"Brit-Am Now" - 333

December 8, 2003

1. New Information on Israelites in Assyria?
2. Question on Columbus
3. A Family Named "Machir"
4. Blessings and Insights
5. Quotation from Mark Twain

1. New Information on Israelites in Assyria?
In "The Tribes" a little and in much more detail in Lost Israelite Identity
we pointed out how the exiled Israelites from the Lost Ten Tribes had
achieved important positions
in the Assyrian armies. In a footnote we also mentioned the possibility
(based on archaeological findings)
that they had intermarried with the Royal House.
Apparently in the latest issue of Biblical Archaeological Review there is
an article on this subject.
We have not yet seen the article but BAR is usually worth looking at.
The following note from another list is worth considering:

<<I thought to use K. Lawson Younger's paper, "Israelites in Exile", in
the current issue of the BAR as a starting point for a discussion on
Israelites and Judahites holding high positions within the Assyrian
Empire.  To begin the thread I will say that I am surprised that the
author did not mention the discover about 15 years ago of the tombs
of women with Yahwistic names who appear to have been Queens of kings
Tiglath-Pileser III and Sharu-Kin (Sargon).  This had been a
discovery of Stephanie Dalley wherein three women's names had been
mentioned:  Yabaya was the Queen of TG3, Atalya was the Queen of
Sargon and a mummy was found in association with both of these
names.  The thrid name was not Yahwistic but was also found in the
same tomb.  This name was Banitu and she is thought to be the Queen
of Shalmenesser V. See this article on Assyria Online
Astro >>

I went to the recommended site but actually there is (as far as I could
see) nothing much there
on the subject. Nevertheless it may be  worth a brief visit.
Stephanie Delaney also wrote a very valuable article about Israelites
serving in the Assyrian armed

2. Question on Columbus

>Shalom Yair,
>     My name is..   It has been said to us that his last name, Colo'n,
> (pronounced "cologne") is the Spanish surname for the Hebrew
> "Cohen".  Can you verify this.  I believe that it had to do with the
> research done on Christopher Columbus; whose real name was Cristobal
> Colo'n.  I look forward to your response.
>                Sincerely,
>               D

I do not know enough about the subject. I expect more people to join the
Brit-Am team shortly
and possibly one of them will feel  motivated and be qualified to
specialize in issues such as these.
This subject is important and does involve Brit-Am as much as the Lost
Tribes "Joseph" identification issue.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

3. A Family Named "Machir"
Subject: Britam now 332
I was sorry to read in the issue 332, question 2.  about the reactions of
others and the purpose of it all.  Relatives (Joseph's tribes) who are
upper crust WASP's not only don't want to hear about it, don't want others
to hear about it, as it could ruin their reputation at the country club.

My husbands family has never hidden the fact that the Machir name is from
the Old Testament and all that goes with that.  We feel that the roles that
the Machirs have played in this country are no accident.  It is true that
they were here as Christians but they all seemed to be very involved with
the settling of the USA.  A Machir was a general in Washington's army, A
Machir was in the 5th Continental Congress. The list goes on.  Once upon a
time there was a Machirville in Virginia.  Manassas, Virginia is probably
not a coincidence either.  God knows his plans.  I think the work that is
being done by Yair and Britam is very important.  Awareness is a great
thing.  Aside from prophecy it helps unite people in the right way.  And
find out what they have in common rather than their differences.
Debbie Machir

4. Blessings and Insights
From: William Rasmussen
Subject: Shalom and b'richot to you from Bill Rasmussen in Minnesota

Shalom Chayil Gibor [Mighty Warrior] Yair:  I found an interesting
commentary in the Stone Edition Chumash on Parashah Vayeitzei regarding the
ten northern tribes.  I am sending this because as of late, there have been
a number of articles on the Jerusalem Post about the Geneva meeting that
Yossi Beilin has been trying to orchestrate as well as a couple of articles
about the dissolution of Israel as a state.  It is indeed timely to advance
the cause of the repatriation of the B'nai Yisrael back to Eretz Yisrael.

In the Haftarah portion found in Hosea 11:10:11 it says, "They [Ephraim]
will follow HaSshem like a roaring lion, for when he roars the children
will hasten from the west.  They will hasten like a bird from Egypt and
like a dove from the land of Assyria; and I shall return them to their
homes, the words of HaShem".  The commentary on this portion says: "Hosea
was one of the greatest prophets.  A contemporary of Isaiah, he too cried
out vainly against the rapidly deteriorating Kingdom of Samaria, the Ten
Tribes of Israel.  Hosea contrasts G-d's mercies of the past with Israel's
failure to recognize that everything that they have done is due to G-d's
kindness.  Despite Israel's shortcomings, G-d says poignantly that He will
never desert Ephraim, the wayward leader of the Ten Tribes.  Like a spurned
but still merciful Father, G-d confesses that He will not make a permanent
end of Ephraim, because He has pledged that Israel will remain his people
and because Israel is innately good and will eventually heed G-d's call to
repent and resume its mission.  When G-d will roar like a lion that the End
has come, even Ephraim's children will rush to declare their renewed
allegiance to Him."

The commentators then go on to describe how Ephraim fell into sin by not
walking humbly as Jacob had done.  Ephraim sinned through arrogance and
idolatry and therefore was condemned to defeat, exile, and
death.  Nevertheless, G-d does not abandon Israel.  The essence of Ephraim
still remains good and the potential for repentance still remains, and G-d
is ready to forgive.

This is your appointed hour Yair and this is the appointed time of B'nai
Yisrael.  May the Shofar of HaShem awaken all Israel from its slumber and
start the clock running to regather the tribes.  Shalom and blessings
mighty man of G-d, Bill Rasmussen

5. Quotation from Mark Twain:
  "Loyalty to petrified opinion never broke a chain or freed a human soul."

6. Message about Brit-Am

Brit-Am is more of a movement than an organization. People instinctively
identify themselves with our message
because it often answers to something they have been aware of in some way
for some time.
The information is about you and therefore it belongs to you.
At the moment we have been holding informal talks in Jerusalem.
These are often spontaneous. They are put together by a friend of Brit-Am
who invites the people
and informs us of the meeting place, also advising us of  what form the
talk should take according to the
wishes of those invited.
Sometimes we know about the talks well in advance and at other times
only within the space of a day or two.
If you are in Jerusalem and would like the option of attending one of these
talks when and if they are being held
at a time convenient to you please contact us.

7. Message from Brit-Am
Brit-Am is not a religion. I am not a religious leader.
On the other hand, We do talk a lot about the Bible and Scripture is our
major reference
and source of authority. Our studies do have religious implications.
Even so, I cannot counsel anybody on what to believe
nor can I help people (in most cases) concerning their personal problems.
This is not our calling nor do I feel qualified in this direction.
We do however have a mission to spread awareness of Israelite Identity
and this is what we are trying to do.
In this generation it is important. It  is the will of the Almighty.
We request of all of you and of ourselves increased Patriotism.
This means belief in the Bible, belief in the Israelite peoples,
sympathy for Judah and identity with your own nation and tribe when and if
It also means doing good for all Israel including your own country,
community, and family.
It means learning as much as possible, feeling positive, and looking after
spiritually, physically, and materially.
We have been making frequent requests for offerings, contributions, and the
purchase of our literature.
We need the finance. When looking back we see that Things have actually
been improving significantly over the recent period.
Even so, we need your offerings to keep going and to do more however we can.
This is important and we have gained results and believe we can continue to
do so.
This is what is required from Above.
Anyone who receives our message does so for a reason and has been called by
Divine Providence
to know this truth.
  Please send us an offering. It is for our good and for yours.
God bless you all
Yair Davidiy


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