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February 21, 2004
1. Percentages of Jews and Christians in Brit-Am
2. PayPal
3. Options in Ordering Publications
4. Brit-Am offers an overall solution
5. More on Jewish Reactions to Brit-Am

1. Percentages of Jews and Christians in Brit-Am

>I am wondering if you have any sense of what percentage of Brit Am's members
>and supporters are Christians and what percentage are Jews?
>Thanks very much,

[In private correspondence on the web I am never certain if the person
concerned would wish to see his/her  name
published or not. In principle if you do not so wish it you should say so.]

We have no exact figure.
We exist, provide a service and fulfill a task.  People come to us
since they need us in the same way that we need them.
Most of our supporters are non -Jewish and many of these are Christians
of different outlooks.
By Jews you obviously mean those who are Jewish according to Jewish Law.
We have quite a few of probable Jewish descent who consider themselves Jewish
and whose religious affiliation is not determined.
Jews according to the Law make up a small percentage numerically compared
to the whole
but are very significant as far as support is concerned.
Also with the publication of our work in Hebrew "Achim Acharim" (The Other
and our increased emphasis on the Israeli public the percentages will
probably change.
Our message is directed to both Judah and Joseph.
It is supported by publication-sales and contributions from our supporters.
There are no other sources.
This is the way the Almighty wants it (at least at this stage) and we work
to the given situation.

We are not pushing a religious agenda but rather a Bible-believing
consensus concerning
Israelite identity supported by researches in both religious and secular

Brit-Am began with the book, "The Tribes". Before "The Tribes"  was
published I had prepared three
manuscripts on the subject and "The Tribes" was comprised of parts of two
of these.
Some of the initial material is of value and still awaits publication.
Initially I had in fact began to write the first manuscript in Hebrew but
then realized that it may not be immediately accepted
and I would be better off trying for as wide an audience as possible from
the very beginning.

2. PayPal
Publication Orders and contributions may be made via check
or via PayPal

3. Options in Ordering Publications
Don wrote:
>thank you for your reply.   I would  like ALL  the books but I am puzzled by
>the "Magazine"   is FIVE issues an annual subscription or is that just five
>back issues?

It is 2 back issues and 3 future ones unless requested otherwise.

>  Perhaps best way is get ALL books(50.??) and Jan/Feb/Mar of
>this year(?) then consider back issues?   If I get 5 issues for 40.00, would
>that be Jan-May of THIS year PLUS the books= 90.00  Thanks again.  Blessings
>upon your household...........Don

If you were to order (as you suggest) all 4 books (including a sample issue
of the magazine)
as well as 5 issues of the magazine, your order would entail:

  The 4 books plus one issue plus 5 issues (i.e. 6 issues).
The books would be sent to you along with 2 back issues
and a membership certificate. The remaining 4 issues would be sent to you
as they are published.
I hope this helps.
God bless you

4. Brit-Am offers an overall solution
Brit-Am speaks the truth.
We have a true doctrine concerning the Lost Ten Tribes.
Answers to many questions concerning your personal beliefs and also about
the correct solution of international questions can be found through Brit-Am.
You may well be of Israelite ancestry and Brit-Am provides the information
and means by which this can be established. Beyond the individual self Brit-Am has a
message concerning the whole nations of which you are a part.
Please assist us in this purposes by financial assistance and also be
sending us whatever insights on this subject you may have. Do what you can, how you can.
Tell your friends or those who may be interested that this list exists.
Also send in comments and input in  general.
We do not always post out what we receive or react to everything
but it is all read and considered and it all helps.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

5. More on Jewish Reactions to Brit-Am
>Thanks for your reply, and I fully appreciate your work and Brit-Am's
>I have another question. Since I am not at all familiar with the various
>(and please pardon my choosing of words here, as I am having to draw on
>terms that are commonly in use among Christians) "sects," or
>"denominations," or "branches" within the three major schools of Judaism,in
>Israel today,  I am wondering about the  opinion of the  larger religious
>community in Israel concerning Brit-Am's views regarding Judah and Joseph?
>A more crude and less friendly way of asking this is: "Do other sects of
>Judaism within the larger Orthodox community have an accepting regard for
>Brit-Am's views or are they looked  upon as eccentric?"
>Finally, would Brit-Am's views be acceptable to, say, the Chabad Lubavitch
>groups, or would the reject them?
>Thanks for your patience in answering my questions Yair!
>With sincere respect,

First of all most people, including most Jews, have never heard of us
and would need time to digest our findings.
Apart from that, our findings are consistent with Orthodox sources.
You should also know that in the Jewish world there exist two approaches on
this issue:
1. Brit-Am which concentrates on western people and emphasizes Biblical and
Rabbinical sources along with
historical and related studies and aspects of contemporary reality.
2. "Amishav" headed by Rabbi Avichail who looks mainly to the east, accepts
to a degree Biblical and Rabbinical sources,
but emphasizes keeping Jewish customs, willingness to convert, etc.
The "Amishav" organization is older and has had more success so far as
publicizing its findings, and receiving the support of philanthropic and
mainstream bodies including liberal and secular Jewish groups such as "Kulanu".

The case of Chabad is symptomatic of other groups. The Rabbi himself was
sympathetic towards the USA and along with other
great Rabbis used terminology for it normally reserved for Lost Israelites.
The Rabbi was also critical of Rabbi Avichail.
Later the rabbi had a stroke and all his correspondence was conducted by
secretaries acting in his name. In this period
letters apparently sympathetic to Rabbi Avichail may have been sent out.
Finally the Rabbi passed away and the situation has changed again.
 From our experience maybe 40 to 50% of Chabad people would be sympathetic
to Brit-Am upon receiving our literature
or hearing our explanations.
This is quite high.

Brit-Am in principle and based on experience takes the attitude that we can
present our case to say a thousand people
(Jews or Gentiles) and most may agree that we may have something, A good
many may be mildly interested.
Later perhaps one of them will come a firm supporter but he will lead and
enable  us to contact several others like himself.
We do what we can and the Almighty does the rest.

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"And I will bless them that bless you" (Genesis 12:15).  

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