of Radar), the breaking of enemy codes, divining the intentions of the
enemy, and deceiving the enemy as to ones own intentions.

Stephen J. Spykerman in an article (A RULER OF NATIONS) in our magazine
Brit-Am Truth no.7 reports:

<<Another telling example of the kinship between America, Great Britain and
her Commonwealth partners Canada, Australia and New Zealand, is their joint
involvement in ECHELON ,the global spy satellite system. Echelon is a secret
worldwide intelligence-gathering operation, and it is the greatest
surveillance network the world has ever seen. The US National Security
Agency (NSA), has created a global spy system, code named ECHELON, which is
able to intercept and analyze virtually every phone call, fax, email and
telex message sent anywhere in the world. The interesting point is that the
USA, in seeking allies for this project, has not sought the assistance of
nations such as France, Germany or Japan, but has instead enlisted the aid
of Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Thus it seems as if
almost by instinct, the modern day descendants of Joseph, Ephraim and
Manasseh, in matters concerning their national security, are only prepared
to trust the members of their own family. We must not forget that Canada,
Australia and New Zealand share the Ephraim roots of Great Britain, and
that they too are the sons of Joseph. Echelon is controlled by the NSA and
is operated in conjunction with the UK Government Communications Head
Quarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham, England, the Communications Security
Establishment (CSE) of Canada, the Australian Defense Security Directorate
(DSD), and the General Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) of New
Zealand. These national security organizations are bound together under a
secret agreement they entered into in 1948 in the aftermath of the Second
World War. Their signals intelligence has proved invaluable in countering
and eventually defeating the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The current
focus of the system is the War against Global Terrorism, with the threat
coming from fundamentalist Islamic terrorist organizations and countries
such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan and Libya.>>

It should be pointed out that Israeli Intelligence is also quite good and
the USA would be better off if it both encouraged and relied more upon it
and overlooked any indiscretions it might commit.

More Sources

Adapted from Biblical Truth by Yair Davidiy, chapter three:


was mentioned above in Genesis 22:17 where it speaks of possessing The gate
of his enemies. This means strategic thoroughfares such as Panama,
Gibraltar, Falklands, Suez, Malta, etc. In the past Britain controlled
nearly all the major international thoroughfares and strategic points. In
1890 strategic gates owned by Britain included Malta, Gibraltar, Aden,
Heligoland (off the German coast), the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa),
Hong Kong, Malaya, Singapore, India, New Zealand, Canada. To this list can
be added numerous other strategic points that were subsequently obtained.
The USA followed the same strategy as Britain. Major gates once owned by the
USA include the Panama Canal and the Philippine Islands and numerous island
bases throughout the world. Between Britain and the USA every single major
strategic international by-pass was at some time or other under their
control. Even now, the USA has numerous strategically located overseas
bases all over the world that it can employ to penetrate the territory of
potential enemies.

             An article in Counter Punch of  February 2, 2002 by Zoltan
Grossman (New US Military Bases: Side Effects or Causes of War?) described
the US practice of acquiring the gate of his enemies:

<Since the end of the Cold War a decade ago, the U.S. has gone to war in
Iraq, Somalia, Yugoslavia, and Afghanista n& Since 1990, each large-scale
U.S. intervention has left behind a string of new U.S. military bases in a
region where the U.S. had never before had a foothold. The U.S. military is
inserting itself into strategic areas of the world, and anchoring U.S.
geopolitical influence in these areas, at a very critical time in history &

Wars for Bases.

<As each intervention was being planned, planners focused on building new
U.S. military installations, or securing basing rights at foreign
facilities, in order to support the coming war. But after the war ended,
the U.S. forces did not withdraw, but stayed behind & The new U.S. military
bases were not merely built to aid the interventions, but the interventions
also conveniently afforded an opportunity to station the bases.

<Indeed, the establishment of new bases may in the long run be more
critical to U.S. war planners than the wars themselves, as well as to
enemies of the U.S. & This is not to say that all U.S. wars of the past
decade have been the result of some coordinated conspiracy to make
Americans the overlords of the belt between Bosnia and Pakistan. But it is
to recast the interventions as opportunistic responses to events, which
have enabled Washington to gain a foothold in the middle ground between
Europe to the west, Russia to the north, and China to the east, and turn
this region increasingly into an American sphere of influence. The series of
interventions have also virtually secured U.S. corporate control over the
oil supplies for both Europe and East Asia. It's not a conspiracy; it's
just business as usual. >>

The above article in effect says that the acquirement of control over the
gates of your enemies  is a major factor of US policy or at all events an
outcome of this policy almost forced upon the USA by circumstance. This is
both a fulfillment of the blessings to the seed of Abraham and Also an
identifying characteristic.

             According to official reports for the year 2002: The USA has
major bases in Germany designed to support forces throughout Europe,
Africa, and the Mediterranean. The USA has bases in Hungary, Bosnia,
Panama, in Saudi Arabia, in Northern Iraq, in Central Asia, in Guam in the
Western Pacific, in Iceland, Italy, Spain, Libya, Cuba, Turkey, Japan,
Okinawa, Korea, and elsewhere. American fleets and aircraft carriers patrol
the worlds oceans ever-ready to strike anywhere necessary.

             By way of illustration, an official description of just a
section of  the USA dispositions says that : <The US Pacific Fleet includes
approximately 200 ships, 2,000 aircraft, and 250,000 Sailors and Marines
and covers more than 50% of the earth's surface, just over 100 million
square miles. Each day, Pacific Fleet ships are at sea in the Pacific,
Indian, and Arctic Oceans, from the west coast of the U.S. to the Arabian

             The USA bases and dispositions are coordinated with those of
Britain and in many ways the two powers supplement each other everywhere.
The USA military is also coordinated in many ways with that of the State of
Israel which provides a back-up anchorage in the Middle East linking Asia,
Africa, and Europe.  The State of Israel through its research abilities and
industrial feedback also helps ensure that USA armaments will be the best
that exist.

             On 11th September, 2001, the Twin Towers in New York were
blown up by two terrorist-captured planes manned mostly by Saudi Arabians
crashing into them and the subsequent loss of much life and property.  As a
result the USA and Britain attacked the ruling powers of Afghanistan who
had backed the attack. A consequence of this war was described by Leonid
Shebarshin in a Russian intelligence-linked weekly named Zavtra (14th
September, 2002):

             <The U.S. made a demonstration of its power in Afghanistan.
She overwhelmed the Taliban, put in her chosen Prime Minister, gave him 72
bodyguards, established an island of stability. Already, people are talking
about a U.S. presence in Afghanistan of 5-10 years, and maybe longer.
Another important result: the Americans used Afghanistan to take over the
positions of the former Soviet Union in Central Asia. They got very good
bases in Kirgistan, bases in Tadjikistan, agreements with Uzbekistan,
pressure on Kazakhstan. I think we are looking at preparations for a
serious confrontation with China, which is turning into a strategic issue.
We are seeing the same approach with China, as earlier with the Soviet
Union... China is already surrounded by a whole chain of major military
bases, in Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the taking over of the
former Russian base in Vietnam, the base in Okinawa; plus, Russia is being
drawn into the NATO structure. .. This is the more long-term perspective.>

             According to the above report, the USA and Britain had
established gates giving a strategic advantage, if ever needed, against
Russia, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and every other potential power
in Asia.

             The American Space Program to a degree serves the same purpose
of acquiring gates since the USA is enabled to oversee the activities of its
enemies and to a degree eventually target them if necessary from outer space.

             This practice of acquiring the GATES of potential adversaries,
of THOSE WHICH HATE THEM, was always a fundamental pillar of American and
British foreign and military policy. It was and still is unique to them and
they succeeded in it. Britain and America received the blessings of Israel.
Their populations MUST comprise the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.


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