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December 17, 2003

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1.Biblical Proofs  nos 41-111. THE FAMILY TREE OF EPHRAIM
2. Cherie Koch: Reaction to Issachar Identification of Swiss
3. Sample Issue of Magazine Will be Sent Separately
4. Biblical Study is Vital and Intellectual Affirmation is also Important
5. Lynne McGuire: Celtic - Brit-am?
6. Article on the Messiah
7. What Tribe do You Belong To?
8. Suggestions from Brit-Am Texas
9. Christopher Lancaster: Question on Germany

1. Biblical Proofs  nos 41-111. THE FAMILY TREE OF EPHRAIM
EPHRAIM the "Aegel" (Jeremiah 31;18), = Aegloi, Aggiloi,  Angli (all names
of Angles), Augali (north of Bactria.), Aegloi  (Bactria).
Clans of Ephraim*
   Shutelach = Sittones (Scandinavia), Sceald (Ancestor of the Anglo
Saxons), Skioldings (Denmark).
   Eran = Eirne (Ireland, Scotland), Irin (Ireland Arran, Mannae in
Caucasus), Arri*,  Hirri (Germany-Goths), Granni (Sweden), Garinae (east
  Becher = Bukhara (Bactria-Chorasmia), Boroctuari (invaders of Britain),
Bogari (descendants of Ing of the Anglo-Saxons).
Tahan-Tahat (another name for Tahan?) = Teuton (Scandinavia), Teutarus
(Scythian Representanive), Tencteri (Frankish groups). Tehuni (name for
Scythians in east),  Thatagydes (combination of Thata-Teutons and
Gydes-Goths in Afghanistan and Sogdiana).
Bered = Boradi (Gothic group), Bardi (Sweden), Bordigali (Bordeaux -city of
southwest Gaul).
Beriah = Portions of the Brigantae (Britain and Celtic Europe), Burgundians
(France), Varangians (Vikings and  Khazars), Warings (amongst Anglo-Saxons).
Zebed = Cobad (Denmark).

* Sources: Genesis ch.46 and Numbers 26 together with additional names from
the Book of Chronicles which in some cases could represent the same
entities under different appellations.

2. Cherie Koch: Reaction to Issachar Identification of Swiss
Subject: Re: Tribal Identification - Issachar


I have read this again, and it rings so so true about my family lineage in
Switzerland, as I have relayed to you on a previous occasion.  Wow!  My
ancestors are from a small village near Chur in the Swiss Alps, and this
village was a stronghold of Reformed Evangelical Christians fighting to be
freed from Roman Catholicism.  I have many, many relatives named Jakob
Koch...and all the way back, my family is noted to be bible scholars,
theological seminary professors, ministers, choir master..anything related
to the "church"... for example, my great-grandparents, Anna & Jakob Koch
came to American in the mid-1800's.  They had eleven children, and seven of
them were protestant ministers (including a woman, who pastored three
Baptist churches in the late 1800's and early 1900's--unheard of!).  The
Koch/Ragaz ancestors of mine who emigrated to Wisconsin were part of a
Swiss theological seminary there who produced ministers like crazy !   One
of my Swiss ancestors is listed in the Wisconsin State HIstorical Society
as being the first traveling minister in Wisconsin (Oswald Ragatz).

I was not raised with this knowledge or upbringing, but rather by parents
who had forsaken their roots.  I only learned of this after finding my own
path with the Almighty and Hebraic roots on my own...without really having
formal training.  It was just "in me"... as so many Israelites can identify

Re the Swiss and "Representative Government" - it is not an overstatement
that the Swiss are ZEALOUS to the core about self government.

There is a book by Randolf Head called "Early Modern Democracy in the
Grisons:  Social Order and Political Language in a Swiss Mountain Canton
1470 - 1620"

The Swiss were one of the first in the world to break away from feudalism
and establish representative government.  This is a review on the afore mentioned book:

Editorial Reviews
Book Description
The Freestate of the Three Leagues in the Grisons, a rural confederation in
the Swiss Alps, was one of the most unusual political entities in early
modern Europe. In the sixteenth century, its inhabitants enjoyed popular
sovereignty and remarkable local autonomy, and many of them insisted on
political equality among citizens, and on political leaders'
responsibilities to their communities. The author uses pamphlets and
political documents to trace the Freestate's evolution, focusing on its
institutional structure and on the political language used by its
inhabitants. This language included radical statements about 'democracy'
and rule by the 'common man'. Even so, the Freestate participated in
contemporary European political developments; but because it was different,
it provides new perspectives on political ideas in sixteenth-century
Europe. It represents a political culture distinct from both absolutism and
later liberal ideas.

I'm not saying that all of my ancestors found their way back to Hebraic
roots and completely out of paganism that is found in Catholicism and
Protestantism, but there was a true passion and devotion for the scriptures

Every time I read about this subject I feel "awe"!

Thanks for your work.  It has to be very satisfying for you to know that
your research helps the lost Israelites to affirm their identity in the
inheritance and find their way back to a path of truth and proper position
within the family of ISRAEL/JAKOB.   I am looking forward to receive your
books .

Cherie Koch

3. Sample Issue of Magazine Will be Sent Separately
>Thank you so much for sending the books I ordered!  I look forward to
>reading them.  Will your sample magazine be coming separately?
  In Peace,

Yes. The magazine is going out separately and will be sent out shortly
But still send me your full name and address so that I may make a definite

4. Biblical Study is Vital and Intellectual Affirmation is also Important
Proof Biblical and secular is very important, emotional and spiritual
awareness is not enough.
There are those who take the attitude that they instinctively "know" they
belong to Israel
and do not need anything else. Nevertheless the strength of our belief lies
on the mundane evidence
we can produce from Scripture and from secular sources such as historical
evidence. If for whatsoever
reason one does not wish to rely on or refer tot he secular sources then
the Biblical Proof
must be heeded even more and if possible learnt well. Biblical study in
general  adds
strength to our inner conviction. People who believe in this matter should
acquire a minimum knowledge
concerning the Biblical and secular proofs. Not only should they acquire it
for themselves but they
should be concerned with spreading it to others through supporting Brit-Am.

5. Lynne McGuire: Celtic - Brit-am?
Subject: Celtic - Brit-am  337 and other mericans

When I did research 44 years ago to try to explain why I was not the true
Aryan I was suppose to be[ I had dark auburn hair which turned black and it
was very curly].The rest of my siblings were blond and blue eyed.albeit my
brothers hair was wiry and curly like African hair.What I came across at
that time was that most of the crew that washed up on Irelands shore from
the Spanish Armada were Moors and were a mixture of Africans who came
across at Gibraltar and intermarried with the Spanish-Islamic people who
were Moors.That was only 400 years ago ,so could this tie in with Hamitish
language and genes discussed among the Celts in Ireland.?I ask because I
was told stories by my father that were handed down bard like fashion from
his grandmother and the generations before her.He believed he was descended
from the lost tribe,but use to end the genealogy story with "we won't talk
about the Hampstead's because they were protestants!"  He didn't like my
research much .
  I find it interesting that the Celtic name for Maguire [McGuire] is
mag'qidhir.It gets a little close to Machir with
a bit of imagination.

It might interest you to read a study done of the origins of the Algonquin
language in north America it looks like some of the lost tribe wasn't from
Britain. In fact about 3 years ago when some of out First nations people
went with a Canadian delegation to as forgiveness of the Hebrew people, for
turning away the Saint Louis ,during the second world war,the Israelis knew
the first nations people were a lost tribe because of there patterns on
clothing,the musical instruments and their music .They invited them to come
back.In other words these were Christians they could trust!

  Those Celtic races are turning up with the Indians on the west and east
coasts in archaeological digs.They were here before Columbus in fact in a
bibliography written by his son Columbus was suppose to have used St
Brendan's journal of his trip over and back-that is how Columbus knew the
trade winds,and was successful.[he kept this a secret at the time!

Have you come across the Alban race of Britain? They were suppose to have
fallen victim to the Celts around the time of St.Patrick. Some came this way .
Thanks again for the interesting information.

Lynne McGuire

6. Article on the Messiah
For an article on the Messiah son of Joseph and Messiah son of David with
attractive background see:

7. What Tribe do You Belong To?
Regarding genealogies in general, see our web -pages

If you are Jewish is determined on whether or not your mother was Jewish.
If your mother changed her religion then things may be problematic and you
would be best of
consulting an Orthodox Rabbi - whether you ideologically agree with this
people or not
they usually do know what the Law says in specific instance, and if they do
not, they at least know
how to find out.
The father determines the Tribe. What Tribe you  belong to depends on what
Tribe your father belonged
to. For couple the wife belongs with her husband. His Tribe is her Tribe.
If your mother is Israelite and your father not but you identify with
Israel then you probably belong to the
Tribe of your mother or with whatever Tribe you sojourn amongst and feel
affinity for.
The same applies to a non-Israelite who wishes to identify with Israel.

8. Suggestions from Brit-Am Texas
From: Judy Snyder <yudeit@hotmail.com>
Subject: Report from Texas.
Dear Honorable Mr. Davidi and associates,
   I want to say that we had a great Brit Am meeting yesterday.
We have had a wave of new people and we have our faithful that have
been with us from the start.

   Another thing that I read and that has been spoken of at our
meetings is that the lost tribesmen are restless and want to
return to the land of Israel. ...This is not new, but has been the most
asked question
from the beginning of our meetings several years ago. It is
just that the desire  to return to the Land of
Israel has intensified among them.
  I would like to propose that a committee of rabbis
in Jerusalem be addressed with this possibility.
   That after a time of study,....that a
ceremony such as in a conversion, with emersion in a mikvah
and a certificate that identifies them as from the Lost Tribes
having officially returned to the whole of Israel.
Many of the people from the lost tribes feel like a regular
conversion is some way will make them loose out on their
tribal birthright and they want to be identified with the
tribe of their ancestors and not Judah.
  The opportunity to make Aliyah as a lost tribesman
in the territories of their ancestors. One suggestion is that
if they help settle the area behind the Green Line it will strengthen
the Jewish presence in Israel. Imagine the influence that would
occur if thousands of Americans poured into the settlements.
A person running for President in America would be less likely
to try to give those properties to the Arabs if they thought they
would lose the thousands of votes that the Americans in those
territories would be giving them.
The opportunity for the lost tribesmen to have a unit or
branch in the Israeli armed forces that would strengthen Israel.
I hope all is well with you all.
Most sincerely, Judy L. Snyder

>9. Christopher Lancaster: Question on Germany
>Hi Mr. Davidiy,
>Sorry to bombard you with questions... Do you believe that the Germans are
>Assyrian? That Germany is modern Assyria? Germans share physical and
>linguistic similarities to Assyria it is astonishing. But if Germans are
>Assyrian, that seems to contradict your research. For you say that the
>Finns are Israeli and that they are 95% Germanic, so does that mean
>Germans are Israeli too? The whole of Western Europe? Do you have a
>section on your site that gives the identities of many nations? e.g. That
>shows whether the Italians are German/Israeli/Assyrian etc. and for other
>countries also.
>Thanks for your help,

Craig White wrote a very good booklet on the German and Assyria. In his
latest book he also speaks at length on this theme.
There is something in it. The sources indicate that the Germans are a
mixture of people descended from Edomites, Canaanites,
and descendants of Gomer (son of Japahet), Magog, and others.
Many Israelites and descendants of Judah were also once in Germany. Some
Israelites may yet remain there but as a minority.
Most of them moved out some time ago. See our books "Joseph"  and "Ephraim"
for more details.
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