"Brit-Am Now"-35

"Brit-Am Now"-35
1. John Hulley: Fw: a polarizing world?
2. Cita Giron: Jewish Ancestry

Date:  Wed Jun 12, 2002  5:31 pm

Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 15:09:48 +0200
From: John Hulley <jonhully@n...>
Subject: Fw: a polarizing world?
To: Yair Davidi <britam@n...>
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from Clifford
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Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2002 2:52 PM
Subject: a polarizing world?
A reliable informant -- a history teacher -- in Belfast (name and number
supplied on request) tells me that for the last few weeks the Protestant
militants (I forget their name, but he can tell you) have been flying the
Israeli flag alongside the British one at their HQ and other places in the
city. Conversely the IRA has been flying the PLO flag alongside their flag
in corresponding places. He says none of the media have picked up on this
so far, but anyone can go and see for him/herself.
Background is of course the British role in establishing Israel, and on the
other side reported IRA help to Palestinian organizations in training and
weapons, and earlier support for IRA finances from Qaddafi, etc (somebody
in Intelligence would know).

Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 12:19:15 -0600 (MDT)
From: littlecross@w... (The Cruzer & Looi)
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-33
To: britam@n... (Yair Davidiy)
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Dear Yair: I was totally and completely blessed at reading Carmon's
I just want to make an observation.
If you 'dear friend' (Carmon) have always had such a "LOVE'" for the
Jewish people, and all things jewish, then you are indeed jewish!.
By your name, I am assuming that you are either of Hispanic or Italian
I didn't completely awake to my jewish heritage until I was in my late
40's. Then all my innermost feelings, my love for certain countries, and
architecture, and especially music, were made clear to me. And also why
my family had such beautiful jewish features, actions and attitudes, and
also a love for naming their children old Testament names.
It was then I started searching my roots. Let me tell you I was so
ecstatic to find out that I was indeed jewish, as is my husband. Then
the puzzle pieces all fell into place.
I have welcomed the Brit-Am message with a great sigh of relief, as it
explains the rest of my heritage,(which is N. American and Irish) as
well as other factors concerning Hispanic people.
It has been overwhelming for me to absorbe all this information in such
a short time.
G_d has helped me and given me the strentgh for it.
Look into your roots, you have these feelings for a reason. Check into
your family history with an open mind. You may run into allot of denial
as I did.
But I got the answer I needed one day last year. My mother asked why I
was wearing a Star of David. I looked at her and said...it's because we
are...isn't it?
She looked me in the eye and nodded yes. then said so. It was very hard
for her to admit that, but I could see relief in her eyes.
Thank You Sir for your wonderful work. I am so blessed as is my husband
to read all of the information you send.
I pray that someday soon I can send you a donation for your kindness and
devotion to this work. It is very important!
Thank You G_d for blessing this work.
Cita Giron. Denver


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