"Brit-Am Now"- 337

December 15, 2003
1. Language Not a Reliable Indicator
2. Fennius Farsa of Ireland
3. Question on Israelite or Turkish Origin of the Khazars.
4. Biblical Proofs  nos 41-111. THE FAMILY TREE OF MANASSEH
5. Ruth Thomas: We Will Know Him When We See Him!

1. Language Not a Reliable Indicator
From: Von Quark
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-336

You were questioned about the origins of the Finnish.
You rightly noted that most Finnish genes are Germanic
not Asiatic.  Something like 95%.

They speak a non-Indo-European languages for
any number of reasons.  Jamaicans speak English
but they are NOT Anglo-Saxons.

Most Americans speak English though most are
not of English ancestry.  If the German immigrants
into Finland came slowly, each succeeding generation
would learn Finnish.  Till finally they were learning
Finnish from Germanic peoples.

A present example is America.   More Americans
are of German descent than English.  At some
point German immigrants were learning English
from earlier German immigrants.

Language is the least dependable of the clues.

2. Fennius Farsa of Ireland
From: Von Quark

Being American of Irish descent, though with
black hair and brown eyes - though my mother
and sister are blue-eyed, I find your stuff interesting.

I am not sure if I agree with you but some interesting
curios are fun to contemplate.

The founder of the Gaelic Race was founded by
"a Scythian (named "Fennius Farsa" or something
similar".    the quote is from your webpage

Irish/Scottic legends claim this Farsa was a teacher
of languages.  One of the few men who could speak
many languages after the tower of Babel.

Scythia (Ukraine, the Caucuses) is next to Iran.
The name of the Iranian language in Iranian is

Farsa   Farsi.   Maybe just a coincidence.
But fun to contemplate.

The source of Negro words in Irish/Scots may
come from Irish legends which claim that
an invasion fleet of Fomorians from Africa, the
sons of Cham, invaded Ireland.

3. Question on Israelite or Turkish Origin of the Khazars.
  Christopher Lancaster wrote:
>Shalom Mr. Davidiy,
>Thankyou for your response and for your informative email on Issachar. But
>I still have questions on the Khazars. I can accept your explanation that
>Israelis in Europe call themselves Ashkenazi because they mostly come from
>Germany, even though they are not really descendants of Ashkenaz, grandson of Japeth .
>However, when it comes to Khazars, there are conflicting ideas. You show
>some evidence that Khazars are Israeli, yet so many encyclopaedias, even
>Jewish ones, show that Khazars are Turkic or Mongoloid. Furthermore, the
>Khazar King himself clearly explains that Khazars come from Ashkenaz and
>the line of Japeth, meaning that they are not Semitic, not Hebrew, not
>Israeli and not Jewish! here is the quote:
>Now lets look at the genealogy of the Khazars. Since this matter is so
>important, we shall allow the Kagan or King of the Khazars to inform us. A
>Khazar King named Joseph corresponded with a Spanish Israelite named
>Hasdai Ibn Sharprut sometime between 954 and 961 C.E. (Manuscripts of this
>correspondence may be seen in the Library of Christ Church at Oxford,
>England and in the Leningrad Public Library in Leningrad, Russia) Hasdai
>was the chief minister of the Caliph of Cordoba Abd - al - Rahman III. At
>that time Cordoba was the splendor of Moorish Spain (a mixture of black
>skinned Muslims and Israelites ), and was the main center of European
>Culture. In his letter to Hasdai, King Joseph stated that he was from the
>line of JAPHETH, FROM THE SEED OF TOGARMAH, Japheth's grandson. He further
>stated that Togarmah, who was the brother of ASHKENAZ, had ten sons and
>the Khazars represented the seventh son. With his own lips, this King had
>given the root of his being and the lineage of his offspring which was
>from the sons of Japheth .
>Now how can the Khazars possibly be Israeli if they are from the line of Japeth?
>Thanks for any help you can provide.

The Khazar elite spoke a Turkish dialect as did most ruling groups in
Southern Russia in the period ca. 600-1200 CE.
They also had some Turkish customs and their ruling house may have been
related to a Turkish ruling house or to
one of the Huns. This does not however mean much. Different groups ranging
from the Nordic physical type through to
the Mongolian have been classified as "Turkish" for the same reasons. They
were influenced at the height of their power
by Turkish culture like many other groups were. The rank and file of the
Khazars appears to have spoken a Fnnish dialect and not
a Turkish one. Their ruling house may (or may not) have been related to
that of one of the Turkish-Hunnic grouips
but it was also related to the ruling houses of the Parthians and Goths.
Some Jewish sources connected the Khazars with Togarma son of Gomer son of
Japhet. Togarma has been identified with
the Turks. Most Jewish sources however identified the Khazars with Lost
Israelites. What is more the Jewish sources that identified
the Khazars with Lost Israelites were usually the earliest ones and those
most directly acquainted with them.
The Khazars were said to have once practised Judaism and then lost their
faith and neded to be re-converted.
The conversion took two stages: At first they adopted general principles
and some Israelite customs and later
they accepted all of the Law.
We have documents on this that have been published before but should be
publicized more
and this is what we hope to do shortly. It is important and there is a
great interest in this subject.
As you mentioned there is a letter from King Joseph of Khazaria to Hasdai
Ibn Sharprut in which
in one version of this letter it is said that the Khazars descend from
Gomer. In  another version  however of this same letter it
says they came from Simeon and Manasseh. In our book "The Tribes" we showed
how in the Khazar area are found clan names
from the Tribes of  Simeon and Manasseh along with other Israelite groups.
We also show how they were linked with the
Agathyrsi and other entities. The Agathyrsi moved to Scotland and merged
with the Picts.

4. Biblical Proofs  nos 41-111. THE FAMILY TREE OF MANASSEH

JOSEPH = Yasubi, Yasubgalli (Zagros Mountains, east of Mesopotamia), Aspioi
(Afghanistan), Ysufzi (Tribe of Joseph   Afghanistan), Aspacarae (east of
Caspian) Aspassi  (Chorasmia, east of Caspian Sea), Usipetes (from Germany
invaded Gaul at  time of Caesar), Swaefi-Suabi from Germany to Holland and
Switzerland), Suebi (equal Suabi), recalled by the same name in east Scythia.

Menasseh = Mannus (legendary ancestor of tribes in Germany who moved to
Gaul and Britain),

   Clans of Menasseh:
  Machir = Maracanda, Maruka, Amyrgioi (all east of Caspian Sea), Makran
(southern Iran), Skati Marika (name given to Mercians, means
"Scyths-from-Maruka" east of the Caspian Sea), Mercia known on the
continent as "Myringas", important element amongst Goths and Anglo-Saxons.
Marcomanni in Germany.
                    The name of MACHIR son of Menasseh became (after a
simple letter permutation) the name "AMERICA" which therefore may be
understood as meaning "Land of Machir".

¨                     Gilead = Galatae (in Gaul), Galadi (name of Galatae),
Giladon (in Wales), Caledonians (in Scotland).
¨                     Helek = Heleucones (Germany to Britain), Calucones,
(Germany to the west).
¨                     Asriel  = Isari  (Emodian mountains in Scythia,
legendary place of sojourn of the Angles, Saxons, and Frisians),. Aorsi
(from west Scythia to Scandinavia), Surrey (Saxon England).
¨                     Schechem (Secem)  = Scymbi (east Scythia),
Sigambri-Sicambri (Afghanistan, Bactria, from Germany to Gaul).
¨                     Shemida = Soumboi Aggiloi (branch of Angles),
Soumboi-Laggobardi (branch of Lombards), Samides (legendary ancestor of
Gauls), Saemdag (Scandinavian Ancestral hero).
¨                     Hepher = Hefr (nickname for Gothic warrior).
Haeferingas (Middle Saxons in England).
¨                     Jeezer (in Hebrew is pronounced like) Aiezer
(Ai-g-azar) = Agathyrsi (became Khazars who converted to Judaism and Picts
of Scotland).

Daughters of Zelophahad:
¨                     Tirtsah (Thirtsah) = Thyrsagettae (name for
Thysagettae of Scythia, migrated to Scandinavia).
¨                     Milcah = Melicertii in Scythian Caucasus  - Basiloi
(Royal =MLC root in name Milcah) of Khazars, Scandinavia, and Royal Scyths.
¨                     Hoglah
¨                     Noah = Neuri of Scythia to Scandinavia, Nervi of
Celtic Gaul
¨                     Mahlah

Additional Clan Names of Menasseh based on the Book of Chronicles:
¨                     Sheresh (Seres) = Seres in Serica (East Scythia).
¨                     Peresh (Peres) = Parissi (of Gaul and Britain),
Frissi (of Holland and England), Phiressi (Scandinavia), Parsi (Parthians
from east of the Caspian and in Iran).
¨                     The name "Peresh" means "separated, sanctified" (cf.
Pharisee) which is the same meaning as "Nemed" an ancestor in Irish
mythology). When pronounced with a slightly different intonation the name
also connotes horseman= SUS [susmeans horsein Hebrew] = SUESSIONS, (Gaul),
Sassi. There was a prince of the Tribe of Manasseh Gaddi the son of Susi
(Numbers 13;11).
¨                     Epher = Heartho-Raemes (Scandinavia).
¨                     Jeremiah = Heartho-Raemes (Scandinavia), Raumar (Norway).
¨                     Ishi = Hossi (Scythia, maybe part of Picts and Khazars).
¨                     Azriel (Gazriel) = Gazaria (name of "Khazaria").
¨                     Eliel = Hilleviones (Scandinavia), Elvaones (Vandals,
¨                     Hovadiah (pronouncable as Howadiah) = Eadwine
(amongst Mercians of England and Lombards).

  Mercia in Anglo-Saxon England comprised the largest realm. Mercia derives
from Machir. Mercian clans in England included Magonsaete, Nox, Oht gaga,
Henrica, Unecinga, Hwicce, Gifel, Spale, and Grywe (Thundy p.105). The
Magonsaete have a name that in Hebrew could mean
armor-bearers(Magon-Saeti). Other clans of Machir (1-Chronicles 7; 14-17)
included Likhi and Aniam (=Unecinga of Mercia)., Shupim =Spale of Mercia.,
Chupim =Gifel of Mercia,.

  5. Ruth Thomas: We Will Know Him When We See Him!
Dear Yair,
While reading the latest Brit-Am e-mails there seemed to be something
missing. I read a critic. I read a lot of facts, which I enjoy very much. I
went to bed muched troubled, I prayed and asked God; what is bothering me?
On the way to work it dawned on me. When my children asked me, what is so
important about the lost tribes. Does this mean only the 12 tribes will be
saved? I reminded them that the Messiah will be a light unto the Gentiles
and what all of this is about the thing you desire Yair and what I desire
and what the whole earth is longing for MESSIAH! Does it matter who you or
I think he is?
No, it matters that we are looking for the same ONE. We will know when we
see Him and we will all bow on our knees and we will all confess that He is
our LORD. That is what all your hard work is for and my fury was for in
seeking the praise songs.That is what unites us that is our bridge!! I must
go my little school children await me!

Spreading the Brit-Am message is our task. We do this full time and God
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