"Brit-Am Now" 335

December 12, 2003
1. Historical Quotation
2. Genealogical Additions to Brit-Am Web-site
3. Texas Brit Am meeting this Sunday at 3pm
4. Ancient British Civilization
5. Biblical Proofs  nos 41-111. THE TRIBE OF ISSACHAR

1.  Historical Quotation
 From Toward Tradition:
<<From a sermon by a colonial pastor at the founding of our nation: <It has
often been remarked that the pople of the United States come nearer to a
parallel with Ancient Israel than any other nation upon the globe. Hence
OUR AMERICAN ISRAEL is a term frequnetly used; and common consent allows it
apt and proper.> Rev. Abiel Abbot (Thanksgiving Sermon 1799).>>

2. Genealogical Additions to Brit-Am Web-site

Additional Attractive, informative, additions to the genealogy section of
the Brit-Am web site
have now been added.

  3. Texas Brit Am meeting this Sunday at 3pm

From: Judy Snyder <yudeit@hotmail.com>
Our next Brit Am meeting will be this Sunday at 3pm.

I want to thank all those who attend our meetings.
Our last two meetings we saw a few new faces. Each
person adds a wonderful unique bouquet of questions
and history to our group.

For more information about our meetings call Metro
817 355 6097.
Judy L. Snyder

4. Ancient British Civilization

The following extract is from a web site about King Arthur and North
America and a lot of  historical claims that I would not take seriously at
this stage. Nevertheless the people concerned (like others engaged
in  "eccentric" pursuits) may have come across some sources that are worth

<<British histories confirm arrivals in Britain of the fleets of the
advanced Syrian-Chaldeans under Albyne around 1600 BC and the highly
advanced Brutus led second vast fleet migration into Britain from Asia
Minor around 504 BC. In "The Holy Kingdom", pub 1997, we let out some
information on the gigantic sunken harbour on the Afallach-Orchard levels
off the East Cardiff shoreline.

Now on 18 September 2002 the Guardian newspaper reported that
archaeologists had made unexpected discoveries when excavating Poole
Harbour in Dorset. They found that the many thousands of oak tree trunks,
driven down into the mud to stabilize the masses of rocks and rubble in the
ancient jetties, were radio carbon 14 dating at 250 BC. "The scale of the
construction work was atounding, and implied a large skilled and organized
workforce." It is described as "startlng evidence" and one wonders why;
unless of course the ridiculous phoney versions of British History as
invented around the 1840-60 era in Oxford and Cambridge are still being

Probably two 80 metre jetties, both 8 meters wide with paved flagstone
surfaces, reaching out into deep water. "Astounding", not really when you
take the trouble to read our native British Histories which were
politically and religiously assassinated in Oxford, Cambridge and London in
the mid 19th Century. Actually this huge Iron Age construction is a tiny
mini harbour when compared to the enormous ancient Great Stone Port built
at Cardiff.

5. Biblical Proofs  nos 41-111. THE TRIBE OF ISSACHAR

"Of the sons Issachar after their families; of Tola, the family of the
Tolai: of Pua, the family of the Puni:
"Of Jashub, the family of the Jashubi: of Shimron, the family of the Shimroni:
"These are the families of the Issachar according to those that were
numbered of them, threescore and four thousand and three hundred. Numbers
26; 15-18).

"And the sons of Issachar; Tola, and Phuvah, and Job, and Shimron". Genesis
46; 13.

      ISSACHAR = Assakar (Sagartoi - in Iran and Scythia), Sagaruce
(Scythia), Sacaraukae (Scythia), Scirri (Galatians), Skirri (Gothic group),
Serica (East of Scythia).
                  Tola = Tollund (Denmark)
                    Puvah (i.e. Puni) = Fenni  (Ireland), Vannones
(Switzerland), Peones (Swiss), Finni (Finland).
                  Job = Abii -Scythae (east Scythia), Abiis Maurunganie
(Saxon group), Ubii  (Holland)
                   Jashub = Suebi (Switzerland).
                    Shimroni = Asmirae (Scythia).
                   Yahmi (Yachmi) = Kym (Finland).
                    Yivsam (Jibsom) = Uusima (Finland).
                    Michael = Mikeli (Finland).

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