"Brit-Am Now"-300

September 25, 2003
1. Mel Gibson
2. New Genealogy Feature on Brit-Am web site
3. Biblical Proof  no. 28: Nobility
4. Hebrew New Year
5. Question on Angles-Aegel

1. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has just released a film about the final days of Jesus. The film
has been described as anti-semitic.
Rabbi Daniel Lapin ( www.towardtradition.org Protesting Gibson's Passion
Lacks Moral Legitimacy) has come out in defence of the film. I have not
seen the film, probably will not see it,
and have no opinion (at present) on the matter.
Nevertheless, I did see several of Gibson's films. They were good and they
were prejudiced and inaccurate.
I saw Braveheart in which an English lords is presented as deflowering a
Scottish bride  on the day of her wedding.
This may have once happened on the European Continent (Mozart has an Opera
about it?) but was not an English practice.
I also The Patriot about the American War of Independence in which the
English were depicted as Nazi-like oppressors.
The English could sometimes behave in very bad ways but the above
representations were unfair.

2.  New Genealogy Feature on Brit-Am web site

We have begun to process information on surnames.
Eventually we hope to have informative entries  on every name of Brit-Am interest.
We will build up this feature slowly. A few names are already up. Please go to the site
and see what we have begun to do. We need information about surnames and your assistance.
Please send what you know about your name that you think may be of interest to others (like yourselves) to:
 Betty Matteson Rhodes  <betmatrho@britam.org>

3. Biblical Proof  no. 28: Nobility

             [Jeremiah 31:20] IS EPHRAIM MY DEAR SON? IS HE A PLEASANT

<EPHRAIM MY DEAR SON. Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi said: [the word Ephraim
means] someone who grew up in a palace [i.e. a noble]. Rabbi Yehoshua ben
Nachman said: [the word Ephraim means] a master and governor. Said Rabbi
Pinchas, our forefather Jacob when he passed away coronated Ephraim with a
crown and made him the head of the tribes, the chief of the assembly, the
most handsome and exalted of my descendants will be called by his name.>>
(YaYikra Rabah 2;3). W

This Midrash refers to the fact that the very name Ephraim connotes nobility
(as explained at length in our work Ephraim) whereas Menasseh connotes
representative Accountable Democracy. Ephraim dominates Britain and
Menasseh is prevalent in the USA. Ephraim (nobility, the aristocratic
principle of government) still prevails in Britain whereas the democratic
Principle is paramount in the USA.

See our book, "Ephraim" where we have spoken at great length on this issue.

4. Hebrew New Year

27th September and 28th September are the Hebrew New Year. This coming year is 5764.
We will be out of contact for 50 hours or more.
We wish you all a good year.
May the God of Israel bless all of us,
Yair Davidiy

5. Question on Angles-Aegel

From: Eric Schendel
>As usual, very fascinating information and I always look forward to reading
>your Brit-Am newsletter.  However, I do wish you would cite your references.
>In the above quotation, by whom were the English/Angles known as Aegels?
>Did the Angles themselves use the term, or was it applied by their Jewish
>contemporaries?  Citing chapter and verse would be very helpful.  What
>ancient book, scroll, author or song used the term, chapter and page, etc.

According to the references I saw the Angles on the Continent in Europe were referred to
as Aegels by their neighbors. Whether they used this term for themselves or
not is apparently not known. see F.R. Klaiber, "Beowulf", (USA, 1922)  p.xlii and Gwyn Jones, "A History
of the Vikings", (NY 1984) p.38 
The Greek  original of Ptolemy   referred to the Angles on the Continent as
"Aggiloi" but  in Latinized versions of Ptolemy "Aggiloi" has been amended to "Angli".

In Scythia Herodotus refers to the Aegloi east of the Caspian Sea and these are identified with
the Augali of Ptolemy. We identified this group with the Angles who from Scythia moved westward.

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