"Brit-Am Now"-351

January 14, 2004
1. Why was Ruth accepted?
2. Naphtali in Queensland, Australia?
3. Brit-Am was Right about Islam
4. David ben Ariel: Sacrifices for Peace
5. Steven Collins: "Manasseh Became Greater Later"
6. Ephraim Frank: Judah's Plea
7. Biblical Proofs List

1. Why was Ruth accepted?
>From: Annie Stephens
>I know your studies are the Lost Tribes in recent days, but do you have
>any information about ancient times?  I have wondered many times about
>Joseph's wife, Moses' wife, Ruth and also Rahab.
>   God set up laws on who could enter the Temple and you know what He said
> about the Moabites.
>Would He go against His own laws and pollute the bloodline of the
>Messiah?  Could the wife's listed above have really been of the bloodline
>of Abraham that may have already be assimilated?
>I just received 4 of your books.
>Thanks and may God bless your work.

The non-Israelite stranger who identifies with Israel could always be
counted as part of Israel after being accepted by the community.
The prohibition against the Moabites applied to the males and not the females.
This is what the sages decided and we were commanded to obey them in
matters of law even if we did not agree with their decisions:
see Deuteronomy 17:

2. Naphtali in Queensland, Australia?
  "Correll, Andrew"
Subject: RE: Tribal Identifications: Naphtali

Hi there,

I have moved from Adelaide to Brisbane last year.  Something occurs to me
that the Queensland's Coat of Arm contained two stags?  One of the former
premier was Sir Johannes Bjelke-Petersen is a New Zealand born Dane.




3. Brit-Am was Right about Islam
Remember that in the 2nd chapter of Ephraim (first published in 1995)
Brit-Am interpreted Hosea (chapter nine)
as warning Ephraim about a calamity that would come about due to flirtation
with Islam and that Moslems themselves would be responsible?
The warning is still valid.

4. David ben Ariel: Sacrifices for Peace
From: Dbenariel@

Judah must remove the foreign mosques of Ishmael's alien god and restore
the altar of the God of Israel upon the TEMPLE Mount and proceed to "offer
burnt offerings upon it. as it is written in the law of Moses the man of
God. And they sat the altar uon its bases, for fear was upon them because
of the people of those countries [resident sworn enemies and international
pressure and opposition]: and they offered BURNT OFFERINGS upon it to the
LORD, even burnt offerings morning and evening" (Ezra 3:2-3).

It's time for Judah to make their move upon the Temple Mount and RESTORE

The Temple Mount must host the royal House of Prayer for All Nations. whose
international representatives will be most welcome and their generous
offerings gladly accepted (Isa. 56:7).

Jerusalem undivided: the eternal capital of Israel!
David ben Ariel

5. Steven Collins: "Manasseh Became Greater Later"
From: scollins <scollins@ll.net>
Subject: Brit-Am truth arrives

Shalom Yair,

Issue #7 of Brit-Am truth just arrived and I quickly read the "Manasseh
Became Greater Later" article. While I had no access to the Rabbinical
sources mentioned in the Brit-Am Truth article, it has also been my
understanding (from the English-language Bibles) that the blessings of
Jacob upon Ephraim and Manasseh meant that Ephraim would be blessed first
and Manasseh would receive its blessing afterwards. This is a point I've
made in my books and presentations re: the LTT to a variety of audiences
over the years.  This viewpoint is also consistent with history. Taking an
overall view of history, the British Empire ruled over far more nations for
a much longer time than has America since World War 2. The British Empire
came first and its dominance lasted for centuries. America has only been
dominant on the world scene for 5 decades since World War 2. I agree with
you that the USA exhibits the blessing given to Manasseh and the British
nations exhibit the blessings given to Ephraim.


6. Ephraim Frank: Judah's Plea

From: Ephraim & Rimona Frank <shevet@netvision.net.il>

Letter from Ephraim Frank member of Brit Am


Last week I had the opportunity to be a part of an audience for a
television taping of a panel discussion on anti-Semitism and the Middle
East conflict.  The panel members, articulate and fluent, expressed
their opinions and responses to the very pointed questions that were
posed before them.  The event was sponsored by the ICEJ (International
Christian Embassy Jerusalem), and carried out by The Media Line.  For
more information on this program go to www.themedialine.org .

The panel consisted of two journalists, a Member of Knesset (Parliament
of Israel), and the Director of the Christian Embassy.  The questions
and the answers were incisive, interesting and informative, but more
than anything else, what stood out to me, was a very short comment by MK
Rabbi Michael Melchior. Rabbi Melchiors comment did not issue from his
intellect, but from the depth of his heart.  It was a plea to the
Christians, Muslims and everyone else in the nations: We want to be
Jewish; we want to be recognized and accepted as a Jewish nation.  In
these words (which are not quoted verbatim) he echoed the sentiment of
most Israelis.

There are many so-called Christian nations, there are fifty or so Muslim
nations, so why can there not be one Zionist, Jewish nation?  According
to scripture, the first of the nations that HaShem gathers is the
stick/nation of Judah (see Ezekiel 37:16). Has He brought the Jews back
to the Land, established them as His witness and has preserve them
through all the turmoil, wars and terror attacks for naught?

When the Almighty declared through the prophet Hosea that He would not
have mercy on the second house, the House of Ephraim, He pronounced in
the same breath: Yet I will have mercy on the house of Judah, and I
will save them& and will not save them by bow, nor by sword or battle,
by horses or horsemen" (Hos. 1:7). Judah is a nation today simply by the
faithfulness of their God.  We know that Satan does not want this Jewish
stick to exist in any form, let alone as a nation.  Ephraimites, you are
the second witness/stick or nation that HaShem is gathering at this
point in time. I know your hearts desire is to return to the Land, but
please consider something; your witness is different than your brother
Judahs.  You, at this time are out before the eyes of the nations in
which you reside.  HaShem has resurrected you out of the graves of
forgetfulness, much like Joseph who was taken out of his prison and was
lifted up in the land of Egypt - to be second only to Pharaoh,
ultimately to be there for when his brothers needed him.

Yesterday it became obvious to me that we must be our brotherskeepers
and help them maintain their Jewishness as a nation.  The Israelis feel
that the very reason for the existence of the State is being undermined,
and are now resorting to maintaining that status at all costs in the
only way they know how, and that is to compromise land for identity.
It is not so much a land for peaceissue any more. Suddenly everyone
seems to have awakened to the fact that the Muslim propagation is such
that it endangers the existence of the Jewish State, not militarily, but
demographically.  Thus, the attempts at negotiations, which are supposed
to resolve the complexity of our situation here, are actually not about
peace but about national identity.  Therefore the supposition that the
Judeans would be more receptive to having Ephraimites come and live
here, has to be put on holdbecause if that were the case what would
happen to the uniqueness of Judahs testimony?  It would be swallowed up
by the second stick. As things stand, it is already a struggle to
maintain a majority in the midst of a fast growing Muslim population. It
is therefore understandable that the welcome mat to Ephraim may not be
rolled out that quickly.

In light of all of this, we are in great need of wisdom from above to
discern the times, and to know where the God of all Israel is in His
prophetic scheme.  If you come over here to live, before a door is open,
you may find yourself having to deal with rejection and that can lead to
bitterness and other unloving spirits.  The Ephraimites who live here
have seen many come and go.  It is sad to bid farewell, and we do wish
that all those who want to stay could do so, but the laws, at least at
this point, are not in our favor.  So until such a time when they
change, we have an opportunity and an obligation to love our brothers
and to support their cause to exist as a Jewish nation. There are those
in Judah who know very little about the Ten Lost Tribes, but need a
sign(such as Brit Am and those of us affiliated with them) to become
more confident that this is for real, so much so that they would feel an
obligation to help us as well.

The Ephraimites also have a big job out in the nations, as the Spirit of
HaShem is still searching for His treasure, a great part of which is
still hidden in the Earth: Is Ephraim My dear son? Is he a pleasant
child? For though I spoke against him, I earnestly remember him still;
therefore My heart yearns for him; I will surely have mercy on him, says
HaShem(Jer. 31:20).  Those little lost and loved orphans out there
need to know that in the place where it was said to them, 'You are not
My people,' There it shall be said to them, 'You are sons of the living
God  (Hos. 1:10).  They need to hear again: I am a Father to Israel,
and Ephraim is My firstborn(Jer. 31:9).  They need the love of their
heavenly Father to heal their wounds from rejection and alienation.

At the same time it is necessary for us to have a recognized
representative presence here in the Land.  However, what we need out in
the nations is unity of vision, and a sanctified Ephraimite priesthood,
one nation, one God. We will appreciate your prayers as we reach out to
the government of Judah and help Brit Am expose this scriptural reality
of the restoration of lost tribes of Israel.


7. Biblical Proofs List
The Biblical proofs have now reached 120. They have been subdivided
into categories which helps in memorization, comprehension, and explanation:

1 to 13 Geographic Position

14 to 15 Identifying symbols

16 to 23 Characteristic Behavior

24 to 27 Situation

28 to 36 Blessings
37 to 120 Tribal Uniqueness

A new list along with the new headings, subdivisions, and very brief
explanations, choice Scriptural quotations and Biblical references
will be sent out shortly.

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