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January  25, 2004
1. Brit-Am and Pay Pal
2. BBC Historical Ethnicity of Early Britain
3. Tours for Ephraim
4. Searching for Mrs Cherie Dover-Perkins
5. Message from Ireland
6. Tzvi Gad and Bad Mouthing "Brit-Am"
7. A Difficult Biblical Passage

1. Brit-Am and Pay Pal
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2. BBC Historical Ethnicity of Early Britain
BBC online radio programs on very interesting topics such as how many of the
Anglo-Saxons were really native Britons? What happened to the Picts? etc.
The programs are also available as text though I was not successful in
accessing the URL.

3. Tours for Ephraim
>Announcing Tours for Ephraim ...
>Ephraimite Encounter
>2004 Tour Schedule
>Hearing the Heart & Mind of Judah
>In Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria.
>Understanding the People & The Land Of Israel.
>Wendy Sutherland and Bruce Brill are pleased to announce the preliminary
>2004 Ephraimite Encounter Tour Schedule.  The 2003 tours were heralded as
>a great success by Jews and Ephraimites.  The process of re-introducing
>"Joes" to Jews has begun in earnest.
>Tour reviews from both Jew and non-Jew have been encouraging to say the
>least.  Now, we feel it is time to expand the nature and the reach of
>these unique excursions into the Land of Israel.  We offer ten to fourteen
>day encounters with the people of Israel in intimate and frank meetings in
>homes, synagogues, offices, settlements . wherever Jews in Israel live,
>work, play and pray.  We take you to people who not only know the history
>of Israel past and present, they are making history in Israel!  The
>amazing thing is, our tour participants are making history, too!  As
>always, custom tours and "add-on excursions" can been arranged to suit
>personal preferences, schedule and budget.
>Tour the settlements of Eretz Ephraim and Eretz Yehudah.  Travel to Har
>Avraham where G-d showed Avraham the Promised Land and overlook the Tirtsa
>Valley where not only Avraham, but also the Children of Israel under
>Yehoshua, entered into Canaan.  Gaze upon the Mountains of Blessing and
>Cursing (security conditions permitting, you may even ascend Mt.
>Gerizim!)  Marvel at the tells and wadis of the Judean desert.  Stand
>beneath the oak tree of Alon Shevut that has been a symbol of hope and
>return to the Heartland of Judea for the Jews. for decades.  Sample fresh
>goat cheese, fragrant olive oil and herbal teas made by the youth of S'de
>Bar, then ascend the slopes and descend into the ruins and the tunnels of
>Herodion, Herod's summer fortress, etc.
see addresses and web-site below for more.
>For details:
E-mail - ephraimreturns@012.net.il
previous tour photos and details on their website at:

4. Searching for Mrs Cherie Dover-Perkins,
was recently subscribed to our magazine but her address is no longer
if this message reaches her may she contact us.

In ALL cases when changing address please contact us if subscribed to our
or wish to receive correspondence from us.

>5. Message from Ireland
>From: Patrick Geaney
>  I was intriduced to your web site by a friend.  I find your articles on
> the Ten Tribes particularly interesting as here in IRELAND we have many
> indications that some of The Lost Ten Tribes made their way to
> IRELAND.  We have many indications in our history eg. The Name DAN very
> common here.  My Grandfathers name was DAN etc.
Thanking you.

6. Tzvi Gad and Bad Mouthing "Brit-Am".

In "Brit-Am Now"-352 item 8. Constructive criticism?
we referred to Tzvi  Gad (Zvi alias "Greg") and compared his opinions to
those of anti-Semitic Christian Identity people.
Mr Gad was apparently insulted. He says he is Jewish and that I had
misinterpreted his opinions.
If I said something that was not correct or gave the wrong impression I
I based my judgement on writings that the person had sent me but now he
says that I had not understood them.
He did however write criticisms that were not justified against Brit-Am and
send them to as many people as he could
so our reaction was not an unprovoked one.
I asked Mr Gad to write a few sentences clarifying his position once and
for all but he declined to do so.
I hope that is the end of the matter.

On the same theme, a member of a Jewish social group wrote that Brit-Am
was a gentile anti-Semitic organization. He was reacting to a letter from
someone claiming he descended from
the Tribe of Benjamin due to certain characteristics that Benjamin had and
he apparently shares.
This is roughly what we replied:

<<If the person concerned had have looked at our web site even for a second
he would have seen
that he was mistaken. Maybe he did not care? Recently I suggested that
someone had similar ideas
to anti-semitic Chritian Identity groups and the person concerned was very
offended. He says he is
an ultra-Orthodox Jew and that I had misread his statements. He refuses to
accept an apology.
These things happen. Maybe I am being punished measure for measure?
On the other hand I do not know if it is wise for Brit-Am to go running
after  every nut who said
something wrong in Cyber space.>>

The powers of darkness have led certain Jew hating  sick creatures to adopt
a form of "Identity" belief.
They have received a lot of publicity and mislead sections of the public to
believe that all "Identity"
people are like them. This is a problem that we are still overcoming  and
will continue to do so.
Failure to support Brit-Am or wavering in such matters will not be to good
Help us to spread the truth of Brit-Am.

<<On the other hand, "X" went to a Jewish non-intellectual social group and
said that he believes he is from the Tribe of Benjamin
based on characteristics that he says were peculiar to Benjamin. He may be
right but he did not receive that information
from Brit-Am. I do not know if his assertions were wise ones to make before
that particular audience.
We have said several times over that we cannot point to somebody and say
that they definitely descend from Israel
and belong to a particular tribe. We can say in many cases that there is a
very good chance of this being so
but that is all.
We can be certain that most of the Lost Ten Tribes went to certain areas
and their descendants are to be found
amongst people who dwell in or came from those areas. We cannot say much
more than that only give our opinion.
We can present the information both to "Judah" and to "Joseph" and let
events take their course.
I believe that this is what is required of us and that if we do our part in
good faith the Almighty
will direct matters in a positive direction.>>

7. A Difficult Biblical Passage
Difficult Passage
We are not prophets and can (and do) make mistakes.
Nevertheless in matters of Brit-Am the sources have been very positive and
our interpretations
have fit the correct literal meaning of Biblical passages  concerning very
important point about
Brit-Am Identifications.
On some matters especially concerning what the future holds we have been
forced to rely
on our own speculations that may not always have been valid.
One point concerns the interpretation of  Isaiah 11:11

In the past we intrepreted this verse (according to a suggestion from Aaron
These are the exiles of Judah and Israel: The places spoken of are areas to
which exiles were taken and from there went elsewhere. They are not
necessarily places from which the exiles will return.
We said previously
ASSYRIA the Lost Ten Tribes who were exiled by Assyria. Some equate Assyria

EGYPT in Hebrew Mitsrayim. Some of the Lost Tribes were exiled via Egypt
and so too were many of the Jews. The Celts of Britain and Ireland had
early contacts with Egypt. Egypt in some contexts can also equal Russia.

PATHROS a place in Egypt though some a place on the Turkish border.

ETHIOPIA in Hebrew Cush. Cush could mean Africa in general, Sudan,
Ethiopia, Afghanistan, India, Central Asia. In connection with the Lost Ten
tribes we believe in most cases (inn accordance with Jewish tradition) that
Cush applies to Central Asia.

ELAM an area in southwest Persia. Elam was once an important country. The
bulk of the Ancient Persians were probably of Elamite origin. Elamite was
the most common spoken language amongst the Persians. Archeological
findings reveal a connection between Elam and the Sacae of Central Asia who
became the Anglo-Saxons. Elam was descended from Sem.

Craig White and others appear to trace people of Yugoslavia to Elam.

SHINAR meaning Babylon but also applied to the northern shores of the Black
Sea. Babylon was an important dispersion point for the Jews of Judah.

COASTLANDS OF THE SEA: in Hebrew Iyai HaYam or Isles of the Sea and
referring to the British Isles.

Over the years I have encountered a lot of problems with these Israelite
Identifications of ours. Even so the overall conclusions have been
confirmed and the justification for our direction of enquiry has been

That above interpretation still holds
but an additional alternative has come to our attention:
A new religious book in Hebrew ("AND THE THINGS THAT ARE COMING, AND SHALL
COME, LET THEM SHEW UNTO THEM" Isaiah 44:7) by Shlomo Kosalavski (?) speaks
about what will happen in the last days according to the Bible, tradition,
and commentators. There is quite a lot of material about the Lost ten
Tribes and in general the interpretations agree with those of Brit-Am.

The above verse (Isaiah 11:11) is interpreted to mean that the Lost Tribes
will gather into those places just before their final return.
In the light of this interpretation the following possibilities arise:
Maybe due to American and British involvement in Iraq
and Central Asia events will come about that will lead to Ephraim occupying
Lebanon and Syria as predicted by Zechariah 10, Micah 2.
ASSYRIA  could apply to Kurdistan since geographically they are in the same
area. It is in northern Iraq and now British and American forces are
centered there and use it as a base.
EGYPT  in hebrew: Mitsrayim "Egypt in some contexts can also equal Russia"
but in this case the intention may be to the real Egypt.
PATHROS a place in Egypt though some a place it on the Turkish border.
ETHIOPIA in Hebrew Cush. In connection with the Lost Ten tribes we believe
in most cases (inn accordance with Jewish tradition) that Cush applies to
Central Asia.
ELAM an area in southwest Persia.
SHINAR meaning Babylon in present day Iraq.
COASTLANDS OF THE SEA: in Hebrew Iyai HaYam or Isles of the Sea and
referring to the British Isles.

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