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November 18, 2003
1. Question from a Jewish perspective
2. An Orthodox Jew in the Bible Belt
3. Interesting article on Puritan Founders of America

1. Question from a Jewish perspective
>Re: EXCLUSIVE OFFER: For One Month Only
>    Of what benefit would this offer be to me as a Jew? I am only learning
> to help me understand why sometimes when I meet non Jewish people the
> feelings I get about certain people being the same people as the Jews are
> but am not sure if Brit- Am is beneficial to the non- Jews. They stay
> Christian and believe in Jesus even if they know they are possibly Israelites.
>Do you mean a local check is my personal check if I should change my mind
>and want to order to learn further? Thank you.

a. Ultimately Judah and Joseph will re-unite. Judah has a duty (Jeremiah
3:18 and Rabbinical sources based on the Bible see
-Yalkut Shimeoni, Song of Solomon 905 ) to participate in or even initiate
this process. Exactly how or when this will happen we do not know but an
awareness of Israelite identity of those who are technically "Gentiles" is
an obvious first step.
Beyond this before our very eyes we are seeing signs of a drawing together
of Joseph and Judah in common association
against the heathen world. Understanding this clearly in the light of
ancient trial identities is not only a key
to comprehension but also a  guiding light.
In the process of Redemption many expected and unexpected changes will take
and preconceived notions be changed.
Things happen sometimes in unexpected ways.
For example,
Who would have predicted that the mighty awesome terrifying Communist
"Evil" Empire
would one day suddenly announce, with hardly any pre-warning: "We are tired
out. We give in. We are dissolving ourselves.
If you would like to buy us up at a bargain price, please do so at once.
Please take us over. Bail us out.
We are going out of business! Workers of the world, we apologize!" That is
about what happened.
If somebody had predicted such an event you would have thought him to be
fantasizing the impossible!
Similar and greater events (for good or for bad) could take place just as
and according to Prophecy will do so.
Brit-Am knowledge could serve as an agent of salvation for many amongst
both Judah and Joseph.
Brit-Am knowledge is almost a pre-requisite for understanding.

PostScript: After sending this note I had an informal meeting with some
Christian visitors to Jerusalem.
In the course of our discussion the following points were highlighted that
may have some bearing on the above question:
a. When the Ten Tribes return some will evidently go to the areas of Judah
and Samaria (Jeremiah 31:21)
whereas others (the main body) will go further north to Syria and Lebanon
(Micah 7:14, Zechariah 10: 10) and beyond. Ultimately the whole land from
the Nile to the Euphrates and beyond will be divided amongst the Tribes
with each tribe dwelling in its own area (Ezekiel chapter 48).
(1). It was prophesied that the Lost Ten Tribes would be Christians at the
point of their returning
(see our book Ephraim) so this is a factor that the Bible requires us to
deal with at some stage.
(2). First the Tribes will return and after that they will be purified
(Ezekiel 37:19-28 Jeremiah 3:`14-15).
There is an article on this matter by John Hulley in the coming issue no.7
of our magazine, Brit-Am Truth.
(3). On the macro level the State of Israel needs people and ALSO needs
allies in the west.
Concerning the Need for People: The people we are addressing on the whole
are at least as good as non-Jewish Russian immigrants that are being
allowed to enter Israel for various reasons in great numbers.
Concerning the Need for Allies: The Brit-Am message could be used both
directly on certain governments or indirectly on people in
Brit-Am countries who could serve as good-will advocates for the Jews and
the State of Israel as a counter to Arab and similar pressures. Brit-Am
peoples are: The most amenable to this message and also potentially would
be the most effective. They are also
psychologically and often socially very similar to the Jewish people in Israel.
We state that they and the Jews are brothers through descent and this alone
should justify acquiring knowledge on the matter.
The first stage for any action and attitude should be the acquisition of
the relevant knowledge and its internalization.

b. By local check we mean any check including a personal one of your own
from your local bank.
In Israel nowadays it is very easy to cash foreign checks.

2. An Orthodox Jew in the Bible Belt
Saw on another list the following comment:
Subject: [the_jewish_idea] Christian support
To: the_jewish_idea@hameir.org

I live in the American south, known as the bible belt. I am demonstrably
Jewish (kippah and tzitzit) driving a car with nationalist bumper stickers
so I am often stopped by Christians to talk. Most say that they support
Israel because G-d chose us. I have never been proselytized in South
Carolina or Georgia. How many American Jews support Israel as strongly?

Moshe Ben-David (Mike Epstein), making aliyah, B"H, next summer

3. Interesting article on Puritan Founders of America

By Hugh Fogelman

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