"Brit-Am Now"-32

"Brit-Am Now"-32
1. Rabbi Feld
2. Bartikus: U.S.A. is Ephraim
3. Al McCarn: Points Made
4. Happiness over Brit-Am
5. Coetzee Jim: Thanks for News
6. Timothy F Murray Re: PERTINENCE of Brit-Am message
7. Charlotte Mecklenburg: Gentile Christian Israelites
8. Brit-Am web statistics

Date:  Tue Jun 11, 2002  1:04 am

To connect to Rabbi Feld please post from now on to Ariella

From: Bartikus
I was wondering if britain is ephraim then do you think that anyone but the
U.S could defeat the soviets? The cold war was waged between the U.S and the
U.S.S.R. The U.S was the first to develop the ability to "rain fire down on
the earth" ! An ability I personally wish no man had! I assumed that was the
deciding factor also in ww2! Not that it matters because if we do not realize
where the blessings come from, and acknowledge God as the source, we will
surely lose those blessings anyways!

Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-29

Yair -
I have some thoughts in answer to your questions. For Christians, the
message of Brit-Am is crucial because our faith springs from the Torah. The
message of the Christian scriptures builds on that of the Hebrew scriptures,

A second point is personal: If it is true, as I believe, that my ancestors
came from the Ten Lost Tribes, then the Word of God as recorded in the Torah
is my family history. Moreover, the laws, promises, and warnings of the
Torah apply to me personally because I am of Israel.

A third point for the church in general: The person whom we consider to be
Messiah, Yeshua of Nazareth, followed the law himself.

This fits with the message
of Brit-Am in that we who believe the message also believe the prophecies
that one day Judah and Ephraim will be reunited and will worship G-d in
spirit and in truth. I believe Isaiah was referring to that fact when he
"One shall say, I am the LORD'S; and another shall call himself by the name
of Jacob; and another shall subscribe with his hand unto the LORD, and
surname himself by the name of Israel." Isaiah 44:5
Finally, there is a practical point that should appeal to Jews. The enemies
of the House of Jacob will be vanquished only after the reunification of
Ephraim and Judah. Only then will all Israel at last occupy the entire
inheritance promised to the Patriarchs. You know better than I the
scriptures attesting to this. Do we wish to see Jerusalem at peace? Do we
want an end to terror? Do we want to see Israel dwelling in safety and
security in the land G-d promised? Then let us see how G-d will use us all
to bring to fulfillment the promised reunification of Judah and Ephraim.
I suppose it all comes down to faith. If we truly believe our G-d is the
One who made all the universe, then we must believe our G-d is willing and
able to restore Israel. Recently I heard a preacher say something like
this: "If you believe, 'In the beginning, G-d created the heavens and the
earth,' then you should have no trouble believing everything else in the
Al McCarn
Alexandria, VA

Dear sir:

I have read with hapiness your website. I find it infinitely fascinating
and very well researched. I commend you for your expertise in the field. I
also offer my services to you in any way you may need to help your efforts
in the future. I am an ordained Christian minister, and I am married to a
Jewish woman. My children are also Jewish, and probably will be raised
Jewish with my permission.

As a Christian, I know we share a vast theological gulf between us, but I
must tell you this. Its been my experience and research that Christians are
in error when they try to convert Jewish people to Christianity. Jewish
people do not need conversion because they are the source of the Tabernacle
from which Christianity sprang. In short, you are the roots of our faith,
and if the roots are impaired, the tree dies.

The Jewish people must not only be preserved, but protected by righteous
Christians who base their faith on proper interpretation of the Bible.

May G-d bless you in your endeavors sir


From: Coetzee Jim
Subject: RE: "Jerusalem News"-52

Shalom Yair,
Thank you very much for giving us some of the real important news in this
world. We here in South Africa only get local and African news. Thanks also
for that very good article about the prophesy given by HaShem to Moshe
regarding the children of Israel becoming a group of 600,000,000,000 people
strong - which we have seen being fulfilled in our day. We are grateful for
the service you are providing.
Jim Coetzee


From: Timothy F Murray

Dear Yair,
Your question about pertinence of the Brit-am Message is appropriate to be
asking, and here are some ideas on the matter, which you may quote or not,
as it seems appropriate.

The importance of the Ten Tribes being identified and recognized by
themselves and by the Jews is tremendous. Simply, it can be stated under
three main headings.
I. The veracity of God's Word
Both Christians and Jews stoutly affirm the unbreakable veracity of the
Word of God. But if its prophecies about the future of Israel may be denied
or challenged, then the Word is false. The message of Brit-am is
specifically that all those prophecies are true after all, in a physical
and national sense. There is no need to artificially "squeeze" them into
some hypothetical spiritualized interpretation involving the Church and its
I don't have the reference, but I've heard it said on good authority that
the American patriot Thomas Paine was a religious skeptic principally
because he had reviewed the prophecies and could see no evidence for their
fulfillment, either in history or in his own time. Thus, he reasoned, it
had all come to naught, the Word of God had failed, and the entire religous
superstructure based on that Word was spurious. He concluded wrongly, of
course, but with better information, we have every reason to do better.
Frankly, without some such evidence, I wonder how any serious Jew or
Christian can explain the apparent failure of these prophecies. Some try to
"spiritualize" them; others use "replacement theology" to explain them
away. But these are man-made dodges. The truth is that the prophecies about
Israel are right on track, certain of fulfillment, and in the process of
that fulfillment even now. This is the first reason that Brit-am ought to
keep proclaiming the truth to both Christians and Jews.
II. The Role of Destiny
A second reason involves the end of the age. Eschatological interpretation
is risky, and I'm not going to go off the deep end here. But some of the
prophecies are amazingly explicit, dealing with the outcome of the struggle
against good and evil: they identify Israel as God's agent to wage war for
Him and on His side.
Jeremiah 51:20 is one. Israel is here called "My battle axe and weapons of
war" and with Israel, God declares He's going to break in pieces the
nations, destroy kingdoms, and all the rest of it. While the context deals
specifically with the destruction of Babylon, its fulfillment seems clearly
destined for the last days. Israel never destroyed imperial Babylon, but
Christian (and I think Jewish) eschatology identifies a last-day Babylon.
This passage points to some climactic struggle in which Israel is going to
bring that evil entity down.
Put that passage with a few others. Take Micah 4:13, for one: "Arise and
thresh O daughter of Zion... thou shalt beat in pieces many peoples."
Again, the context leads to the conclusion that he's talking about latter
days. And add Isaiah 41:8, ff.: God says He chooses them from the ends of
the earth, calls them His servant, and tells them that "they that strive
with thee shall be as nothing and shall perish." Then He adds (14), "Fear
not, thou worm Jacob, and ye men of Israel:... I have made thee a new sharp
threshing instrument having teeth; thou shalt thresh the mountains and beat
them small, and shalt make the hills as chaff," etc. Pretty impressive! And
under all these prophecies lies the foundation of Dt. 33:17, where Moses
himself describes the latter days of the tribe of Joseph as being full of
power: "His horns are the horns of the wild-ox: with them he shall push the
peoples all of them, even the ends of the earth."
These direct predictions of a final military prowess for Israel can't be
explained away, and they can't be assigned to those we know as the Jews
today. If Israel is truly going to be this powerful--to the ends of the
earth--then there must be a wider fulfillment. And it's right there among
the Ten Tribes. In both World Wars they admirably pushed the nations. And
today, who holds the balance of power? Joseph in the West, and (one could
argue) Israel in the Middle East-- Ephraim and Judah.
"The Scripture cannot be broken."
III. "The Right of Return"
Let's not let the sons of Ishmael steal this one from us! We must be
crystal clear in our Bible foundation: the Land was given not to the sons
of Ishmael, but to those of Isaac; not to Esau, but to Jacob. Let's never
forget this.
And if Brit-am is telling the truth (and it manifestly is), then there is a
vast and exciting prospect in view not only for the Jewish Diaspora, but
also for the House of Israel, the Ten Tribes--there is a profound "Right of
Return." More than a simple right, though--it's also a destined fact. The
Word declares that God will hunt up and search out His people from the ends
of the earth and bring them back to their Land. The Land belongs not only
to Judah, but also to Israel, and this throughout all its Biblical border.
Lebanon, part of Syria, the "west bank," and possibly even ancient Gilead
(part of Jordan) all belong to modern Israel. And that includes the Ten
Tribes as well as the Two.
This means that "This Land is my Land, this Land is your Land, From the
River Jordan to the Mediterranean..." as a song puts it. Suddenly we begin
to realize that we, among the Ten Tribes, have a vested interest in what
goes on over there. It's not just sympathy for the Jewish inhabitants; it's
our Land, too, and everything that goes on there is affecting our brothers
and is happening in the "old homestead"--to which we also expect to return
one day!
When you put with this the terminology of Isaiah 62 about the City and the
Land, it takes on marvellous overtones. There He says that the Land will be
called "Beulah" or "married"--and why? Because "Thy sons shall marry thee
[the Land]." Beyond mere habitation, there is a quite mystical but real
union with the Land that is the right and legitimate expectation of every
Israelite, from whichever House he hails.
This is why some of us love that Land so intensely. This is why we feel a
"hallowed sense of Home" whenever we get there. This is why our hearts are
wounded whenever we hear the news of yet another bombing. It's all
happening to our brothers and sisters--in our Land. I really believe that
this also explains the otherwise inexplainable relationship between the USA
(and in some measure the UK) and Israel: there is an instinctive drawing
together along family lines.
It is for these three reasons that Brit-am is relevant today. Its message
is not peripheral, it is not secondary. It is truly at the "cutting edge"
of current events. And this relevance goes a long way to explain the
virulence of the opposition in the Land today. The issues are not
parochial, they are world-wide in significance, and the enemy of us all is
behind the opposition. So, like Nehemiah, let's keep working at the walls,
with the trowel of practical help in one hand and the sword of the Word of
God in the other!


Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-29

To Yair:
In reply to the idea of how important is the message about who and where are
the lost tribes. For those who live in Israel and love the Lord God with all
their heart and all their strength and soul then this should be important to
them because it is important to God. He has stated in various ways through
various Prophets that it is his desire to join the two houses of Jacob, the
northern nation of Israel and southern nation of Judah. He says he will bring
them back and so we are working with him and loving him when we are
interested in what he is wanting to do. For those outside of Israel the same
would apply and for those of us who know only a Gentile Christian background
it applies too. We are told in our portion of scripture that God intends to
make one flock out of those he brings into his household from the Gentiles.
We should be interested in the Culture of the Jews because it came out of
their devotion to God and we have a lot to learn so that he can make us one
with our roots. There are many like me who really want to be identified with
the Jews who worship God but feel that there is a resistance from them to
accepting us. Many of us observed the Sabbaths and want to understand more
but unless there is some interest in accepting us as part of the family then
God's purposes are delayed.
I am aware of the fears that the Jews have of accepting Christians. It is the
basis of why the separation ever occurred. However, that is part of the
education that is involved. As a Christian, I realize that just because a Jew
does not agree that Yeshua is Messiah doesn't mean God has put him out the
door of the house. None of us know 100% everything that God wants us to know
so we have to allow God to do what he wants because he will bring all of us
out of the fog someday into a place of clear understanding of what he has
been doing down through the ages. If the Jew is right that Yeshua was a
false Messiah then I believe God will heal and help us who are Christians to
understand that and it will be clear to all who have believed that but we too
will not be thrown out the door because it was not clear before to us. No
matter how it turns out on the issue of Messiah, none of us will ever be
disappointed in who and how God reveals him. Accepting prophecy is the first
step, trusting God for understanding and doing our homework is another step,
sharing the message is another step. So keep up the good work. I really
appreciate the insights and work that is being done.
Charlotte Mecklenburg

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