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December 14, 2003


1. Biblical Proofs nos 41-111. THE TRIBE OF ZEBULON

 2. Questions on Issachar

 3. Jewish Melungeons and Scottish Clansmen??

4. Question on Ashkenazis

5. Tribal Identifications

 6. Brit-Am Represent Joseph

7. Brit-Am works on behalf of both Judah and Joseph

8. Our Program Works

9. The Magazine

1. Biblical Proofs nos 41-111. THE TRIBE OF ZEBULON

 "And the sons of Zebulon; Sered, and Elon, and Jahleel" (Genesis 46;14). ZEBULON = Zabulistan (Afghanistan in Scythian times), Sabalingoi (Denmark, Holland). Clans of Zebulon: Sered = Suardinoi (Sweden), Suardone, Suarini (Holland). Elon = Alan (Scyths, Khazar Jews), Aland (Sweden, Finland), Halin (Norway), Halland (Sweden), Holland (Netherlands). Yahleel (Yachlayl) = Chali (Denmark and Holland).

 2. Questions on Issachar

From: Tzvi Gad

Subject: references

 Shalom Yair, 

I would like to remind you that the job you have undertaken is to convince the DISINTERESTED in their origins - the vast majority of the World population that have anomalous histories. For this reason you, and those who support you, have to be particularly careful to avoid ambiguity that would invite criticism.  This is my first encounter with your "family tree" for 'lost' tribes. You can not just produce such information without providing your sources!  My admittedly inadequate knowledge is still sufficient to know that Goths and Scythes are separated by hundreds of years and you need to show how they are related using archeological (physical), anthropologic (emotional attachment), or linguistic (intellectual consciousness) evidence.  This is even truer for links between Irish 'Swiss' and Finnish links separated by a millennium at least! The Finns in particular are NOT Scandinavians, arriving there after the breakup of the Khazar Empire c.1200 CE, and are in fact a part of the Magyar (Hungarian) tribe. How can they be related to the Celtic tribes of Ireland?!  I would like to remind you that Switzerland is a relatively modern state that replaced the Halvetic Republic after Napoleonic Wars. The Republic itself was a political compromise that has roots in Medieval milieu of Central Europe.

Brit-Am Answers:

Sources for our general historical outlines are to be found in our books and in several articles on our website. Regarding Issachar in particular some evidence was provided in our work "The Tribes" [see aslo the accompanying posting Tribal Identifications: ISSACHAR].

The evidence on the whole follows a logical progression:
a. We prove the people of a certain region to be descended from groups derived from the Lost Ten Tribes.
b. In some cases known elements associated with a particular tribe were identified at an early stage and their path of migration noted.
c. In other cases tribal names, characteristics, and whatever is pertinent reveal how most of the groups who settled in a certain area belonged to the same original Tribe.
The Goths were a Scythian people. The Goths settled in Scandinavia especially in Sweden which in Swedish tradition was considered to be an extension of Scythia.
We identified Issachar with both portions of the Swiss and with the Finns. This means that an underlying element in both countries that influences their national characteristics is from Issachar. It does not mean that the people of both countries have to be the same.
Other elements (both Israelite and non-Israelite) in both nations are also present.
We first published "The Tribes" in 1993 and since then new information has confirmed some of our suggestions and conclusions.

The "core" element of Switzerland and Alsace derived from the Alamans.

A Finnish subscriber, M , brought to our attention the following web-site:


This site suggests that a group of ALEMANS (the same people who formed one of the founding bases of the Swiss nation) went to Finland.

The site says:

# 2. Allemanes - new ruling class? Around year 500 a very tall tribe called "Allemanes" moved away from middle Europe, seeking for more peaceful areas in the sparsely populated northern Europe (source: Gregorius from Tours, France, early middle ages).

According to Eero Ojanen it seems probable that this tribe settled down to Finland - as Finland was the first sparsely populated area for a tribe moving towards north. This argument is also based on other facts:

1. Finland is called "The Land of the Giants" in old Icelandic sagas (although the early, Fenno-Ugric and Lapp tribes that inhabited Finland tended to be relatively short).

2. According to genetic studies show the majority of Finnish genes has come from germanic sources (although the Finnish language has come from the east).

3. According to Finnish and Estonian folklore, the area was overtaken by a gigantic ruling class called the "sons of Kalev". (source: Ojanen + Kalevpoik, Estonia)

4. Hundreads of ancient german words have been saved un the Finnish language almost unchanged until the 20th century: Mahti = makt = might, kunigaz = kung = king, skauniz = skonen = beautiful, meekja = sword; source Veijo Meri).

5. According to the Widsith-chronicle Finland was ruled by king Caelic (= Caeliv = Kalev?) during the meroving times.

6. According to german historic sources Finland was the leading "super power" J at the Baltic sea during the meroving time - and that the Finnish blacksmiths vere extremely skilled (as the franc blacksmiths of that time, hinting to the movement of the franc tribe "allemanes").

7. According to Swedish sagas the kings of Finland had old relatives among the kings of Denmark. However, being so few in their number the Allemanes would have relatively soon mixed with the earlier tribes and adopted the Finnish language.

Brit-Am Comment on the above quotation:

We are not saying that we agree (or disagree) with the site on the above point but it is interesting to note this recent suggestion is consistent with our own conclusion and it was reached independently of us.

3. Jewish Melungeons and Scottish Clansmen??


1 Subject: Re: Jewish DNA among Southeastern Indians Author: Donald Panther-Yates Date: 10 Dec 2003 4:37 PM GMT Email: DNA analysis of over 150 prominent surnames in the Melungeon DNA Project reveals a Jewish and Moorish settlement pattern in Glasgow, Perthshire and Aberdeen from the Norman period onward. Some Scottish clans appear to have had ethnically Jewish founders. Crypto-Jewish practices are documented in many of Scotland's guilds, merchant societies, burial grounds and Templar activities. Sephardic Jews, Moors, Muslims and Marranos from the Continent found a welcome in Scottish society during the English, French and Spanish persecution of Jews beginning in the 13th century. These same families were influential in shaping Presbyterianism, establishing the Ulster Scots plantations in Ireland, and developing international trade. After immigration to America, they dominated the westward movement on the frontier, including the assimilation of American Indian tribes, land development, and introduction of manufacturing, from Tennessee to Texas.
Best regards,
Donald Panther-Yates

Elizabeth Hirschman and I have written a 380 page study of the origins of Scotland, its clans and its mercantilism, connecting many famous names in her history to the Davidic state in France ca. 750 and settlement of Jews in Glasgow, Perthshire and Aberdeen during the various expulsions and pogroms in Europe. The manuscript has been accepted by a major publisher of Judaica and will be introduced by Rabbi Arnold Mark Belzer, an expert on Chinese Jews. After that we plan to look at the Sephardic contribution to the Plymouth Colony, Jamestown, Charleston and western movement in America. Whether with Beth or not, I also want to write a study of Judaism among Southeastern Indians.

In 2003, the Mercer University Press in nearby Macon will publish Dr. Elizabeth Hirschman's breakthrough study, Melungeons: The Last Lost Tribe in America. I was fortunate enough to read the work in manuscript and become a collaborator with Hirschman, who is a marketing professor at Rutgers University and a well-known marketing consultant specializing in the impact of ethnicity on consumer behavior. Using a combination of y-chromosome testing, genealogy and local history, Hirschman has proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that the forebears of the Melungeons were Sephardic Jews. Among her quite brilliant discoveries are that Daniel Boone, David Crockett, Andrew Jackson, Jefferson Davis, Sam Houston and James Robertson, the founder of the Cumberland settlements were Jewish, if not in practice, at least in genetics and by association.
Donald Panther-Yates

4. Question on Ashkenazis

Shlama Mr. Davidiy! (I believe it is Shalom in your language!),  I am a big fan of your work and accept that Britain and America are descended from the lost tribes. I have some problems however. Most "Jews" today are "Ashkenazi Jews". Why do they name themselves after Ashkenaz, granson of Japeth? If they are descended of Ashkenaz, how can they be called Semitie (i.e. not a descendant of Shem), let alone Hebrew, Israeli or "Jew"?  Furthermore, Khazars tend to claim descendancy from Ashkenaz also. You research and other research on the genetic similarities of Khazars and Palestinian Arabs (very strongly suggesting that Khazars are indeed Semites) have led me to believe that Khazars are also Israeli. How can they be descendants of Japeth when they are Semites and of Seth?  Please help me because I very much wanted to believe that Ashkenazim and Khazars are indeed Israeli. Your answers are much appreciated, as is your free research on your website.  Regards,  Chris

Brit-Am Answer:

European Jews are called Ashkenazis because it used to be believed that Ashekanez (son of Gomer son of Japhet) had settled in Germany and Germany was referred to as Ashkenaz. The Jews from Germany were scattered all over Europe and everywhere they went they become the dominant element amongst the local Jews who adopted their language (Yiddish) and customs and also called themselves "Ashkenazi". Later a similar phenomenon occurred when the Spanish Jews were scattered to Italy, North Africa, the Balkans, Turkey and the east and consequently all the Jews of those areas referred to themselves as "Sephardi" or Spanish. There is no such thing as "Khazar" Jews. Some Jews may be descended from the Khazars but exactly how many or what proportion is not known and it is unlikely to be very large. The Khazars were descended from the Lost Ten Tribes as we explained on our web site.

5. Tribal Identifications

Our Tribal Identifications series is being registered at:


6. Brit-Am Represents Joseph

Brit-Am is the ONLY representative of Joseph potentially acceptable to Judah in the Land of Israel.

7. Brit-Am works on behalf of both Judah and Joseph
Brit-Am is the only body that legitimately combines the interests of Judah and Joseph anywhere in the WORLD and works for their unification.

8. Our Program Works

Points 6 and 7 may not always hold. Other groups and individuals may arise who are just as good or better but at least for the moment we are the only ones on the horizon. Those who seek genuine progress in these matters are best of working through us. For better or for worse there is no other choice. We may have numerous faults but our program is one that works and is feasible. It can be improved with assistance and effort. We are here. God willing our combined efforts will be for the good.

9. The Magazine
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