"Brit-Am Now"- 349

January 6, 2004
1. Terry Blodgett: A note on the Unicorn,
2.Walt Baucum: On Earthquakes
3. Wayne Laurence: Britain versus England?

1. Terry Blodgett: A note on the Unicorn,
It makes sense that while the Israelites were in Egypt, they knew and
understood what a rhinoceros was.  But when they left and went to the
Middle East, they lost track of its identity.  As far as language is
concerned, the word horse originally meant "large beast."  A
hippopotamus was called a "Horse of the Nile."  The Rhino was called a
"One-Horned Horse.  As the Israelites lost track of what the animal was,
and as the word for horse slowly evolved into the present meaning of
horse.  They eventually came to understand a one-horned horse, and,
since no such animal existed, referred to it as a mythical animal.  The
words re'em and aleph have undergone similar evolutionary changes in
meaning.  At one time aleph meant "large beast."  That word was used to
name the elephant in several languages.  The word re'em which has come
to mean "bull" or "ox" also originally had other meanings, one of which
was "a wild, fierce, untamed animal," one which was so heavy that it
shook the ground when it ran.  Some interpret it to mean a "buffalo" or
"antelope," or "wild bull."  The earliest translations of the Catholic
and the Greek bibles translate re'em as a Rhinoceros and as a "one
horned beast" respectively, and I agree with them.  The German language
has the term Einhorn meaning "one horn," and all agree, there is no
dispute that it means Rhinoceros.
Best of wishes,
Terry Blodgett

Brit-Am Comment: When one reads the article in Brit-Am Truth no 8
the subject becomes clearer. At all events we must relate mainly to two
chief factors:

a. What the Bible meant by the word "Ream" historically and prophetically and
b. How the word was understood later.

The upshot is that the present depiction of a "unicorn" on the British Coat of Arms
is a satisfactory rendition of a "ream" regarding its prophetic significance.

2. Walt Baucum: On Earthquakes
Dear Yair,
Regarding "Brit-Am Now" 346 and the comment on earthquakes, I personally do
not see it as such.  God is more or less keeping "hands off" since being
asked not to talk to the people at Sinai because of the terrifying,
thunderous voice of the Creator.  However, His continuing intervention
seems to me to be influence on more of a national-leadership level, not in
earthquakes and natural disasters.Our Israelite peoples' homes and other
structures are built better and usually sturdier than those of other
nations, especially third-world nations, such as Turkey.  Many of those
countries do not have any building codes at all, and often the people build
below large dams and in areas where natural disasters would occur, no
matter how super "holy" the people might be, or whether they are Israelites
or not.  Some of us like to blame Satan for all our own shortcomings, and
some seem to credit the Creator for every miracle in their lives, even if
it isn't so.
Walt Baucum

Brit-Am Comment: First of all congratulations on your new book. We will
review it in a coming issue of our magazine, Brit-Am Truth.
Regarding earthquakes: You are quite right. The notes in question were
extracts from an article by Rabbi Lapin. We used those
extracts that we considered most significant from a Brit-Am point of view.
In the original article Rabbi Lapin did emphasize the importance
of community responsibility and public concern for others that he ascribes
to the "Judeo-Christian" (i.e. Biblical) tradition.
The point however still holds: Brit-Am nations until now have always been
more materially blessed than these of other peoples.
One of the expressions of the blessings is that natural disasters that
could have caused tremendous damage usually did not do so
whereas elsewhere they did. A combination of Divine Intervention alongside
the application of correct policies
and right behavior is to be credited and in fact both causes intermerge
with each other.

3. Wayne Laurence: Britain versus England?
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-348

Hello Yair,
Very good material, however you have mistaken Britain for England, common
fault however, much like calling the Netherlands Holland (there are two
Hollands) - Scotland/Alba, Cymru, England and Northern Ireland are
constituent part of the UK. It is interesting that only Scotland had the
Unicorn as supporters not England, until the UK was formed by a Scots king.
Keep up the good work.
Yours aye,
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