"Brit-Am Now"-325

November 20, 2003

1. Note on Puritan Foundations of  America
2. Brit-Am site on Heraldry:
3. "Brit-Am Truth" on the web: Sample issue
4. Last Name Quest
5. Israelite Hereditary
6. Answering Letters
7. Steven Collins: Dolmens in North America

1. Note on Puritan Foundations of  America
From: Eliezer <ctsplus@idig.net>
Subject: The Puritan Foundations Of The American Republic
The Puritan Foundations Of The American Republic

I am posting the link to this article once again, because I believe
the contents, and a proper understanding of them, could have a great
bearing upon the positive future of western civilization. We pray for
better days. And remember, the greatness of evil, is in it's
validation of moral righteousness.

Subject: "Brit-Am Now" Response To "Puritans In America"
"Brit-Am Now"-323-324
Response From...
John.Taylor: Note on the Puritans in America
Re Posting: Interesting article on Puritan Founders of America...
I would be interested in learning more about the Puritan foundations
of The America Republic. Thank you to John for this info. Interesting how
xmas wasn't an original American observance. No I know why Thanks
Giving is still such a big event in the America, because it represented
freedom from xmas and liberation from the pagan cult of Rome.


2. Brit-Am site on Heraldry:


3. "Brit-Am Truth" on the web: Sample issue
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I will sift the house of Israel [Ephraim] among all nations, as grain is
sifted in a sieve; yet shall not the least kernel fall upon the
earth.                     (Amos 9:9)

4. Last Name Quest
>Hi Yair, I know that you are extremely busy, however, I have a question
>for you. My last name is 'M', sometimes spelled with two '..s'. I have
>tried to trace my family tree, but, have been stumped. Do you have any
>info regarding the possible origin of the family name? If there is a
>possibility of Hebrew origin? ....Would you please respond? I do
>appreciate your work and follow you on a daily basis. Thanks, Shalom, D

On family names we cannot usually say very much. The names do help along
with other factors
that are pertinent to very many people in the west today. The chances are
that if you come from a certain area
and instinctively possess certain sentiments then you are of Israelite origin.
This is in accordance with what the Bible says. On our web site we have a
genealogy section that is growing
and can give additional information. The value of this information at
present  is limited to its helping to confirm
within the mind of the individual feelings about his origins. This is a

5. Israelite Hereditary
Hereditary is not everything but it can be important.
Actions are the main thing and nobody ever said they were not
but hereditary can also help. People have tendencies to act as their
parents and grandparents
did and these carry over from their distant ancestors. We can overcome bad
tendencies and/or
ignore good ones but the tendencies exist. It is worthwhile to realize what
these tendencies are.
The Bible indicates that people of Israelite descent will have certain
tendencies and also inherited
obligations on both the individual and national levels. It is therefore
incumbent on those who feel they
may be Israelite by descent to connect with this.  In these end times these
question are becoming more important and urgent than ever before and
avenues of revelation and knowledge that were previously closed or ignored
are being revealed.

6. Answering Letters
In principle I try to answer all reasonable questions. Sometimes I have
more than enough time and energy
to do this without any trouble. I even enjoy it and feel that I am doing
what I should. On the other hand it also
can happen that I am temporarily overworked or something and letters can
get lost and remain unanswered.
This is a rare occurrence but it does occur. If this happens to any of you
please do  not be offended and if the
question is really important send it in again.

7. Steven Collins: Dolmens in North America
From: "scollins@ll.net" <scollins@ll.net>
Subject: Re: Dolmens in North America

Shalom Yair,

As a follow-up to the item below, there are a number of ancient dolmens in
North America.  The late-Dr. Barry Fell's book, America BC, has photos of
dolmens in New York, New Hampshire and Connecticut (see pages 130-133).
Some dolmens also had inscriptions to the sun-god Bel (Baal).
Steve Collins

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