"Brit-Am Now"-360

February 6, 2004
1. Brit-Am Message Repeated
2. Orders and Certificates
3. Keeping to the Point
4. Cherie Koch : Greetings!
5. Jewish Neshamas (Israelite Souls)
6. Sundries
7. New Article: The Need for Unity Amongst the Tribes

1. Brit-Am Message Repeated
Originally there were twelve tribes of Israel. Ten of these tribes disappeared.
The Jews of today are mainly descended from the Tribes of Judah, Benjamin,
and Levi. The other ten tribes according to the Bible in the last days were
to be found mainly amongst peoples of West European descent especially
those in North America, Britain, and of British origin. This is what the
Bible says in accordance with the original Hebrew text and Rabbinical

Historically: The peoples of Western Europe are largely derived from groups
of Celtic culture together with those whose ancestors spoke one or other of
the Germanic tongues. These peoples are a composite of dozens of smaller
entities the antecedents of each one of whom can be traced to the Middle
East and ultimately to Israel.
Linguistically: The languages spoken by these peoples are classified as
Indo-European though they contain major linguistic elements that do not fit
in with such a definition and can best be explained by a Semitic or Hebraic

Israelites and descendants of "Jews" from Judah who lost their identity
were also to be found in other areas and our message is  directed to these
people as much as to any others.

These peoples should realize who they are and act together.

We have the information that can confirm this identity, and more is
available as revealed by ongoing researches we are conducting.

The Hebrew [Tenach] Bible is true - The Bible shows that:
The existence of Israel fulfills the purpose of creation.
The good of Israel is the good of the world.
There are two halves of Israel represented by "Judah" and "Joseph".
Both halves have their own uniqueness and their own role.
Ultimately Judah and Joseph must re-unite with each other.
Each side is incomplete without the other and cannot fulfill their task
without the other.

"Joseph" (The Lost Ten Tribes) must be made aware of who he is.

Judah should be told about Joseph.
Judah and Joseph should draw together.
Even before the two sides once more joining together, the more they
recognize each other, help each other, and work with each other, so much
the better.

Brit-Am works for these goals.
  Details may be obtained from the free Brit-Am e-mail discussion groups,
the web sites, and Brit-Am publications.
By learning about Brit-Am, spreading this information, and helping Brit-Am,
you will be on the side of the good and good will come unto you.

2. Orders and Certificates
All orders have been sent out.
With our latest offer we said that anybody who takes the offer of any two
books (for $30)
or all four books for $50 will receive in addition a sample issue of the
magazine, "Brit-Am Truth".
Those who are ALREADY subscribed to the magazine yet wish to take advantage
of the offer
will have the books sent to them and an extra issue of the magazine added
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In other words their present subscription will be increased by an extra
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they would prefer. It however one prefers  an extra copy of the magazine
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All orders up to date have been sent out and should reach their addresses
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All those who have subscribed for four issues or more of the magazine
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Brit-Am membership certificate. If you are subscribed and a membership
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In general anything wrong with Brit-Am or anything that could have been
better please tell us.
  If you feel that way other people do as well and if you do not speak the
may not also and we may never be aware that a change should at the least
have been considered.
We need to know.

3. Keeping to the Point
Some people write asking questions about the Bible in general or about Judaism
or (just now) How will you identify Messiah? etc.
This is not what we wish to be occupied with.
Our task is to prove where the Lost Ten Tribes went to, to confirm the proof,
and to send it out. Incidentally this occupation provides proof and
insights into Scripture
and strengthens one's belief in the Almighty and can help make one a better
That is a lot.

4. Cherie Koch : Greetings!

Dear Yair,

I received the books recently and have just had a chance to sit down and
read a bit.  I have been on the list for some years now, but never ordered
the books.  I got so much rich content from the website and from the emails
(and my reading list is always very long).  Also, sometimes I think that we
are destined to do things at a particular time, and the time was right .

I sat down with all four books, and I hopped around and found a lot of
things that were exciting and fresh.  There is a lot that you elaborate on
that seems to create a clearer picture, a more balanced view (let's say)...
I also wanted to make mention of the fact that I have always appreciated
your humility.  It has come through in the emails to the list, and it comes
forth in the books.  Your heart seems to always be focused (with a passion)
on finding the TRUTH, and a desire to fulfill your destiny in this
arena.  Thank you for your efforts and your hard work.

The thing that actually prompted me to write was to tell you that this
material has an anointing  upon it, and I am frequently touched to the
point of tears.

I can't wait to carve out more time to read more leisurely and mark them
all up!

Thanks again,

Cherie Koch

5. Jewish Neshamas (Israelite Souls)
Hello Yair,
  What are your thoughts concerning the special "Jewish" neshama [soul]
that is said to be in every Jew and do you think that the lost ten tribes
to be gathered have this spark within them even though they aren't
technically Jewish today?  I know that certain Jewish commentators have
said that converts to Judaism are usually directed toward that path because
they have the spark of a Jewish soul that was lost.  I wonder if the people
among the lost ten tribes who are feeling a strong pull toward Israel and
the Jewish people also have this special neshama that is coming to the
surface to direct them back to their roots.

I have heard that upon immersing in the mikvah, converts are given an
additional neshama.  But I've also heard that if they didn't have that
spark to begin with they wouldn't have found their way back to the Jewish
people.  I wonder if there are a lot of "Jewish neshamas" out there who are
Ephraimites, etc. and it's lying dormant until the time is
right?  Sometimes something will happen, an experience or event or trip to
Israel, that will awaken this spark inside until it gradually ignites into
a burning flame to direct that individual toward its roots.

  The Talmud says that the seeds for returning lie dormant inside  lineage
that is of Israelite origin until the person is born who is to bring that
line back to its source.  So maybe it only happens to certain individuals
who either convert or start to take on mitzvot of their own
accord.  Perhaps then eventually the whole house of Israel who is to return
with the major groups will return.  But maybe certain individuals have a
work to do and are preparing the way for the rest, therefore the spark
ignites much sooner in some people.

Thank you, and G-d bless this work.

6. Sundries
a. Subscribers are complaining that our postings are not reaching them.
Next week we will run an e-mail test.
b. A few  subscribers have recently asked to be taken off the list.
Those who wish to leave the list have only to write a message with
"unsubscribe" in the subject line
and their names will be deleted.
If you have any complaints, suggestions, etc you are welcome to make them
This list is supposed to serve you. If it is not doing what it should do in
your opinion, please let us know.

7. New Article: The Need for Unity Amongst the Tribes
Tzipora Nechama Feld, the daughter of Rabbi Avraham Feld, wrote us an
article for inclusion in the Hebrew-language work which is going to the
press shortly.
The article is very good and will be eventually translated into English.
The article stresses the need for unity between the Tribes of Israel. The
Evil Spirit of Division
caused the split between Joseph and Judah. After that, this same bad
tendency was responsible for the
Jews being defeated and exiled by the Romans and suffering the long and
bitter exile we are still in many ways
The blessings of Jacob to the Tribes can only be completely fulfilled when
there is UNITY amongst the Tribes:
The blessing begin with the exhortation of Jacob our forefather:
According to the Midrash when there was unity of purpose amongst the Tribes
God was with them and they merited
to receive supernatural powers to do mighty deeds.