"Brit-Am Now"-367

February 29, 2004
1. Will the Tribes return before the Messiah?
2. Orjan Svennson: new discoveries
3. Tribulations
4. Scientific and Related Achievements of the State of Israel
5. Isaiah Now Available
6. David Jackson: Moths
7. The Pathway of Return?

1. Will the Tribes return before the Messiah?
From: Leota Kleewein
Subject: return
Shalom Yair Davidiy
I have been wondering if before the coming of the Messiah son of David, do
the Twelve tribes have to be back in the Eretz Israel? In other words are
the tribes reunited [before]  the Moshiach?

In our magazine "Brit-Am Truth" issue no. 7 there was an article by John
Hulley that discussed this issue.
Here are a few pertinent extracts from the article (which however should
preferably be read in full). Please read these
extracts from John Hulley and then go to our additional commentary that
follows them.

<<For it is not only the Jews who are to return, but also the other tribes
of Israel.  The Prophetic profile at the front of this article lists
prophecies about the house of Ephraim, including its return to Israel in
the last times.   These show the two houses coming back together.  For example:

"In those days [the last times] the house of Judah shall walk with the
house of Israel [Ephraim], and they shall come together out of the land of
the north to the land that I have given for an inheritance unto your
fathers."   (Jeremiah 3:18)

And it shall come to pass in that day [the last times] that the Lord shall
set His hand again the second time [the first time having been the exodus
from Egypt] to recover the remnant of His people . . .   And He . . . shall
assemble the outcasts of [the house of] Israel, and gather together the
dispersed of [the house of] Judah from the four corners of the
earth.           (Isaiah 11:11-12)

The return to Israel involves reconquering the land.  Here again both
houses are involved. After that they are to be spiritually purified and
reunited.  Then the Messiah comes.  The sequence of events is given in
Ezekiel's prophecy about the two sticks (Ezekiel 37:15-28). The message
concerns the houses of Ephraim and Judah (which are named in verses 16 and

Thus saith the Lord God: "Behold, I will take the children of Israel [both
houses] from among the nations to which they are gone, and will gather them
on every side, and bring them into their own land.  And I will   make them
one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel, and one king shall be
king to them all; and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they
be divided into two kingdoms any more at all.
Neither shall they defile them­selves any more with their idols . . .  but
I . . . will cleanse them . . .   David, my servant, [the Messiah,
descended from King David] shall be king over them . . .  and I will . . .
set my sanctuary in the midst of them for evermore."  (Ezekiel 37:21-28)

These verses tell us that three things will happen to the two houses after
their return: spiritual purification, unification and the appointment of a
Davidic king or Messiah.  Other prophets confirm that these events occur
after their return.  Zechariah 13:8-9, referring apparently to both houses
prophesies a very strict refining process to take place in the land:

A similar timing is implied in Hosea:

Then shall the children of Judah and the children of Israel (Ephraim) be
gathered together, and appoint themselves one head, and they shall come up
[to Jerusalem] out of the land [other regions of Israel] . .
.        (Hosea 1:11)

Like that of Ezekiel, Hosea's prophecy portrays the presence in Israel of
both houses when the new leader is appointed to rule over them.  The
appointment occurs after their arrival, or at the same time, but not before.
The scriptures quoted above suggest the following sequence of

·        Step one: both houses of Israel return to the land (Isaiah 11:11-12;
Jeremiah 3:18; Ezekiel 37:21,25-28)
·        Step two: they are spiritually purified by God, (Ezekiel 37:23;
Zechariah 13:8-9), and through "shepherds " (Jeremiah 3:14-15).
·        Step three:  The purification provides the basis for reconciling and
reuniting them (Isaiah 11:13; Ezekiel 37:22), and fits them for
service in the messianic government
·        Step four: the Messiah comes (Ezekiel 37:24; Hosea) and
establishes his rule. >>

Brit-Am Commentary: We would agree basically with John Hulley. The simple
straight forward message of Scripture appears to be as he says in this
instance. I would however say that the impression is that some kind of
initial reconciliation takes place before
the "purification" and also that the Messiah son of David will bring this
purification about.
Also we would disagree with his interpretation of Hosea 1:11 and say that
it means coming up out of the places of exile
to the Land of Israel.

Present day Jewish commentary appears also to agree with what we have said
BUT classical commentators (such as the
Abarbanel ca. 1490s) said that the Messiah son of David would bring the
Lost Tribes back. Abarbanel even considered this to be an article of faith.
The simple meaning of Hosea 1:11 would fit the understanding of
Abarbanel  who incidentally was a chief minister and advisor to several
monarchs in his time.

Our understanding is that:
from out of the Ten Tribes will arise a leader (referred to as Messiah son
of Joseph)
who will initiate a return of the Tribes to the Land of Israel. He will
also bring about
a reconciliation with Judah, and assist Judah to fight against its enemies,
and return and rebuild and heal the Land.
He may rebuild the Temple.
At this stage there will exist a general recognition concerning Brit-Am
Israelite Identity.
After that there will arise a leader descended from David who will bring
about a spiritual revival
in both Judah and Joseph and eventually in much of the world. This will be
followed by the Wars of
God and Magog and the eventual transformation of the entire world.
I will write an article showing the Biblical basis for all this in a coming
issue of
our magazine Brit-Am Truth. Most of the sources are already mentioned in
our book  "Origin".
We try not to delve to deeply into these matters since no one really knows
and the most important task at present is to spread knowledge of Brit-Am

The Bible foresees the Lost ten Tribes returning to
Lebanon and Gilead (Zechariah 10
Gilead and Bashan (both in Syria and parts of Turkey and Iraq and including
Jordan) (Micah 7;4)
The cities of Samaria (Jeremiah 31;25)
Judah may initiate these steps at least concerning the return of Ephraim to
At all events these are all goals that have to be worked for
and an initial stage is informing both Judah and Joseph of this truth.

2. Orjan Svennson: new discoveries
Orjan Svennson has conducted important researches showing
that Israelites reached Scandinavia in ancient times. His studies
concentrate on runic inscriptions in Scandinavia especially in his
home region of Blekinge in southern Sweden.
I recently found several words coded in a runic inscription.
Some of the coded words I found are:

* Gad
* Asher
* Samaria
* Ephraim
* Jerusalem

I also found the following messages coded:


I now interpret these as:

"TiNeDeDuW LaH 'oWTa'"
"TiNeDeDuW 'aD Ha 'aDoWN"

And I interpret these as:

"You shall flee to the monument."
"You shall flee to the lord."

The fact that I found the name of Asher so strongly coded,
I take as an indication that the tribe of Asher likely
was/is present here in Blekinge in addition to Gad.
Maybe indeed the very name Blekinge comes from "Belagh",
the Asherite clan.
The coat of arms of Blekinge also resembles that of Asher.
It is a big tree on the coat of arms of Blekinge, but
instead of a cedar there is an oak on Blekinge's coat of arms.
In the eastern part of Blekinge there is a municipality that
has a lion, which holds a big oak on its coat of arms.


3. Tribulations
Before the Messiah son of David appears the Lost Ten Tribes will probably
realize who they
are and return or begin to return. The Lost Ten Tribes will have gone
through a time of tribulation
but will come out of it, defeat their enemies, assist Judah to return to
the Land and rebuild it.
We do not know the exact order in which these things will take place. This
is a complete

   I have read several of your books and love them.  I am interested in
your statement about the Lost Ten Tribes going through a time of
tribulation and coming out of it. Is this personal tribulation specific to
each individual or group tribulation--national or otherwise.
   I wonder though what you think of personal tribulation occuring
now.  People seem to be going through so much difficulty, more than any
other times in their lives.  Do you think this is part of the pull back to
Thanks, Gwen

Answer: Probably. Everything that happens is connected to the final goal.
We all have ups and downs the trick is to keep going, hope for the
best and do as well as we can. Brit-Am does not have all the solutions but
we do know
that spreading the Brit-Am message is positive and needed.

4. Scientific and Related Achievements of the State of Israel
A lot has been said about Israeli scientific and technical achievements
that may well be as significant as those
of all Continental Europe together. Nevertheless it should also be
acknowledged that these achievements
were also due to People (more often than not Gentiles) who believed in
Jewish ability and were prepared
to back it and enable it in nearly every case. Those considered have
profited greatly as a result and the
USA has benefited as a whole. Even so a degree of selflessness and
generosity of spirit was an enabling factor
that should not be forgotten.

  5. Isaiah Now Available
"Brit-Am Now"-367
Subject: "Brit-Am Now"-365
At 22:05 25/02/2004 -0600, you wrote:
>The URL for your No. 5 below, complete commentary on Isaiah, came up online
>as "not found."  Is there another way to access it?
>Phyllis Petty

It was  a mistake. It has now been posted in its entirety and is worth

6. David Jackson: Moths
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-366 - Moth Example
The example of peppered moths in London was probably not due to classical
natural selection.  It has recently been reported that the original author
faked the study by gluing dead moths onto trees in the daytime with their
wings open.

In fact peppered moths, like most moths, only come out at night.  They are
not preyed upon by birds.  They are preyed upon by bats while in flight,
but since it would be dark and the bats are blind anyway, the moths are not
being selected due to their coloration.

During the day the moths rest under leaves, high in tree canopies and eaves
with their wings folded and are rarely found by birds.

This is an example of scientists trying to 'prove' evolution to the public,
rather than providing an objective explanation or admitting that they
cannot explain it.

Dave Jackson

7. The Pathway of Return?
>Shalom Yaiir,
>would like to know if
>there is a Scriptural verse that states that Ha Shem will gather some of
>the House of Israel to their ancestoral homes before He gathers them to
>the land of Israel in these last days.  If so, could you cite the verse or
>verses?  G-d bless you and yours,
>Ray and Carmeltia Lee, here in Ireland.    Thanks.

I do not know. I am not familiar with such a verse but there does seem to
be concept that the return will be along the same paths
they went out in so perhaps this also entails a previous going back to
ancestral homes?
See what we wrote on Zechariah:

Extract from "Ephraim," chapter six.
* Jerome on [Zechariahariah 10;11:"And he shall pass through the sea..." :
"The Hebrews say that the Assyrians and Chaldeans took the Jews into
captivity not only to Persia and Media but also to the Bosporus and the
north; and at the end of days God in his mercy will call them back from there:"
   By "Jews" taken into captivity by the Assyrians Jerome is actually
referring to Israelites from the northern Ten Tribes even though strictly
speaking these were not  "Jews" which appellation refers to Judaeans from
the southern kingdom dominated by Judah.

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