"Brit-Am Now"-353

January 19, 2004
1. Brit-Am remains Brit-Am
2. Lost Israelite Conversion to Judaism in the past
3. Lost Israelite Marriages?
4. Ephraimite Conversions to Judaism?
5. Are Jews left-Wing?

1. Brit-Am remains Brit-Am
The  task of Brit-Am is to study the Bible and related sources
alongside secular disciplines concerning the present Identity of the Lost
Tribes of Israel and to spread this knowledge of Brit-Am identity.
That is what we do.
We also will endeavor to get this knowledge to the Israeli public including
those in positions of authority and influence but not neglecting anyone who
is potentially
For this reason we will meet and even co-operate with almost anyone.
This does not mean that we agree with them.
I am an Orthodox Jew but Brit-Am directs its attention at least as much to
Joseph as to
Joseph and will always do so.
Some people do not like this but that is what we were formed to do and it
is what our supporters want of us.
There are other groups whose primary orientation is concentrated on other
matters but also hold beliefs similar to those of Brit-Am.
We will always cooperate with such people if only because we have a mutual
goal of spreading the Josephite-Identity message.
In the past good people came to us and suggested, "You take Judah and leave
Ephraim to us."
It does not work that way. As Judah we have an obligation to go to Joseph
and as Brit-Am we also
are obliged to turn to Judah.
We have a good track record and the potential to leap forward if the means
become available.
Why do I mention all this?
We do not see the need for any other group anywhere (especially not in Israel)
to represent Brit-Am beliefs but if such groups exist or come into existence
we may work with them in the future or may not.
Brit-Am represents itself  and knows what is needed most for Brit-Am.
Brit-Am has limited but clear-cut goals of the UTMOST importance
in our time. At other times and other places other matters may be of more
but for now what Brit-Am does is paramount and for the present only Brit-Am
can do it.

2. Lost Israelite Conversion to Judaism in the past
There is a Jewish tradition that says that all converts to Judaism are
descended from
Jews or from members of the Lost Ten Tribes. In the light of this idea the
following note
may be of interest. The historical details are worth noting but are not
necessarily accurate.
Incidentally: The Royal House of Adiabene in Mesopotamia converted to
Judaism and Queen Heleni of Adiabnee
saved Jerusalem from famine. This Royal House of Adiabene was actually of
Sacae origin (as well as being related
to the Arsacid rulers of Parthia, see the coming book by Steven Collins)
and therefore linked to the
Scythian royal houses and the ancestors of Anglo-Saxon nobility.

Converts to Judaism in the past?
  Anne Hart

Most people skip the mass conversions that occurred in the 8th century
  bottleneck--conversions of Sorbs to Ashkenazic Levites (males with R1a1)
  around 860, due to Charlemagne's attempted at converted the Sorbs and
their possible flight to Jewish communities for conversion to Judaism
instead of
  Christianity--or conversion in the 1st century of Abiadene's population
(N. Iraq) to Judaism, or the Khazars of S. Russia, or any other "mass
  conversion" that was known to occur in the 8th century--Pagan to
  Christianity for example among various peoples at the same time Pagan W.
  Slavic tribes converted to Judaism in East Germany. Then there was the
  Khazar migration to Hungary at the same time as the Polish migration to
  Hungary at the same time as the Khazar migration to Constantinople. How
  would the sequences tell us which group is the founding mother--the Sorbs,
  or East Russians or other?

If you look at conversions from ancient Romans to Judaism, it did happen
more than people acknowledge in writing, and it happened not only during
the Hellenistic period in ancient times, but around 400-500 and 700 CE just
as the
  Ashkenazim were leaving Italy for Colgone and Spire along the Rhine and
  Alsace. You have the remnants of the Roman army converting to Judaism,
  especially Roman women fleeing Rome. In the 5th century the population
  dropped to 25,000 in Rome from more than a million people three hundred
  years earlier.

  What's fascinating is the research on some ancient Romans converting to
  Judaism, joining the Levantine population migrations to Europe, and going
  West to Alsace with what was to become by 700 CE the Ashkenazi branch at
the same time as the Sephardim were going to Spain and N. Africa.
Italy was always the homeland of Jews from 70CE to 600 CE. Then
  Germany/Alsace from 700 to 900, then Prague, then Poland/Lithania/Latvia,
  then Russia....At the same time the route followed from Iraq/Persia to
Constantinople, to the Balkans, the Adriatic and finally to the Ukraine
from 800 CE forward.
What I like doing is reading early Byzantine history legends that tells of
these medieval Khazar villages built right next to the leper colonies in
Constantinople in the 10th century. The magistrates were to use the word
lightly "encouraging" the Khazars to convert to the Greek Orthodox Church,
with the result that back a few centuries early one famous Khazar woman
married the emperor of Byzantium, Theodora and converted to Christianity.
This was before the royal family of the Khazars converted to Judaism. So
everyone who wants to see what a Khazar looked like should look at the
portraits of empress Theodora and the other Khazar wife of a Byzantine
leader, princess Chichek.  Their portraits are in the various churches of
what is today Istanbul, and they look like anyone else--the average 8th
century Greek of the time....brown hair, hazel or gray eyes, light
complexion. You couldn't pick them out of a crowd in any city of Europe
from London to Athens. Anyway, it's fascinating to study the DNA of all
these groups and set up a database or table of sequences matching people to
their founding mothers or fathers by geographic location. Is it yet
possible to narrow the sequence to a particular region or country?

Anne Hart


3. Lost Israelite Marriages?
I was told by a Rabbinical scholar that according to an early source
(apparently a Midrash, but still to be clarified)
one of the miracles of Divine Providence is that descendants of the Lost
Ten Tribes marry their own kind even though they may dwell amongst other

4. Ephraimite Conversions to Judaism?
Brit-Am is not attempting to convince anyone regarding religious beliefs.
That is not what we have been called to do
nor are we qualified for  and neither do we want to be involved with these

The fact remains that a good proportion of converts to Judaism come from
Brit-Am peoples and they
are also the groups whose conversion is most successful in the long run.
In an earlier issue of one of our magazines we published an interview on
this phenomenon
with a Rabbi who had been the supervisor in Israel of conversion programs.
Now a group is trying to get together of converts to Orthodox
Judaism,  those interested in conversion,
and veteran Jews all of whom accept Brit-Am interpretations and wish to act
on them.
They would like  to formulate an approach to the subject of maintaining
their Ephraimite identity
discuss mutual hurdles and assistance, and possibly move as a group to a
settlement in Samaria.
Those interested please contact
ephraimite <return@britam.org>

5. Are Jews left-Wing?
>>Dear, Mr. Davidy,
>>I have to write a report for my world history class about the Palestinian-
>>Israeli crisis. Of course I am on the side of the Israelis, but I don't know
>>what to say to convince her ( my teacher). She is really liberal and
>>stuff. Ok
>>here is what I was wondering. Are most Jews liberal and for abortion and
>Since your Jewish you would probably know. Please answer my question if you
>have time.

>Most Orthodox Jews are mildly Conservative.
>Abortion is against Jewish Law.
>Jews who leave their religion or diminish its importance have a tendency
>to be liberal.
In addition it should be noted that despite the Liberal tendencies of many
Jews as a community they do often have a stabilizing influence.
Anti-Semites often like to point to the role Jews sometimes play in
Left-wing movements while ignoring
the influence of the Jewish community as a whole which is more often than
not a positive one.
Jews contribute to the progress, strength, well-being and safety of a country.
There are bad Jews and good ones and the same can be said concerning most groups.

natural Tensions between "Joseph" and "Judah" may always exist until the
end times:
<<Concerning who did Isaiah pronounce this prophecy. He was speaking only
concerning Judah and Joseph. Said Rabbi Shmuel son of Nachman in the name
of Rabbi Yonathan, when Joseph and Judah were arguing the Holy Angels said
to each other, Let us go down and see what is happening. Usually when a
bull and a lion confront each other the bull retreats before the lion. In
this case a bull (Joseph) and a lion (Judah) are arguing and there is a
standoff. Jealousy will continue to abide between these two until the
JUDAH SHALL NOT VEX EPHRAIM[Isaiah 11:13].>> (Midrash Tanchuma, VaYigash, 4).
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