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"Brit-Am Now"-36
1. Dankenbring: USA is Ephraim


Date: 06/13/2002 5:59:38 PM Central Daylight Time

Dankenbring: USA is Ephraim

We in Brit-Am believe that Ephraim in Scriptural terms can represent all of
the Lost Ten Tribes
and more specifically both the USA and UK and related nations (i.e. all
descendants of Joseph)
and still more specifically Ephraim is dominant in britain and
British-related areas whereas Menasseh dominates the USA though many people
in the USA may be physical descendants of Ephraim and Ephraim may dominate
certain areas.
This may sound complicated so let us stick with the bottom line:
In the physical sense Britain and related nations are dominated by Ephraim
more than any other Israelitte Tribe
whereas the USA is dominated by Menasseh.

William F. Dankenbring believes the opposite. he says that Britain is
Menasseh and the USA is Ephraim. Some of his claims have been answered by
us in the past.
In the article below William F. Dankenbring brings new evidence to back up
his claims or rather a new emphasis on evidence he had used in the past.
He even brings a quotation from something I wrote as one of his chief points.
We will give short reply to the claims made by William F. Dankenbring at a
later date. In the meantime you may read his article which is quite

The article sent to us included illustrations that were interesting but we
have not reproduced them. Those interested can contact Mr Dankenbring directly.


William F. Dankenbring
USA is Ephraim
Heraldic Emblems Prove
the Modern Identity of

        Where and who is the tribe of "Ephraim" in the world,
        today?  Many scholars who are aware of the identity of
        the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, in general, insist that Britain,
        Canada, Australia and New Zealand  the Anglo-Saxon
       Nations of the British Commonwealth -- comprise the
    tribe of Ephraim, and claim the United States is Manasseh.
       But is this true?  Here is Biblical and heraldic evidence which
        proves beyond doubt that the majority has it all backwards
        -- modern Ephraim is truly the United States of America!

William F. Dankenbring

    What is the truth?  Is it a fact England, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
essentially comprise the modern descendants of the tribe of Ephraim, a
leading tribe of
ancient Israel?  The proponents of this cherished theory of the so-called
"British Israel"
identity groups seem to claim with an impervious "finality" and have it
firmly settled in
their minds that such is the case.   But does it really add up?  Can we be
open-minded on
this issue?  How important is it?  It is a fact that old errors die hard,
and it has been
proven that it is ten times more difficult for people to UNLEARN long-held
errors than to
simply learn new truth from scratch.

    In this article, we will discuss several vital KEYS that will unlock this
and put to rest the erroneous and proud theories of British Israelism when
it comes to the
modern identity of the important Biblical tribe of "Ephraim."

    Why is this subject important, anyway?  Most people probably never even heard
of Ephraim, or Manasseh, his older brother, the two sons of the patriarch
Joseph.  But
ignorance is no blessing.  On the other hand, a false interpretation of the
facts is no
blessing, either.  What is the truth of the matter?  And why do we need to

       One basic answer to this question is that knowledge of the identity
of Ephraim is
VITAL to understanding many key end-time Biblical prophecies found in
Jeremiah and
Hosea, as well as other prophecies of the Scriptures.  To mix up the
identities of Ephraim
and Manasseh convolutes the meanings of many Bible prophecies and turns
them inside

Ephraim & Manasseh

    The patriarch Joseph, while in Egypt, had two sons  Ephraim and Manasseh.
Shortly before his death, Jacob  whose name was changed to "Israel"
--  blessed the two
boys, and placed his own name upon them, and so they became two of the
tribes of Israel.
In effect, the tribe of Joseph became the two tribes of Ephraim and
Manasseh  and so the
12 tribes of Israel became the 13 tribes of Israel.  But since the tribe of
Levi had no
physical inheritance (their inheritance was the priesthood and service of
God), there were
still 12 tribes which were given physical inheritance in the earth.

       Jacob blessed the two boys, placing his right hand on Ephraim, the
younger, and
his left hand on Manasseh, the older (see Gen.48:12-14).  When he blessed
them, he said
his name would be named on them  that is, they would be like his own sons,
two tribes
of "Israel" (verse 16), and said that they would become "a multitude in the
midst of the
earth" (v.16).  They would also bear the name of his father Isaac (same
verse).  This
prophecy was fulfilled in the Anglo-Saxons, a major branch of the Celtic
tribes which
migrated to Western Europe from the region of the Caucasus, where the northern
kingdom of ancient Israel had been taken captive by the Assyrian Empire in
B.C.  The "Saxons" bear the name of "Isaac," Jacob's father  Itsak, in
Hebrew, became
"Tsak"  the "Saxons" are the "sons of Tsak"  or, "Tsak's sons," as it were!

       Notice!  The prophecy goes on, pronouncing the attributes and
destinies of these
two lads.  Jacob declared of Manasseh, "He also shall become a people, and
he also shall
be great; but truly his younger brother shall be greater than he, and his
descendants shall
BECOME A MULTITUDE OF NATIONS" (verse 19).  The Hebrew word for "multitude"
here is melo and means "fullness"; the word for "nations" is goyim and
simply means "a
massing of people, a troop"  hence, it can be translated various ways,
"Gentile, heathen, nation, people."

       The British Commonwealth was never a MULTITUDE OF nations.  At most, it
comprised only the nations of Great Britain, Canada, South Africa,
Australia, and New
Zealand  although it ruled over other nations, at its peak, including India
and parts of the
Middle East (after World War I).

       However, the United States of America IS a "multitude of states," or
"peoples," as
it consists of FIFTY individual "states," and contains a "multitude" of
peoples of many
nationalities living within its borders.

       The point is, in this prophecy, Jacob said the descendants of both
brothers would
become "great"  but that Ephraim would EXCEL and eventually surpass his older
brother!  This was a DIVINE decision from the beginning, and the reason why
deliberately placed his right hand on the head of the younger boy, instead
of the expected
opposite.   Since this was contrary to "nature," as it were, and the
younger was blessed
above the elder, Ephraim became the inheritor of the BIRTH-RIGHT!  He was
to have a
"double portion."  In fact, the name "Ephraim" itself means "double fruit"!

A "Last Days" Prophecy

    In the very next chapter of Genesis, Jacob gathered together his sons, and
them "what shall befall you in the last days" (Gen.49:1).  Let us notice
specifically what
he said of Joseph (whose inheritance passed through Ephraim and Manasseh).

    Declared Jacob, "Joseph is a fruitful bough, a fruitful bough by a well; his
branches run over the wall" (Gen.49:22).  Fruitful means plenteous in
numbers, bearing
much fruit.  Dwelling by a "well" means his land would have plenty of
water, which is
nourishing to productivity and wealth.  Jacob continues:  "The archers have
grieved him [other nations attack him], shot at him and hated him [who is
the greatest but
most hated nation on earth, today?].  But his bow remained in strength, and
the arms of
his hands were made strong by the hands of the Mighty God of Jacob (from
there is the
Shepherd, the Stone of Israel), by the God of your father who will help you
. . ."

    Notice now  Joseph's KEY attributes are listed here  and these KEY attributes
would, of course, be MOST dominant in the tribe of Ephraim, which was
prophesied to
be greatest.  They are 1) a vine of fruitfulness, having many branches; and
2) having a
strong bow, that is, being a powerful archer, and subduing his enemies.

    These characteristics, mentioned by their forefather Jacob, should be the
identifying attributes of Joseph; and since Ephraim is the leading tribe of
Joseph, these
"signs" or attributes should be identified with HIM more so than with his

    Now let's look at the evidence!

    Which great nation today, between the United States and Great Britain and
Canada, has the sign of the fruitful vine or tree, with many branches
running over the
wall?  And which has the sign of the bow and arrows of the powerful
archer?  Remember,
these are the first two SIGNS that Jacob said would identify Joseph IN THE

    In the book Symbols of Our Celto-Saxon Heritage, by W. H. Bennett, the author
discusses the science of hereditary symbolism, as it is expressed in
heraldry.  He devoted
his study of heraldic emblems to the ancient tribes of Israel, each of
which had a
"standard" given to it, depicting its major attributes.  He connects these
ancient heraldic
symbols of the tribes of Israel with their counterparts in the modern
world, notably, in
western Europe, Scandinavia, the British Isles, Ireland, and America and

    Says the author, "That the animals, objects and personal characteristics
in Genesis 49 and Deuteronomy 33 did become the emblems of the Israel
people has
been recognized by all Biblical authorities, both Christian and Jewish.  As
I write this I
have before me a Jewish calendar of some ten years ago, in which the
emblems of all the
tribes are given almost exactly as mentioned in Genesis 49 and Deuteronomy
33" (p.22).
           The Two Kingdoms, Israel and Judah

       The northern kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah are
in the map shown above.  Israel was taken into captivity by Assyria in
721-718 B.C.
Judah fell to king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon in 607-604 B.C., over one
hundred years
later.  Judah returned to the Holy Land after being punished for 70
years.  Only a few
from the northern kingdom ever returned; the vast majority migrated beyond the
Caucasus mountains and Caspian sea, becoming the Celts and Anglo-Saxons of
history, finally settling in Western Europe.  Notice that in ancient
Israel, the territory of
the tribe of Ephraim stretched from the Jordan River in the east to the
Mediterranean Sea,
or "Western sea."  Notice that Western Manasseh lay just to the north of
Ephraim, and
Eastern Manasseh lay to the East and North, across the Jordan.  Even so,
today, Ephraim
  the United States  lies south of Western Manasseh (Canada) and southwest
of Eastern
Manasseh (England and the United Kingdom).  Today, both Western Manasseh and
Ephraim are once again bordered by two bodies of water  the Pacific Ocean
in the west,
and the Atlantic Ocean in the east.  What remarkable historical parallels!
    This is not the place to go into the emblems of all the tribes, but we
will focus on
the tribes of Joseph  Ephraim and Manasseh.  Referring back to Genesis 49,
W. H.
Bennett says, "Joseph is here likened to a Bough or Branch which, in view
of other
statements in the Bible referring to Israel as an Olive Tree (Rom.11:24),
has always been
understood to be an Olive Branch.  In the next verse enemy archers are said
to shoot at
Joseph and, as archers shoot arrows, it follows that there is an implied
between him and some Arrows" (p.30).

    Let us stop right here, and analyze this!  The key prophecy foretelling
attributes, especially those of the leading tribe of Ephraim, tells us He
is like an OLIVE
TREE, and is very FRUITFUL, and is militarily powerful, as is shown by His
and arrows, connected with him.  These characteristics should be seen in
the heraldic
emblems of EPHRAIM most of all, for they are the FIRST AND FOREMOST
signs of JOSEPH.

    This is a vital point.  The author, W. H. Bennett, gets this backwards,
undoubtedly been influenced by British Israelism.  But as we have just
seen, these major
attributes should be identified with Ephraim, primarily, and with Manasseh,

    Now, in the history and science of heraldic emblems, what nation is
associated in
the world today with the "Olive Branch" and "Arrows"?  Is it Great
Britain?  Or the
United States of America?

Emblems in Early America

    In the United States, of course, the Eagle is a predominant symbol.  The
Eagle is
connected with the tribe of Dan.  Dan's ancient flag or symbol was that of
an Eagle.
Many Danites, descended from Dan, came to the shores of America, and were
among its
earliest inhabitants, together with the Anglo-Saxons.  (Descendants of Dan
are mainly
found in Ireland and Denmark  "Dan's mark", as it noted by the appearance
of "Dan",
"Dn," "Don," "Din," etc., in many of their place names.  See my article,
"The Tribe of
Dan in Bible Prophecy!").

    Dan was one of the four most powerful tribes in ancient Israel (together with
Joseph, Judah, and Reuben).  The camp or brigade of Dan was to the north of
Sanctuary, Judah to the East, Reuben to the south, and Joseph to the
West.  This seems to
have been a prophecy for the location of these tribes in the world
today.  Joseph is
primarily in the West (England, North America); Judah is primarily in the
Holy Land, the
Middle East; Dan is in the North (Denmark, Northern Europe, and Ireland);
and Reuben
is modern France, is the Southern part of Europe).

    But concerning the national emblems of Joseph, we should expect to see an
Branch, and a bundle of Arrows (mentioned in Genesis 49).  These should
primarily be
found in the emblems of the tribe of Ephraim, the birth-right tribe.  So
then, what do we

Emblem of the United States

The Olive Branch and Arrows of Joseph-Ephraim and the Eagle of the tribe of
Dan and the shield of 13
stars and stripes comprise the emblem of the United States of America.

Great Seal of the United States

The Great Seal of the United States has many key elements showing its
connection with the tribe of
Ephraim:  Note in particular the Olive Branch with 13 leaves, the 13
arrows, 13 stripes on the flag/shield,
the 13 letters in "E Pluribus Unum," and the 13 stars above the
Eagle.  Ephraim was the youngest "son" of
Jacob and therefore the thirteenth and final tribe.  The number "13" is a
good number according to the
Jewish authorities  it denotes super-abundance, just as "Ephraim" means
"doubly fruitful."

      Two Major Traits of Joseph/Ephraim

       Two of the major identifying attributes of the birth-right tribe of
Joseph, which
should be especially visible in the identification of EPHRAIM, the son who
was given
the greater of the blessings, are illustrated in the pictures above.  On
the left is the Olive
Plant, with its abundance of olives.  The olive plant is a symbol of
richness of oil, and is
an emblem of peace.

       On the right is a bundle of arrows, symbolical of war-waging prowess
military might; the arrows depict Air Power; today they would represent the
power of
guided missiles, smart bombs, cruise missiles such as the Tomahawk missile,
so effective
in both the Gulf war in 1991, and the Afghanistan conflict in which
American air power
soon devastated the Taliban and Al Quaeda terrorist bases, and drove the
terrorists to
hiding undercover in the mountain and cities.

       These are the two major symbols of Joseph, according to Jacob's
blessing of the
tribes, in Genesis 49.  What nation on earth today is more famous for its
than the United States of America?  What nation has used air power more
than the United States?  What nation has taken the lead to bring peace in
the Middle
East?  What  nation has been a "peace maker" in the earth?

    On the U.S. dollar bill is the official emblem of the United States  the
U.S. Seal.
It pictures an Eagle with an Olive Branch grasped in one claw, and a Bundle
of Arrows
clasped in the other claw!

    Thus the United States, by this evidence, stands identified as the tribe of
EPHRAIM!  But the story is even more interesting.

The "13th" Tribe

    If you count the number of leaves in the Olive Branch grasped in the
talens of the
Eagle, you will see there are 13 leaves; if you count the number of olives,
you will also
see there are 13 olives; and if you count the number of arrows in the
Eagle's other claw,
you will see there are 13 arrows!

    Also, in looking closely at the Seal, you will see that in the cloud above
Eagle's head, there are 13 stars; and in the inscription on the Seal, "E
Pluribus Unum,"
(which means "in many, one") you will count 13 letters.  In the shield
before the Eagle,
you will also count 13 stripes, red and white.

    Of course, we know there were originally 13 colonies which became the United
States.  But the important thing to recognize here is that there were
originally 13 tribes of
ancient Israel, when we count Ephraim and Manasseh as separate tribes. And
they both had separate inheritances in the ancient Holy Land.  Manasseh lay
to the due
north and east of the inheritance of Ephraim.  Just like today  modern
Manasseh, which
is largely Canada and England, lie north and east of modern Ephraim  the
United States.

    It is of course vital to take note of the fact that it is AMERICA  NOT
ENGLAND OR CANADA  which has the important heraldic emblems of the Olive
Branch and the Arrows in its national insignia.  These were the two MAJOR
ATTRIBUTES that Jacob said would characterize JOSEPH  and he himself placed
EPHRAIM before Manasseh!

    Notice also that above the head of the Eagle, there is a "cloud" with rays
of sun.
This cloud is reminiscent of the "pillar of cloud" that stayed over the
Tabernacle, as the
ancient Israelites journeyed through the wilderness for 40 years
(Exo.13:21-22).  Says W.
H. Bennett, "In the dry air of the Sinai wilderness and Western Arabia this
cloud would
be visible for many miles, and to a distant observer would indicate the
presence of the
Israel people.    As such, the use of this cloud as an emblem today is an
MARK OF IDENTITY indicating that the nation which uses it is one of the
Israel family
of nations.  With this in mind let us note that this symbol hold an
important place is the
official heraldry of the United States, for there above the Eagle we see a
circular cloud
enclosing 13 Stars" (p.139, emphasis mine).

    Bennett concludes, "Thus, by its official national emblem and by each item
in it,
the United States declares itself to be an Israel nation" (p.141).  But
more than that.  By
these official emblems, the United States declares itself to be the TRIBE
If you have not read it, be sure to send for my article, "The United States
in Bible
Prophecy," which gives 22 proofs that Ephraim IS the United States, the
most powerful
nation on earth, today!

    Why all this emphasis on the number "13"?

Which Tribe Is "13th"?

    Much ado has been made of the question, which tribe in ancient Israel
really was
the 13th tribe.  Bennett and British Israelites claim that "Manasseh" was
the thirteenth
tribe, and so they attempt to identify the United States with the tribe of
Bennett claims that since Joseph was the 11th tribe, followed by Benjamin,
the 12th tribe,
when Manasseh and Ephraim were born, Ephraim took the place of Joseph,
becoming the
11th, and this left Manasseh with being the 13th tribe.

    However, this appears to be circular reasoning  pure subterfuge.  It is
arguing a
point to make the answer to come out the way the person desires.  It could
just as readily
be concluded that since there were 12 tribes, but Joseph's two sons took
his place among
the sons of Israel, that this moved Benjamin up to the 11th tribe, and then
would be moved up to the 12th, and thus Ephraim  the youngest of all the
"sons of
Israel"  would have logically and inevitably been the 13th tribe!

    What must be seen is that indeed the number 13  the number of the FULLNESS
of Israel  is clearly associated with the United States.  That is beyond
question!  The
United States therefore represents the 13th tribe.  But which tribe is
really the 13th
Ephraim?  Or Manasseh?

    Looking at it from a logical point of view, the 13th tribe would be the
YOUNGEST  THE LATEST to appear on the world scene.  In order of birth, Ephraim
was the youngest son.  And likewise, the United States was the YOUNGEST
of the nations of Israel, having been "born" much later than
England.  England's history
traces far back into the mist of history, but the United States became a
nation in 1783, at
the Treaty of Paris, just a little over 200 years ago!  But we have surely
been "double-
fruitful" since that time, exploding in population, wealth, and military
might  just as was
prophesied of Ephraim.

Joseph's Dream

    In another passage we find another strong hint relating to the identity of
Ephraim and Manasseh.  We read that Joseph had a dream and said, "The sun,
the moon,
and the eleven stars bowed down to me" (Gen.37:9).  He told the dream to
his father and
brothers, and Jacob said to him, "What is this dream that you have
dreamed?  Shall your
mother and I and your brothers indeed come to bow down to the earth before
(v.10).  Joseph's brothers envied him, but Jacob kept these things in his
mind (v.11).

    Since Ephraim was the last and 13th son born, all these things should
primarily be
fulfilled in him!  That is, HIS FLAG would contain ALL THIRTEEN STARS
all thirteen tribes.  And HIS EMBLEM should contain ALL thirteen stars, AND
the rays
of the Sun (Jacob) and the phases of the Moon (his mother), all bowing as
it were before
him.  And so the United States President's SEAL contains above the Eagle
the 13 stars
complete, with the Sun's rays shining down, and the Moon in 13
phases.  Again  this
seems to clearly picture the fulfillment of the DREAM of Joseph, that his
whole family
would bow down to him  and whose emblem should this be?  Ephraim's!  The
holder of

    Says W. H. Bennett, "Whether or not Joseph was aware of the symbolism of his
dream is not stated, but it is evident that his father Jacob recognized
himself as
symbolized by the Sun, Joseph's mother as symbolized by the Moon, and
Joseph's eleven
brothers as symbolized by the eleven Stars.  So in this prophetic dream,
the Sun, the
Moon and eleven Stars appear as the symbol of the whole Jacob-Israel family
with the
exception of Joseph himself."

    Bennett goes on:  "But Joseph was also a son of Jacob and therefore a part
of the
Israel family.  Consequently, if each of Jacob's sons, and the tribe or
tribes to be
descended from him, are to be symbolized by a Star, then Joseph too will
have to be
counted (Note Rev.12:1).  Yet from an heraldic standpoint this would not be
a true
symbol of Israel for Joseph's descendants were divided into two tribes,
bearing the names
of his two sons Ephraim and Manasseh and, according to the record in
Genesis 48, these
two sons of Joseph, as heads of tribes, were made EQUAL in status with
their uncles.
Consequently, to truly represent the Israel people, this symbol would have
to contain the
Sun, the Moon and thirteen Stars" (p.141-142).

    Where do we find a people, whose emblem fulfills this symbolism, which SUMS
UP the blessings of ALL THIRTEEN TRIBES?  The tribe or nation which is the
SUM of
the blessings God gave all tribes  the tribe to which all the others will
look, in terms of
physical leadership, governance, prosperity, military strength, and

    Ephraim!  And which nation today has all these elements in "The President's
Seal"?  The United States of America!

    Says Bennett:  "The emphasis placed on the details of this dream is a clear
indication that we are intended to notice its symbolism and, consequently,
that a symbol
or emblem consisting of the Sun, the Moon, and a Star for each of Israel's
Tribes, must be regarded as an emblem of Israel.  Where then do we find a
people or a
section of a people using this emblem today?

    "The evidence presented . . . is irrefutable proof that the Celto-Saxon
peoples are
the continuation of ancient Israel.  Among these peoples, Britain and the
United States
are undoubtedly the leaders and, consequently, we would expect to find the
Israel symbol
  the Sun, the Moon and the Thirteen Stars  in the national emblem of one
or both of
them.  But it does not appear in either.

    "Yet this emblem is still with us, for when we turn to the emblems on the
Flag of
the President of the United States, and also on his Seal, we find that the
Sun, the Moon
and the Thirteen Stars hold a very prominent place among them" (p.142-143).

    And I ask you again:  Should not this vital key symbol be the mark or
emblem of
the leading tribe of all Israel and Joseph  the tribe of EPHRAIM?  Ephraim
is the
thirteenth tribe  and so fulfills this whole prophetic picture!  Ephraim is
the "baker's
dozen"  the THIRTEENTH  that overflows in abundance!  This picture of "13"
not properly typify any other of the tribes, but only the LAST one, which
sums up the
total of them all.

    Another fact which ties in with the prophecy is the notable item that the
President's Flag contains also four Stars in each of the four
corners.  These are
reminiscent of the fact that Israel anciently was divided into four camps
surrounding the
Sanctuary.  Three tribes were on each side of the Sanctuary, with the
dominant tribe
representing the three, in the middle.  Thus the President's Flag pictures
four Stars  the
stars of Judah, Reuben, Joseph and Dan (Dan being the fourth).  This once
again calls
attention to the connection between the United States of America and the
ancient Camp
of Israel, as they traveled through the Sinai desert, arranged in four
Camps.  The Four
Stars represent the Four Star-Camps of Israel!

       As Israel traveled in the wilderness on its journey to the Promised
Land, the tribes
were organized in the format shown above.  The leader on the north side of the
Tabernacles was the tribe of Dan; Judah was the leader in the east; Rueben
was the
leading tribe to the south of the Tabernacle; and Joseph (led by Ephraim)
was the leading
tribe in the west.  Together with Joseph was Benjamin, the brother of
Joseph.  These four
tribes were the dominant tribes in Israel.  Joseph inherited the
"birth-right" promises, and
Judah inherited the "scepter" promise (see I Chron.5:2).

       Joseph, today, is the English-speaking peoples of the
earth.  Manasseh, the oldest
son of Joseph, is represented by Great Britain and Canada, with portions of
South Africa,
and New Zealand.  Ephraim is represented by the UNITED STATES, the fifty
states of
America, as well as (very probably) Australia (the Aussies are very much
like the
Americans in personality, character, and ruggedness).  In the world today,
Joseph is  like
in the camps of Israel in the wilderness  once again located mainly in the
WEST, Dan is
located primarily in the NORTH of Europe, Judah is located mainly in the
Middle EAST,
and Reuben is primarily in modern day France, in the SOUTH of Europe.

    Interestingly, this same feature is found in the Flag of the Secretary of
State, the
Secretary of War (now Defense), the Secretary of Commerce, the Attorney
General, the
Postmaster General, the Secretary of the Navy, the Secretary of Labor, the
Chief of Staff,
the Generals of the Army, and the Admirals of the Navy.

    What other nation today declares itself to be a RANKING tribe of ancient
as the United States does, in its heraldic symbolism?
Seal of the President of the United States
Notice the 13 stripes in the shield, 13 leaves on the Olive Branch, 13
Arrows, 13 stars above the Eagle, 13
letters in "E Pluribus Unum," 13 phases in the Moon, as well as the rays of
the sun  this shows how
Ephraim  the last and 13th tribe  fulfills the fullness of the prophecies
given to Joseph and Israel.  "13" is
the proverbial "baker's dozen"  a sign of super-abundance!

Note the four Stars, representing the four Camps of Israel, led by the most
powerful tribes
  Judah, Reuben, Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh), and Dan.

The Camps of Israel in the Wilderness

Symbols of the Bull and Unicorn

    So far we have discussed the amazing symbolism of the characteristics
by Jacob, in his blessings of Joseph and his two sons, Ephraim and
Manasseh.  But
another key listing of identifying marks is given by Moses, in his
blessings on the tribes
of Israel, as they came to the Holy Land, after departing from Egypt.

    Moses prophesied of Joseph in Deuteronomy 33:  "His glory is like a firstborn
bull, and his horns like the horns of a wild ox; together with them he
shall push the
peoples to the ends of the earth; they are the ten thousands of Ephraim,
and they are the
thousands of Manasseh" (Deut.33:17, NKJV).  The King James Version has this
"His glory is like the firstling of his bullock, and his horns are like the
horns of unicorns"
(first part).  The Hebrew word rem can be translated either "wild ox" or
"unicorn," from
the word raam, "to be lifted up" (i.e., the horns).

    I have pointed out elsewhere (see "The United States and Great Britain in
Prophecy!") that this Scripture clearly shows that Ephraim would be
and outnumber Manasseh, in the last days, something like ten to one.  This
passage is
plainly talking about POPULATION!  Some try to argue otherwise, but the
sense is very
plain.  This is talking about armies, and pushing peoples to the ends of
the earth.  So we
would expect to find that Ephraim is a much more mighty power, militarily,
Manasseh, in the end of days  and so it is.  It is the United States of
America which is
the world's only true Superpower, today.  It is the United States which
saved the allies
from German conquest in World War I, and especially in World War
II.  England, of
course, was vital in both conflicts, and their courage and boldness
sustained the wars until
the United States intervened, and swayed the balance of power to the allies.

    Again, it was the United States which led the fight against Communist
in the Korean War, and Vietnam, and it was the United States which sent
over 200,000
troops to the Middle East to fight Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War.  And,
more recently,
it was again the United States which sent troops and its Air Force to
pummel the Taliban
and Al Queda forces in Afghanistan.  It was the "Arrows" of Ephraim which
struck at the
heart of the terrorist empire and devastated their forces, in massive
missile and bombing
sorties, destroying the terrorist infrastructure.  And side-by-side with
Ephraim, has been
the support of his older brother, Manasseh.  Prime Minister Tony Blair, and
the British,
have been America's leading allies and supporters in all these conflicts,
as would be
expected since they are true brothers.  Yet the dominant power has been
that of Ephraim
  the "ten thousands of Ephraim" (Deut.33:17).

    How accurately world events have fulfilled these prophecies of Moses,
by God, 3,500 years ago!   To mix up the promises to Ephraim and Manasseh
does justice
to neither of the two sons of Joseph!

    But now take note  Joseph is compared in this prophecy to a great bull, and a
wild ox  or a unicorn -- noted for their massive brute strength.  The
notable, conspicuous
feature of the bull or wild ox is its horn, and so it is with the unicorn,
a horse with a
prominent horn in the middle of its forehead.

    How is this symbology important to our discussion of the relative
identities of
Ephraim and Manasseh?

    In the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom, or Great Britain, there is a
rampant lion on the right side, and a unicorn on the left side standing on
its hind feet.
Which of the two tribes, Ephraim and Manasseh, has the unicorn for its emblem?

    The answer?  Manasseh!  Notice the proof  study the Royal Coat of Arms in the
following illustration!


    Now this is where the story gets interesting.  Yair Davidy, author of
several books
on the identity of the lost Tribes of Israel, believes strongly that
England and Canada
represent modern Ephraim, and that the United States is Manasseh.  Yet, in
his book The
Tribes, he makes this astonishing statement:

        "A lion represents the kingdom of David and Judah. Moses
       (Deut.33:17) compared Joseph to a bull and to a unicorn.  In
the blessing of Balaam the strength of all Israel is compared
to that of a unicorn (Num.23:22).  A UNICORN (Raem) was
represented on the STANDARD OF MANASSEH son of
Joseph, according to the MIDRASH"  (Yair Davidy, The Tribes,
p.220, second edition, Russell-Davis Publishers, Israel, 1999).

    Read that candid admission once again!

    Davidy admits that the "unicorn" was the emblem or sign of THE TRIBE OF

    And the unicorn  a symbol of Manasseh  is featured prominently on the

    The very Seal of the Royal Coat of Arms of Great Britain BEARS THE
IDENTIFYING SIGN of the Israelite tribe of MANASSEH!

    The Canadian Coat of Arms  the western branch of Manasseh  ALSO bears the
same emblem!  It, too, has a rampant lion on the right-hand side, and a
standing unicorn
on the left!

    Thus the coats of arms of both countries  their royal seals  portray
boldly the
UNICORN, which ancient Jewish sources tell us was the ROYAL STANDARD OF THE

    So there it is!  Proof positive, I believe, to anyone with a truly open
mind!  If
Great Britain were truly Ephraim, then why does their Royal Standard bear
the clear
representation of the Unicorn  the symbol or sign of the tribe of
Manasseh?  The
Unicorn of Great Britain identifies the British as primarily of the tribe
of Manasseh.

The Proof of Heraldic Emblems

    The study of the heraldic emblems of the tribes of Israel, and their
counterparts in
the nations of the world today, prove beyond question that the sons of
Joseph, true to the
prophecies of their destinies, became great in the world, and have pushed
the peoples to
the "ends of the earth."  The United States is noted for its manifest
attempts to bring
about "world peace"  symbolized by the OLIVE BRANCH in its national emblems
and which represents the fruitful Olive branch portrayed in Jacob's
description of this
mighty people.  They have contributed mightily to world peace, even though
at times
woefully misguided.  Their intent is well known.

    Likewise, the picture of an Eagle holding a bundle of Arrows, reminds us
of the
description of Jacob, that Joseph would be a mighty archer, and the Lord
God would help
defend him and fight for him.  Even so, Ephraim has been the world's number
one AIR
POWER!  Arrows are of course ancient "missiles" that fly through the air,
striking their
enemies with incredible force. Modern arrows would be guided missiles,
bombs, dropped from airplanes or launched from ships at sea.  The United
States has
more of these in its arsenal than any other nation.  Again  more evidence
that the United
States is the predominant son of Joseph  that is, Ephraim!

    It's about time that some people begin to re-examine this issue and take a
look at this amazing Biblical evidence, and open their minds to understand
the TRUE
IDENTITY of both Ephraim and Manasseh, today!