"Brit-Am Now" - 340

December  20, 2004
1. List of Names on Brit-Am Genealogy Site
2. Steven Collins on the Khazars
3. More on Origin of Khazar Name from Hazor
4. Introduction from Susan
5. Brit-Am for Kids run by Matt White
6. Early Germanic Runes in Central Asia
7. Ruth Thomas: British Isles Majority in US
8. True Assyrians and True Egyptians?
9. This week's Jewish Press: need for Advertising
10. Stages of Brit-Am Outreach as We see them:

1. List of Names on Brit-Am Genealogy Site

From: <betmatrho@britam.org>
Subject: genealogy

Sending a list of the surnames that have been added to the Brit-Am
Genealogy section thus far -
This list of names is by no means complete, and we hope to have more info
on each name in the near future.
Meantime if anyone has a particular family name they would like to have
added they can let me know at:
Here is the list so far:
Anderson, Burns, Campbell, Clark, Cotter, Crawford, Davis/Davidson, Dornan,
Forbes, Graham, Greene, Hall, Harris, Horton, Johnson, Kennedy, Kibbe,
King, MacKinney, Martin, Mathieson, Maxwell, Morgan, Murphy, Reynolds,
Rhodes, Richmond, Roberts, Ross, Russell, Scott, Smith, Taylor, Thompson,
Walker, Wallace, Watkins, Watson, White, Wilson.


2. Steven Collins on the Khazars
The article by Steven Collins on the Khazars is now on our web site:
                          By Steven M. Collins

3. More on Origin of Khazar Name from Hazor
From: Nancy Miller
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-339

>3. Terry Blodgett: KHAZAR is the same word as (C)HAZOR

>Even though there was a man from the tribe of Judah named Khariah, I
>think that the name KHAZAR is the same word as HAZOR.  Spelled with a
>chet in Hebrew, it very well could have been spelled with a KH in
>KHAZARIA.  When adding a suffix in Hebrew, the vowel O would change

In Hebrew, Thursday is Yom het-amishi (Hamishi or Chamishi), meaning fifth
day.  In Indonesian/Malaysian, Thursday is Hari (day) Khamis (fifth)
(spelled as kh but pronounced as k) and was derived from arabic.

4. Introduction
>My husband and myself are christian sabbatarians. We also think that we
>are decended from the lost twelve tribes. Our parents are a mixture of
>British, Scottish, Welsh.

5. Brit-Am for Kids run by Matt White

6. Early Germanic Runes in Central Asia

On the web-site below there is a picture of a runic inscription from
Kazakstan from a Scythian grave and dating from around 400-300 BCE . It is
apparently in a Germanic tongue.
The site itself is a bit "New-Worldish" but the source quoted for the
inscription is Renate Rolle who is a respected scholar.

7. Ruth Thomas: British Isles Majority in US

Hello Yair,
I enjoy looking over prior e-mails. Sometimes I only have time to skim over
them quickly.
I don't know if anyone mentioned it. But the census Betty sent at first
glance looks like the Germans are the Majority, however if you add the
whole ancestry from the British Isles you get 33% Which means the ancestry
from the whole of Great Britain is the majority.

After skimming several past Brit-Am Nows I became a little discouraged. It
looked like such a big gulf between us. Hebrew New Years, different
cultures, we are worlds apart. Yet I know God is calling us together. It
seems so impossible. I know we have to be patient and understanding as we
get to know each other. I suppose the beginning is just reaching out and
being willing to obey what God is telling us. It is a little scary. But, I
know if we keep our eyes on the most important thing we have in common, our
God, and trust Him and His leadings it will all work out just as He has

8. True Assyrians and True Egyptians?
I have noticed that many present day Assyrians that I meet are fair skinned
with freckles.  They are pro Israeli. I notice that the  family names and
first names they have taken are often taken from the Jewish scriptures
rather than the Christian writings, although they are of an ancient branch
of the Christian faith.

Do you think that the Assyrians of today are a mixture of ancient Israelite
and ancient Assyrian ancestors?

I seem to remember that somewhere it is promised in the prophets that
Assyria would one day be called the children of Ha Shem along with His
people Israel. ( a similar promise also made to Egypt)  The true Egyptians
are the Copts ( six million) and the true Asyrians ( 2 million) are just
that, not the Arabs who dominate both countries at this time. Do you think
that one day that the true Egyptians and the true Assyrians will convert and
join a futire Israel in some sort of political confederation , ruling their
respective nations instead of the present Arab rulers?


9. This week's Jewish Press: need for Advertising
>Dear Yair
>I don;t know if you get the Jewish Press there but if you are not aware i
>wanted to tell you that this week's edition had an ad in there the likes
>of which i have never seen before.  It was a full 2 paged ad with the top
>of one page saying that "Gamla shall not fall again" and about a meeting
>with R Eliahu Avichail dedicating his life to ingathering the dispersed of
>Israel.  It proceeds to outline the Patans, Kashmiris, Cananites.tribe of
>Menashe and the Kerens in Burma as being the lost Tribes.  Do you have any
>take on who these people are?
>David M

I have not seen the ad but will endeavor to do so. All of the peoples
mentioned are not descended from the Lost Ten Tribes though in some
cases contact with Israelites, Jews, or members of a Judaizing group
in  the past may be possible. Advertisements such as you have mentioned
cost money. If we ever have the means we too will most likely advertise
extensively, distribute free literature, and whatever else we can.
In the meantime we are doing what we can if what we have and (when our
relatively very limited means are taken into consideration) we have done
quite a bit.

10. Stages of Brit-Am Outreach as We see them:
a. Establishment of factual basis, publications, and propagating to the
world with emphasis on "Joseph".
This is the stage we are in.
b. Continuation of no. a but also concentrating strongly on Judah. This is
the stage we hope to be now entering.
c. Significant acceptance in both Joseph and Judah of Brit-Am belief.

The aims of Brit-Am  are to encourage:
1. The spread of Identity Awareness.
2. Increased Identity research and clarification.
3. Association of members together for the sake of  mutual-empowerment,
learning and fellowship.

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