"Brit-Am Now"-327

November 23, 2003
1. Question on Brit-Am Genealogy section
2. Ancient British Civilization
3. DNA and racial movements
4. Question on "Merovingian" Conspiracy.
5. Question on British Israel
6. Rabbi Telushkin
7. Biblical Proofs  nos 41-111. THE TRIBE OF DAN

1. Question on Brit-Am Genealogy section
>Dear Yair,
>Question on the geneaology section: Are the "common" surnames of the
>places listed considered to
>be part of the LTT, or are they meant to help us further investigate our
>genealogies regardless of LTT identification? There are at least 3 or 4
>names in which with I can identify, including my mothers maiden
>name(Irish) and my father's surname (Scottish).  Thanks April
The genealogy section is intended to help people "home in" on areas and
groups their ancestors probably originated from.
This will usually not be enough in itself to definitely confirm Brit-Am
Lost Israelite Origin but it could bring one closer
to confirming an inner realization.
It could also help all of us us eventually in Tribal Identifications and
clan identifications within the Tribes.

2. Ancient British Civilization
RE: "Brit-Am Now"-326
item 8: "Italy Denied"
Shalom Yair

I do enjoy your material

Regarding "Italy Denied"

I have been watching TV documentaries where new archeological sites
place complex art work and engineering well before the time of the
Romans.  The commentators said, "It seems history will be re written,
technology did originate from the Isles after all".

I have some old British Israel books that show that there were over 20
Druidical universities at the time of Christ and that the Romans sent
their children to be educated in England.  That the Romans did not build
all the roads, aqueducts etc, that there were many before they came.
That the Romans copied the superior British chariot.  That the Roman
society or civilization was started by Israel (later the Romans took

Israelites seem to show that when things get tough, they just move on.
We call it "The White Flight" where middle class whites will move on to
somewhere better.


Craig Blackwood

3. DNA and racial movements
A few people have asked us about DNA findings concerning the movements and
interrelationships of peoples.
Some of these findings support the Brit-Am position but others as popularly
represented appear to contradict it.
First of all we are still studying this subject.
If we ever get the funds we will employ a science graduate to explain
certain findings to us and to read up
on certain material under our direction. In the meantime we are doing as
well as we can.
Our intermediate understanding is that DNA may eventually prove to have the
same virtues and limitations
of all previous racial parameters used heretofore though possibly more refined.
Officially DNA experts says (roughly) that all differences between one
person's DNA and another's can be traced back
to one individual.
For example they would say that everybody in a certain area of Africa came
from the same forefather
and therefore all have the same general DNA distinct from everybody else
and anybody with this type of DNA
almost certainly belongs to this group. Within this group there are
differentiations that occurred later and enable us to trace
different families.
We would (tentatively) suggest otherwise.
We would say:
All DNA changes are linked with groups of genes. No-one change occurs in
isolation. All changes occur in response to an inbuilt mechanism reacting
to environmental circumstance. Once the change takes place it is hereditary
and continues down through the generations until modified by later changes.
Therefore it can be used to trace families and family groups and races: All
within limitation.
On the other the initial changes may effect ALL (or many) who are exposed
to the same environmental effects at a specific time
and place due to a mechanism we do not yet understand.
This explanation is not an innovation of our own but rather one that is
frequently applied in other areas.
In the center of North America for instance and in Central Europe in about
the 1200s headshapes changed from long heads to round heads. The
explanation used to be that the populations had changed but there was no
historical evidence of this. The present accepted explanation is that an
environmental effect took place that affected all children born within
certain areas.

DNA may therefore indeed help us to understand and confirm probably paths
of migration and ancestral contiguity or closeness between
groups who were once in the same geographical areas. It may also reflect on
the possibility of people with the same general DNA
coming from the same family BUT NOT NECESSARILY SO. Not, at least according
to the present limited isolated criteria that is employed.
Pertinence to Brit-Am Studies: An example of what we said above is the fact
that DNA studies show a link between the Basque area of Northwest Spain and
parts of Ireland and Wales. These results may mean that people in these
areas all come from a common ancestor OR they may mean (according to our
understanding)  that their ancestors were in the same area at the same
crucial moment
that left a permanent imprint on the population. This would confirm the
Brit-Am historical explanation of three main directions of Israelite
migration from the Middle East to the West one of which was via Spain
(first the south, then the northwest of Spain) to Gaul and the British Isles.

4. Question on "Merovingian" Conspiracy.
>Is there any truth to the following story? There are very bizarre theories
>going around about a Merovingian link between European royalty and US
>presidents. This bloodline is allegedly trying to head a new world order and
>set up a leader over Israel too.   The Merovingian link is supposed to have
>a semitic
>core; some even say the Merovingians descend from a marriage between Mary
>Magdalen and JC. Visigoths, Cathars, Templars all figure prominently in the
>tale. The recent book DAVINCI CODES supposedly tells of the matter as does
>the sensational HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL..

Answer: I read HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL (and Also Messianic Legacy by the
same authors) but not the DAVINCI CODES.
 From what I read there is nothing in it. On the other hand the
Merovingians were Israelite
and so were the Visigoths and Israelites were in the areas discussed and
the book brought these points out
These facts represented by the book were well received though poorly
In short in my opinion: There is no conspiracy by anyone but there are
forces at work
that act with more potency than if the worst conspiracy existed.

5. Question on British Israel
>Dear Yair,
>I have a question.  My great grandfather wrote several books.  He went to
>China in the 1860's, about the time of the Civil War.
>My grandmother was born in China.  One booklet that he wrote was on
>British Israelism.  It always seemed a bit peculiar to me.  I wondered
>where he got that thought to write such a thing. Now I wonder is British
>Israelism the same as what you are doing?  Or is it something different?
>It was almost more like a system to show where people came from and where
>the lost ten tribes went.  He talked about the lost ten tribes of Israel
>going to Britain.  I don't have the booklet in my hands now.  He
>went out under the Presbyterian church of that time.  His name was Ira
>Condit.  Thanks!
>Yours,  Virginia Mudd

We have answered questions like this before. We were once described as
"a kind of Jewish British Israelitism".  The British Israelites said that
the Lost Ten Tribes
reached the British Isles. We also say that. We say that the Lost Ten
Tribes also reached other areas in
the west and some British Israelite sources said the same. The British
Israelites were an organization that took
an existing tradition in the British isles of Israelite descent and
promoted it. In their early stages they did valuable
work and published papers and booklets that were often of very great value.
Later they became more "scientific", less "Biblical", and in some circles
influenced by anti-Semitic elements.
Some British Israelite publications still express anti-Jewish sentiments
and false notions.
Lately the movement has concentrated much less on Israelite "Identity" and
more on religious,
nationalistic, and sometimes anti-semitic themes.
At one stage we were in contact with British Israel in Britain and thought
that a change could be effected and a rapport reached
but things broke down.
In fact all our attempts to work with anyone came to nothing. Perhaps the
Almighty wants us to remain totally true to our initial calling
and have no other ties?

Brit-Am may be described as a more Biblically and scientifically
orientated, updated, version of the British Israelites as they were in
their early pro-Jewish phase.
OR nearer the truth one could say that Brit-Am defines itself.

6. Rabbi Telushkin
From: Jersam
Subject: Rabbi Telushkin mentions England could be Israelites.
Jewish folklorists have periodically conjectured that various nations might
have their roots in the Ten Tribes. When a country has treated Jews well
(for example, England after the 1917 issuance of the Balfour Declaration),
some Jews have conjectured that its people are descended from the "lost

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin Biblical Literacy pg. 267

7. Biblical Proofs  nos 41-111. THE TRIBE OF DAN


"And the sons of Dan; Hushim" Genesis 46; 23.
"These are the sons of Dan after their families: of Shuham, the family of
the Shuhami. These are the families of Dan after their families" Numbers
26; 42.


DAN: Don, Danaster, Danaper, Danube (all rivers associated with the

Danuna: One of the Sea-Peoples. From Cilicia (south-east Turkey) they moved
with the Jutes to Denmark.

Dangalai (Iran), apparently moved to Scythia.

Danava (a Scythian Tribe),

Dana (from Lebanon-Israel to Ireland, Tuatha de Danaan).

Don (Wales,)

Damnones (Scythia, Scotland, south-west Britain, also known as "Dannonia"),

Dani (Danes of Denmark).

SHUCHAM (Suham) = Suehan (Sweden), Suoumi (Finland, also associated with

HUSHAM (Hussem) = Hesse (Franks in Germany