"Brit-Am Now"-318


1. The Truth and Your Duty
2. Timothy F Murray:  Ephraim should pray!
3. Ted Dornan: Return to Torah
4. Lenori: Feelings Important
5. David Buckman: Movies Worse than Wine!
6. Biblical Proofs  nos 41-111. Tribal and Clan Names
7. To Sow the Seed

1. The Truth and Your Duty
The Bible says that most of the ancient Israelites were to be lost and
forget their identity.
Towards the End Times they were to return and re-unite with Judah. There
will be no complete Redemption
for Judah without the return of the Ten Tribes. Judah will be obligated to
go unto the Ten Tribes and bring them back.
  The Ten Tribes are also called upon to seek their God and their ancestry
(Jeremiah 31) and affirm it.  This apparently
refers to those amongst them who have this secret revealed to them having
an obligation to spread this knowledge
and also internalize and strengthen it in their own being.
The Bible says:
The exiled Israelites were to become one of the most numerous groups of
people on earth, to be the most powerful,
to be the richest, to possess the most mineral and agricultural resources,
to live in the best places, to be in islands,
peninsulas, and at continental extremities, to be sea-farers, to gain
control  over strategic points regarding their potential adversaries,
to be like a lion, unicorn, and bald-headed eagle, and numerous other
characteristics that taken all together fit perfectly only one group of
peoples and do not come anywhere near fitting anyone else.
In addition, This said group of peoples, posseses national and historical
names that identify it with Israelite Tribes; it also has tribal
characteristics for its various groups that are identical with the
Israelite ones.
  We also have historical, linguistic, mythological, archaeological, etc,
evidence that to our mind proves these peoples to be descended from Israel.
Even if for whatever reason one does not agree with all our interpretations
of this evidence
we have at least proven the physical possibility. This when compared with
the Biblical proof is more than enough.
Talmudic, Rabbinical, and related sources should not be dismissed. They
confirm our Biblical interpretations and add proof of their own.
It also so happens that this group comprises the only peoples who on a
relative basis have identified with Israel and the Jews to some  extent and
who now (in these end times) have been moved to assist Judah and are able
to do so, and ARE NOW NEEDED BY JUDAH!
The evidence is there. To my mind it is incontrovertible.
Brit-Am is here, appreciate us. If you have trouble with this let me
propose an analogy.
Thomas Edison is accredited with discovering the electric light-bulb. Maybe
he did not really do so (as has been claimed) but for the sake of our
example let us suppose he did. Thomas Edison reportedly was an anti-Semite
and not a sympathetic person
but we all use and benefit from his invention. Providence has its own
reasons for choosing certain emissaries.
Yair Davidiy personally may not necessarily be appreciated by all of you or
you may have problems with Brit-Am in general.
The evidence is mostly already in the public domain and your are free to
examine it at your leisure.
You may well be obligated to do so.
It has been revealed to you (and not to others at this stage) for a reason.
Brit-Am IS NOW (and has been in the past) the agent for making much of this
evidence known and for publicizing more what had already been revealed.
Brit-Am is working in every way it can at deepening and furthering research
on these matters and at spreading this knowledge.
Please assist us.
We need a constant inflow of funds to keep going. Our costs are possibly
fewer than those of similar organizations in America but not much less. Our
public exposure is not so wide and only a Chosen Few are able to give or
feel moved to do so.
Every thing given has a great effect and makes an immediate difference and
is needed and beneficial.
Make yourselves part of the Chosen who give to us even in a small way.
Please help us, the benefit is also your own.
God bless you all
Yair Davidiy
Brit-Am Israel
POB 595
Jerusalem 91004

2. Timothy F Murray:  Ephraim should pray!
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-316: WHAT ARE THE DUTIES OF EPHRAIM?

         I agree with the points you've made for the most part.  But I'd
add two more observations.  Turning the heart of fathers to children
isn't only a message of reconciliation between the Two Houses, it's also
proper (I would think) to take it literally and expect that the ministry
of this Elijah (whoever he may be) would have positive effects in godly
family life.  That ministry should produce good, stable, God-honoring
families, in which children honor and obey their parents, wives are in a
proper role regarding their place in the family and in submission to
husbands, and fathers are honoring God and taking the proper role of
spiritual leadership in the home.
         The other thing I'd add to help answer the topic question is,
Ephraim should pray!  Wherever he sees Scriptures that explain his
future, he should not only work toward their fulfillment, but pray for it
too.  Faith expressed by prayer to the God of Abraham is a powerful
spiritual force that can change the hearts of kings and potentates!  The
example of this is Daniel in Babylon, who knew of Jeremiah's 70-year
prophecy, but was unable physically to return.  Yet he prayed, at length,
for the return, the heart of Cyrus was moved by God, and the people were
             Keep the fire burning and the message coming!

3. Ted Dornan: Return to Torah
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-316: WHAT ARE THE DUTIES OF EPHRAIM?

Dear Mr. Davidiy:
         Thanks to the Holy One, whose name alone is blest, for the work
that He is
apparently doing through Brit-Am.
         What was the first thing the king did in Ephraim but to forget the
Didn't that open the way for the other changes--the place of worship,
replacing HaShem's Holy Days with those he declared, the Levites with
riff-raff, and setting up no-gods? Wouldn't it therefore seem incumbent
upon us to reverse the rejection of the Torah and return to HaShem and the
house of David that He appointed?
         Some few have maybe dipped our little toes in Torah, but how much more
there is to learn from our Compassionate Father! How much more, before our
reunification becomes complete in the land that HaShem has set apart for us?
         It seems so distant, yet I have a feeling that it's much nearer
than we
Ted Dornan

4. Lenori: Feelings Important
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-316: WHAT ARE THE DUTIES OF EPHRAIM?
Relationships are blessings.
They are based on 'who' and not on 'what' we are.
Staying close to the L-rd starts with these.

Obstinacy is said to be like witchcraft. But underneath certain kinds
obstinacy can be simply 'fear'. This can occur with non-religious and with
religious people. But with religious people, it expresses itself in
stiffness, harsh words, misuse of the entire contexts of the Words of the

Fear can be caused by stiffness of religion, having just part of the real
spirit which the L-rd intens us to have.

Insensitivity within religious people is a result of a curse and it
transmits the same curse (unfortunately, under the 'name of religion').  It
is why a lot of people are turned off by religion, altogether, and are
continuously aware of the 'stick' behind the door telling them that they are
dwarfs who cannot find the way to the L-rd themselves without the owner of
the stick behind the door.  Unfortunately then they start wandering and
never enter any room where they could find Knowledge, because they think
that they are just dwarfs after all who cannot deal with all these mistakes
of religion,-  which is not the will of the L-rd at all.

This problem will not prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled, that all
the Earth shall be filled with the Glory of the L-rd.
Glory - Shekhinah.  It is seen on the faces of people that love the L-rd.
The Glory of the L-rd in one's life is not a goal. It is also a means to
show to weak people that there is a Divine Presence which they can draw
close to as well.
Love takes away fear, and accomplishes many things.

Yezekiel 34

5. David Buckman: Movies Worse than Wine!
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-316: WHAT ARE THE DUTIES OF EPHRAIM?

I think the filth called MOVIES coming out of HOLLYWOOD are doing more
damage than a glass of red wine with your meals. I don't think the Drunkards
of Ephraim are intoxicated with wine, they  have become intoxicated with
filth and lies and false doctrines put forth by the false prophets tickling
there ears with false idea's about the true God of Abraham and Isaac and
Jacob, His purpose and plan to reconcile ALL in heaven, All upon the earth
and ALL under the earth to Himself ! Anybody reading the book of Hosea and
then reading the 53rd and 54th chapters of Isaiah would have to be blind not
to see the truth ?
   P.S.  God said "Lift up your voice like a trumpet and tell MY PEOPLE about
their transgressions" They need to know who they are, true! But they need to
know that they have all sinned and fall short of the Glory of God {God's
  Regards, David Buckman.

6. Biblical Proofs  nos 41-111. Tribal and Clan Names

Seventy souls went down to Egypt with Jacob and his family [Genesis 46:8

These include the family of Joseph.

These names are repeated with some variations in the Book of Numbers (26:4-50).

References in the Bible and archaeological inscriptions indicate that these
names were given to clans within the individual tribes. Other names are
found in the Bible that also became clan names.

Most (but not all) of the original seventy names can be traced  to groups
of people in the west amongst nations that we identify as descended from
the Lost Ten Tribes. We have also traced other Biblical clan names that
were not in the original seventy amongst these peoples. The total number of
names that we have accounted for numbers around seventy or more.

Hebrew Tribes and clans that bore certain names and marched together in
certain formations and had certain peculiar characteristics have been
traced bearing similar or identical names, traveling in the same
configurations, and with the same Tribal characteristics. Taking this
phenomenon into consideration together with Biblical and other evidence
showing the people in question to be descended from the Lost Tribes we can
consider these names to comprise an additional body of evidence in its own
right of great value.

We have published and briefly explained these names in the past and will do
so again. A fairly broad more detailed explanation was given in our book
The Tribes.

7. To Sow the Seed
Subject: "Brit-Am Now"-317
In  "Brit-Am Now"-317
item 7. Meeting about Brit-Am,
we spoke of a meeting we held yesterday.
The participants at this meeting were intelligent, and educated.
According to what we saw and heard and that others heard afterwards
everyone present was deeply moved.
I would say that all (or nearly all) present at the end of the meeting were
either strongly convinced of the truth of Brit-Am or at least strongly
inclined to favor it.
  Not all of them took literature away with them and not all of them will
necessarily follow up on their experience.
Nevertheless the impression was made and the points were taken.
This too is part of Brit-Am activities and of those who agree with us.
To sow the seed and let the Almighty decide and time tell how it will grow.


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