Brit-Am Now"-326

November 21, 2003

1. Criteria Individual or Collective
2. Geneological question
3. Ta Heist: More on the Puritans
4. Question on the Hugeonots
5. Betty Rhodes: heraldry symbolism
6. Need for Mutual respect
7. Israelite Answer to Islam
8. Re: Italians denied
9. Biblical Proofs  nos 41-111. THE TRIBE OF NAPHTALI

1. Criteria Individual or Collective
At 19:56 19/11/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>I'm reading your site and
>find it very interesting. Forgive me, I'm extremely tired and perhaps not
>thinking straight, or just haven't read carefully enough.
>The Criteria Listed above for determining which nations are descended from
>the ancient Israelites are:
>1. A Relative Lack of Anti-Semitism.
>2. The Doing of Justice Implying Social Empathy and Responsibility.
>3.Possessors of Military Prowess.
>4.Intellectual Wisdom.
>5.Economic and Physical Blessings.
>6.Archaeological and Physical Proofs.
>7.Biblical Evidence.
>I'm wondering if the above exerpt could be in regards to individuals as
>opposed to groups of individuals?
>Thank you very much.
>Chris Landrum

We applied the above criteria to groups and intended to say that the points
mentioned would be apparent as recurring
tendencies applicable to the peoples as a whole over long periods of time.
Exceptions can occur and the points would
not be applicable to all the people in the groups studied nor would the
phenomenons described be apparent all the time.
Even so, On the individual level it is obvious that someone who feels
Israelite and identifies with the Jews in some way
and believes he may of Israelite descent may well be justified in so feeling.
Anti-semitism is a rough guide.
Usually a person of Israelite descent will not be antagonistic towards Jews
but it sometimes happens (Ephraim
and Judah frequently quarrelled). There are case known of anti-semites who
changed their minds and became
of champions of the Jewish people (Mark Twain, Colonel Meintzerhagen) or on
the other hand of people who once
seemed pro-Jewish and changed their minds (Ernest Bevan?) or of people
whose parents hated Jews whereas they
identified with them, or of Jews who became anti-semites themselves.
A general Law is no more than that: Tendencies that apply more often than
not but will not always be applicable.

2. Genealogical question
>Dear Yair Davidiy,
>Several months ago I read ( I forget where) that you were of the belief
>that many modern day Jews have no direct geneological link to the tribe of
>Judah.  That a large percentage of modern Jews are converts to Judaism
>only, and have a european racial background.
>After perusing your web site I get the feeling that you don't actually
>believe this.   Would you mind either confirming or denying this.  I know
>that your research is much respected and I want to know exactly where you
>Also, to what extent do you feel that the middle ages Khaziar conversion
>to Judaism   altered the gene pool of modern Jews?
>Thank you for your time,  Larry Whitesell

MY impression is that MOST Jews have some ancestral connection to Israelite
Tribes especially
those of Judah, Levi, and Benjamin but also with representative elements
from all the other tribes.
They also include other elements but these too are legitimate Jews since
the Bible commanded us under certain conditions to accept the stranger and
treat him as ourselves.
The Bible recognizes the present-day Jews as Judah.
see the article by Steven Collins in issue no.6 of our magazine, Brit-Am Truth.
Note  the following points:


Points Made by Stephen Collins and Brit-Am in Summary
Stephen Collins explained:
(1).      Zephaniah chapter two predicted the Judah would inherit the
coastal regions of Palestine including Ashdod, Ekron, Ashkelon, and all the
coastland when they return from their captivity.
(2).      Zechariah chapter 14 supplements Zephaniah and explains how the
Jews of Judah will dwell in Jerusalem and fight in defence of Jerusalem
during this same period. "Judah" would be a militarily victorious nation in
the Middle East.
(3).      Genesis 49 also predicted that Judah in the Last Days will be
like an old lion (an old nation) and a young lion (a reborn entity)
fighting nation in the End Times that casts terror on those around her.
(4).                   Genesis 49 also shows how the reborn State of Israel
set up by Judah will be agriculturally prosperous.
The Jews in the present State of Israel have fulfilled all of the above

In addition:
Brit-Am has shown how:

(5). The Jews were persecuted by the Gentiles as it had been prophesied
Judah would be:
Zechariah 1:15, Zechariah 8;13, Isaiah ch.53, Isaiah 42; 10, Psalm 44; 22
(6). The Jews kept the Law as it had been prophesied that Judah would:
Psalms 60; 9, 108; 90
Genesis 49; 10, Zechariah 8; 23
(7). The Jews keep the four fasts of mourning over the Destruction of the
Second Temple as prophesied by Zechariah 8:19
  i.e. THE FAST OF THE FOURTH MONTH,  -17th  Tammuz
THE FAST OF THE FIFTH,  -  9th of Av
AND THE FAST OF THE SEVENTH, - 3rd of Tishrei (Gedaliah)
AND THE FAST OF THE TENTH,  - 10th  Tebeth (Tevet).

Regarding the Khazars: The Khazars were largely of Israelite descent
especially from  the Tribes of Simeon and Manasseh.
It seems quite doubtful nowadays that the Khazars  ever constituted a
significant proportion of the Jewish people
but they may have done so. It does not matter. The Jews of today in
Biblical terms are JUDAH. If you do not believe
in the Bible that is another matter.

3. Ta Heist: More on the Puritans

<<I also greatly enjoyed the www. article on the Puritans and their Jewish
orientation. This and other points in the article, about the very most
conservative denominations being wholly in support of the State of Israel
from its inception and supportive of the Jewish people, are exactly my
experiences as a child through young adult (I am now 54 yrs old, and left
the church many years past, so I do not know what their current position
is).We were very pro-Jewish and pro-Israel in the United Brethren church
(which by that time was 'Evangelical United Brethren', having undergone a
merger with another group, but our little rural congregation was always
like the original more conservative group.) We were taught that we must
love the Jewish people and help them whenever we could, even die for them
if it came to that (and our counterparts in Europe did in many cases give
their lives for trying to protect Jewish people) and to never speak badly
of them. We were taught that we were to love the State of Israel. We were
taught that the State of Israel came into being because it was Elohim's
will to bless His people, just as He said He would.  We were taught that
the sufferings of the Jewish people were much to be deplored, that the
sufferings of the Jewish people (the pogroms, the holocaust, the false
accusations) were the work of hasatan and his minions and that hasatan and
his minions hate the Jewish people, and hate Israel, because they are
beloved of  Elohim Most High. I remember that we greatly, highly, respected
the Tenakh and were taught from the Tenakh, although not with the depth of
understanding of the Tenakh that I have today, and not solely from the
Tenakh. Also, our meetings were always closed with the Aaronic Blessing
:-)! Which was my very favorite part :-). Just thought you might like to
May The Almighty One bless you with Shalom today; may He protect you from
all danger.

We love you and thank you, Mr Davidiy, for so faithfully researching and
sending the newsletters :-).
  ta heist

4. Betty Rhodes: heraldry symbolism
I thought it interesting to discover the meaning of the shield properties
of George Washington, which was the inspiration for the USA stars and stripes.
The meaning of symbolic colors and images on the Washington shield, [using
the descriptions listed on website at: , are as follows:
Mullet (Star) = Divine quality from above; mark of third son
Red stripes - Red (Gules)  = Warrior or martyr; Military strength and
Bar, Barry, or Barrulet, Fess =  "One who sets the bar of conscience,
religion, and honour against angry passions and evil temptations", acc. to
Fess/Fesse = Military belt or girdle of honour; represents readiness to
serve the public

Only a fool would create a god in his own image.

5. Need for Mutual respect

Dear Yair,

As a Catholic I take offense at the attacks by some of your posters on
Christmas and the Catholic Church. As you know I am a great believer in the
work of Brit Am. If this message is to reach a wide audience religious
insults and bigotry have no place. These people are boors insulting other
peoples cherished beliefs and customs. AntiSemitism and anti Catholicism
are equally repugnant to me. I do not write insults about Protestant
beliefs and customs and I would appreciate it if these people would refrain
from using your usually enlightening messages as a forum to push their own
agendas. There is a way to dialogue about differences and invective and
insult are not the way to do it. I live in a predominantly Buddhist country
at the moment and I would never insult the customs and beliefs of the
lovely Buddhist people here. Of course I don't believe in their beliefs but
I have respect that these are sincerely held beliefs of an ancient
religion. One can be fervent in their own beliefs without degrading the
ideas of others. I might add that most Protestants cherish Christmas and it
is insulting to them as well as to the orthodox and Catholic Christians.
Let's keep focused on the message of Brit Am about the Identity of the
Tribes and its significance. Let us also not forget that the Rambam and
other sages praised Christianity and Islam as daughter religions of Judaism
and that they have a mission to spread Monotheism in the world among the Goyim.

Thanks for the wonderful work Yair and know that you and brit Am are in my


Athol Bloomer

6. Question on the Hugeonots
Renee Swann  wrote:

>I have recently researched my ancestry, and found that my mother's fathers
>were French Hugenots. They came to South Carolina in 1736. Some of her
>father's were Methodists from France and Holland as well. Would these
>ancestors qualify as separatists? Does the name Hugenot derive from Hugo ie:
>I visited the only existing active Hugenot church in Charleston where my
>ancestors fellowshiped.
>My family has returned to Torah in the past four years, and we sense that we
>may be prophetically responding to Adonai's promises to our fathers.
>What can you tell me?
Not very much. We did a short article on the Huguenots once. The Huguenots
can be traced
to Haggi son of Gad. Huguenots are Calvinist Protestants who appeared in
France often from  areas that
had been settled by the Goths of Gad. They also included descendants of
Jews who had been forced to change their religion.
They were often quite heroic in the Second World War in resisting the nazis
and endeavoring to save Jews.
On the whole they have been a very positive influence on Western Civilization.

7. Israelite Answer to Islam
As we pointed out in our book "Joseph" Isaiah chapter 45 says that the Lost
Tribes (as well as Judah)
are the emissaries of the Almighty and fulfilling His will even though He
hides Himself amongst them. He
says that all the peoples of the world can find salvation through
acknowledging the God of Israel as
He shows Himself amongst the Israelites and they should make themselves
subservient to Israel in order to
find the God of Israel. This is what (says Isaiah) the peoples of Africa,
India, Egypt, and related nations in the end times will do.
  This may seem a hard message to accept but that is what is said.

8. Re: Italians denied
>Hello Yair,
>       The criteria for being an Isrealite is quite perplexing?  As a man of
>Italian/Latin descent I can't see why at least half of Italy isn't
>considered "
>      Let's start with Wealth, Italy has a higher GNP than the whole of the
>British Isles, period.  Next lets go with land, Italy's fertile land and
>are far superior to the isles, infact it's the number one tourist destination
>on the planet mainly do to food, culture, and climate.
>      Now on to Higher learning, Arts and Sciences. Italians have educated
> the
>world especially the "Covenant people" on every aspect of their society. The
>Romans gave the western Europeans their Military prowness, Law, Engineering,
>Arts, Language, Culture, Organization, Government. THE MIDDLE AGES BROUGHT
>SAME WITH THE RENAISSANCE, That once again lead the covenant people out of
>dark ages. The Latins also founded and named their major cities like London,
>Paris, Cologne, etc. While the covenant people were living like animals and
>Barbarians in mud huts eating God knows what, The Italian "gentiles" were
>western civilization a reality.
>      The US BILL OF RIGHTS was co- written by an Italian lawyer  and modeled
>after Florence's own bill of rights. Once again,  Giving Joseph and the rest
>of the chosen Democracy and freedom.
>      The present day Italian Army is know powerhouse I admit,  but neither
>are switzerland, belgium, Ireland and the neatherlands. It took a
>Lombard(Italian) Neapolian to make France a military power. Look up
>Neapoleans linage it's
>all Italian 100%
>       Historically speaking, the latin language is considered by scholars to
>be so close to gaelic that at one time they were one in the same EX . the
>sun latin is sol, in gaelic its sol (solstice) The earliest inscription of
>latin was found Guess where? Around the Black sea area. You can look that up,
>that's not B.S it's a fact.
>      The Latins and Celts both wore kilts and used similar battle tactics.
>Julius Ceasar even admits in his writings that the people of the Isles are
>  Well this wore me out Yair, please get back to me on this,
>    thanks!!!  Michael

Very Good Questions:
First of all in our first book "The Tribes" (now out of print but we should
try to do a reprint as soon as possible)
we pointed out that in Italy very many people of Jewish descent became
gentiles either through choice or compulsion
and also many groups from the Lost Ten tribes passed through Italy and many
must have settled there. We suggested that from Italy
like from Germany and elsewhere there migrated people of Israelite descent
to North America and similar Israelite countries, i.e.
those who migrated had a much higher percentage of Israelites amongst them
than those who stayed behind.
<<I will sift the house of Israel [Ephraim] among all nations, as grain is
sifted in a sieve; yet shall not the least kernel fall upon the earth>>
(Amos 9:9).
At the same time we said that there is a difference: Apart from areas in
the north for limited periods of time on the whole Italy
was never really dominated by Israelite concepts. It is definable as a
nation in which many Israelites may or may not have dwelt
but they were subservient to the prevailing culture.
The Romans and other Italian elements like the Germans and other Europeans
were dominated by an elite from Edom.
Esau (Edom) had been promised that he would dwell in a very fertile country
and that he would be a warrior people.
This may not fit many Italians in recent times but it does fit the Germans.
Concerning Italy the Romans were the greatest warriors in ancient times,
and as you pointed out (in the case of Napoleon) in individual cases it
makes itself felt.
Mussolini and Fascism in many ways reflected something of the ancient
Italian spirit. Concerning the other matters similar
considerations Edom was a twin brother of Jacob and he too had similar
inherent talents.
You said: <<While the covenant people were living like animals and
Barbarians in mud huts eating God knows what, The Italian "gentiles" were
western civilization a reality.>>  This is not strictly true everywhere. In
Scandinavia and Britain living conditions were often quite good relatively
speaking most of the time. The people were conscious of their inherent
rights and had a reasonable high culture.
Under Rome most were either slaves or quite subservient. In short my
impression is that Italy has both Israelite and Edomite and other gentile
elements all of which have given both positive and negative input to the world.
Italy could be pulled in many directions but on the whole non-Israelite
elements have prevailed.
This is how I read the situation. You are welcome to differ.

9. Biblical Proofs  nos 41-111. THE TRIBE OF NAPHTALI
"And the sons of Naphtali; Jahzeel, and Guni, and Jezer, and Shilem"
Genesis 46; 24

<<The river which since the end of World War-II marks the border between
Norway and Russia is called Granse Jakobs elv which means Jacob's border
river>> Orjan Svennson

  Naphtalite-Huns (= Thyssagetae of east Scythia, =Sian Yueh-chi i.e.
Little Goths.) migrated to Norway
  Thule (Norway).

Clans of Nephtali:
Jahzeel = Zeeland (Holland), Zealand (Denmark), Yssel  (Scandinavia).
Guni = Egan (Norway), Gugerni (Holland), Chouni (Huni, Huns of Scandinavia
Jezer = Jassar (Alans);. Vraesi  (Denmark, emigrated en-masse to Britain).
Shillem = Sillingae (amongst the Vandals, Holland, and Scandinavia).

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