"Brit-Am Now"-371

March 7, 2004
1. Book in Hebrew, "Achim Acharim"
2. Be Aware, Be "Brit-Am"
3. Climate Changes and Migrations in History
4. Articles
5. Harold Hemenway : Are The FOOD LAWS Scientific?
6. Kevin Brooks and Friends
7. Jewish Ancestry and Identification

1. Book in Hebrew, "Achim Acharim"
Even if you do not understand Hebrew to get an idea of what the book will
look like go to:
Go to

If you can read Hebrew Then go to
http://britam.org/hebrew/final.doc etc.....
The cover was designed by Oriel Davidiy who submitted about 150 different
optional designs
some of which may have been artistically better than that which we
eventually chose but  this one
was probably the most suitable.
The title of the book "Achim Acharim"  in Hebrew can mean both
"Other Brothers" or "Different Brothers".
The sub-title means, "The Lost Ten Tribes in the West".

2. Be Aware, Be "Brit-Am"
Remember Y2K? You do not have take any current "Doomsday" prediction too
At the same time things do and could happen.
The "experts" do get it right sometimes.
Climatic changes have occurred several times in the past and where part of
the reasons why
the Ten Tribes migrated from "Scythia" to the west as we recorded in our works.
We are not doomsday people, or "Survivalists". We do not frighten people.
We keep away from conspiracy nuts
and from harbingers of impending disasters and from all such eccentrics.
We are conservative in our approach, reserved, and as respectable as possible.
We push Brit-Am Identity beliefs because they are true, in accordance with
the Bible, and need to be made known.
drastic sudden Climatic changes have occurred several times in the past and
were a cause of whole peoples migrating
from one end of the earth to another.
It could happen again. We are not saying it will. It could.
Brit-Am offers a solution to all likely scenarios.
The Bible does say that the Tribes of Israel will move to Syria, Lebanon,
Jordan, and Samaria in Israel, that the climate will change, and that
former desert areas will
be made habitable.
Brit-Am offers a solution.
Help Brit-Am spread its message and internalize it yourselves.
At all events consider this news item from Betty from the article referred to:

Here is a link to major earth changes being predicted for as soon as 20 years:
Perhaps thousands will have to 'go south' from their northern homes.

3. Climate Changes and Migrations in History
(a) Germanic Invasions

             The region of central Europe, north of the Danube River and
east of the Rhine River, remained unconquered by the Roman Empire.  This
same region saw an influx in migration and aggression in the 3rd and 4th
centuries AD that continued into the 9th century. ...

There is a climate belt that covers most of ancient Germania with the
exceptions of the high alpine region, the Black Sea coast, and the eastern
portions of Germania near the Volga River.  With the archaeological
evidence, palynological reconstruction, and an understanding of past and
present climate, it is possible to identify these periods that would stress
agricultural and change the sustainability of the region as a whole for
habitation by agriculturalists.  The fact that 81.4% of all events occur in
years that meet the profile of a sustained drought period is probably not
just a coincidence.  These conclusions ultimately must be based on a
tribe-by-tribe response, which is impossible with the scattered historical
data on many of the individual tribes.  The tribes were quite diverse, but
they were similar in their agrarian behavior and would have been affected
to varying degrees by these long below mean periods.

(b) Huns from Asia

Paleoclimatology support the occurrence of droughts of the second, third,
and fourth centuries AD and ancient documentation supports the desiccation
of the region.  Why does Jordanes mention that the Goths were always
searching for suitable homes (Jordanes, Gothic History, 27)?  Why were the
various tribes being attacked frequently in Dacia and other areas?  It
seems to be because they held the fertile regions (Jordanes, Gothic
History, 22).  Germania was lacking in fertile areas and the demand for
these preferred lands outweighed their availability.  The tribes left their
homes to find better land and surrendered their initial territories to
weaker tribes in the fourth century.  The Huns did invade Germania from
Asia, which was also under similar adverse environmental conditions.  It
was the Huns, who were actually forced to move by an environmental shift,
which in turn moved the Germans, as the Huns - an already nomadic
culture-initiate the waves of invasions (Simons and Time-Life Books., 1968,
Maenchen-Helfen, 1973, Huntington, 1907) .

(c) Early Europe
Most of the territory inhabited by modern Germanic people was occupied
during the Bronze age by people of primitive Illyrian,8 Celtic, and
Germanic culture,9 with the Germanic people concentrated between the
estuaries of the Weser and Oder rivers.10 As the Bronze Age drew to a close
about 800 B.C., a shift in climate brought cooler, damper weather to the
north and forced the Germans southward into Celtic territory, accelerating
Celtic migration toward Gaul and Italy. Also, in the seventh century B.C.,
Vandals and Goths drove the Illyrians out of the area between the Oder and
Vistula rivers.11

Climatic change also brought loss of arable land to spreading rain forests,
and after 500 B.C. hunger forced the larger German tribes even more into
territorial conflicts with the Celts. In the third century B.C. those
conflicts culminated in complete victory for the German tribes occupying
central and western Germany. By this time, even if the German race had once
descended from a single root stock, it "could no longer claim to be pure,
for the conquest of middle Europe had involved racial admixture with the

4. Articles
In our Hebrew work "Achim Acharim" we oincluded an approbation by Rabbi
Avraham Feld and articles
by Tzippora feld, Chanya Leah, and Rabbi Aharaon Shem Tov.
Translations of these will be made and either posted to the list or
published in the next issue of our magazine
Brit-Am Truth.

5. Harold Hemenway : Are The FOOD LAWS Scientific?
From: Harold Hemenway <jewishchristian@>
Subject: Are The FOOD LAWS Scientific?

      Are The FOOD LAWS Scientific?
  BLOOD should be avoided also (Lev.3:17). "Thou shalt not eat it, that it
may go well with thee" (Deut.12:25). Why? Because BLOOD transports BODILY
WASTES and POISONS to excretory ducts in the body. Infectious DISEASES can
be transmitted to man by ingesting BLOOD of diseased animals (e.g.
tuberculosis). Ezekiel condemned those who "eat with the BLOOD" (Ez.33:25).
We must also avoid FAT (Lev. 7:23-24). Why? Because "where the diet is rich
in these ANIMAL FATS, heart disease is generally a problem" (Prevention,
1980, p.134). Saturated FAT causes a buildup of cholesterol in human
arteries and veins. This in turn causes atherosclerosis. Excess animal FAT
has been linked to Pancreatic and Colorectal Cancers (Diseases, 1983,
pp.224,228). Avoid HAMBURGERS! Regarding PORK, HAM and BACON, God said,
"the SWINE, though he divide the hoof, and be cloven-footed, yet he cheweth
not the cud; he is unclean to you. Of their flesh shall ye not eat, and
their carcass shall ye not touch"(Lev.11:7-8).

Ezekiel said, "Ah, Lord God! Behold, my soul hath not been POLLUTED; for
from my youth up even till now have I not eaten of that which dieth of
itself, or is torn in pieces, neither came there ABOMINABLE (Hebrew:
"PIGGUL") flesh into my mouth" (Ez.4:14). An interesting consequence of the
runinant-type digestive process is the fact that ruminants aren't PREDATORY
or CARNIVOROUS! They get all the nutrition they need from PLANTS! This
PIG is a SCAVENGER eating DEAD and DECAYED flesh (often of other UNCLEAN
animals). TRICHINOSIS is caused by "ingestion of uncooked or undercooked
meat that contains T. spiralis cysts. Such cysts are found primarily in
SWINE" (Diseases, p.426). There is no specific treatment or cure for
TRICHINOSIS and the disease can be fatal. Diagnosing the disease in man is
extremely difficult since the symptoms are mistaken for at least FORTY
other diseases. Thus its EPIDEMIC PROPORTIONS are hidden from Americans!
And "there is no 'safe' temperature at which pork can be cooked to ensure
that parasitic organisms are killed" (Leviticus, p.125). PORK and HAM
digest in a period of THREE HOURS whereas CLEAN MEATS require 18 HOURS to
digest (pp.48-50, Health Guide For Survival). It is interesting that the
nation of Turkey avoids eating PIGS or any other unclean meat and has a
very low incidence of cancer compared to America. Israel's parliament
prohibits the "raising, keeping, or slaughtering" of swine in most areas of
the country. Former Prime Minister David Ben Gurion stated at the Jubilee
celebration of Israel's Medical Association that, "Israel has the lowest
death rate In the world" (i.e. the highest life expectancy). As God said,
"If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt
do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee"

6. Kevin Brooks and Friends
Hi Yair,

I didn't keep the email, but you had said in a previous Brit-Am
newsletter that you didn't know if Kevin Brook was Jewish or not. He
is. Besides the Khazaria.com website and the Khazaria-announce
Yahoogroup, he also is co-moderator of the Khazar-fiction Yahoogroup,
and he was also a co-founder, along with Dr. Bryan Griffith Dobbs, of
the EEJH Yahoogroup. I've corresponded with him in the past, & he seems
like a decent man. He is definitely NOT a Jew-hater by any stretch of
the imagination.

Alice K

Brit-Am Reply: OK. We are familiar with Dr. Bryan Griffith Dobbs who is or
was active on
the KULANU group and once made incorrect comments concerning Brit-Am and
when informed
of  his error refused to retract though the point in question was a minor one
in which a mistaken understanding would have been understandable.
In general, Brooks is fanatically dedicated to the doctrine that the
Khazars were of
Turkish origin and ignores the significant Rabbinical and general Jewish
on the subject (of which I suppose he is aware) indicating otherwise.
Brooks and BGDobbs are intellectuals to a degree but hold to their views as
rigidly as any other
religious doctrine. Their attitude is that the Bible is not literally true,
that Judaism
bequeathed to the world universal liberal values that are worth keeping and
not much more than that.
Dr. Bryan Griffith Dobbs headed a group of mainly mixed  Reform Jews and
Gentiles that encouraged groups from all over the world,
from all different races to claim that they were of Jewish or Israelite origin.
Every possibility from every place was (and still is) eagerly considered
and encouraged by this group
EXCEPT  the Brit-Am one.
 From this instance one can learn that in general most people opposed to
are opposed to reality and often have agendas of their own.
Brit-Am is in accordance with the Bible and provides answers.
Brit-Am is true and we are open to consider all possibilities
according to this truth.
Opponents of Brit-Am deny the truth.

7. Jewish Ancestry and Identification
>Dear Yair,
>   Hello!  What about those of us who have discovered that the surnames in
> the family tree are 80% Jewish?  That we are not just of the Lost Tribes,
> but actually of Judah even though it is far back in our geneology.  Are
> we considered to be Jewish?  Do we have to convert? Shouldn't we be
> keeping Torah? I try to do it but know I do not come up to the Orthodox
> standards.  Where does this place us?
>   Thanks so much for your imput as I value your opinion.

A Jew is someone who has a Jewish mother or who has converted according to
Even someone who has 100% Jewish ancestry may have a problem in some
instances if his
great grand parents changed their religion. In each case an Orthodox Rabbi
should be consulted.
If your parents or grandparents were not openly publicly Jewish but they
were by ancestry
and you wished to be recognized as Jewish in Jewish Law by other Jews then
you might (or you might not)
be required to convert or renew the covenant.
Whatever one does in such instances is up to individual conscience
and circumstance.
As for keeping the Law, whatever you do in that direction is positive and
in accordance
with the general obligation of Israelites in our time.
Regarding Tribal Identity in such instances:
The Jews of today are mainly from the Tribes of Judah, Benjamin, or Levi
with a smattering from the other tribes.
As Nachmanides said:
     <<the opinion of our sages of blessed memory. These said that in the
time of the Second Temple a few refugees from the other tribes also came
up. They did not come from all of the other tribes but only from Ephraim
and Menasseh. [Another authority however, Tosefot in Arakin 32;a, says
that, "from each and every tribe a few returned"]. These few were not
enough to be termed a tribe in their own right or even part of a tribe. Due
to their minority position they were included amongst the two tribes of
Judah and Benjamin and dwelt in their cities. This Second Redemption was
not meant for the other tribes.>>

I would say that you are from Judah or Levi due to your pull towards the Law.
You also fit the category of "Captive Jews"
The "Captive Jews" are in the same category as the Lost Ten Tribes.
Their legal status is usually discussed in Jewish Law alongside that of the
Lost Ten Tribes.
Prophecy and Commentaries indicate that their destiny is bound up with that
of the Lost Ten Tribes.

Since beginning this project and making contact with numerous people who
are interested in the subject and studying it we have noticed an
interesting phenomenon. Many non-Jews (Gentiles) who agree with us that the
Lost Ten Tribes are in the West and feel an inner urge to learn this
message and in some cases help spread it also believe they have Jewish
origins. Sometimes this belief of Jewish origins is based on known facts
concerning one or other of their ancestors.  In other cases the feeling of
Jewish origins is based on flimsy evidence but nevertheless the feeling
exists. Such feelings do not appear from nowhere and probably derive from
an inner awareness of their true ancestry. The people in question are often
those who are now helping spread knowledge and attitudes that will lead to
the Return of the Lost Ten Tribes. The role of these people in future will
increase. These Lost Jews are also fulfilling the Prophecy of Jeremiah
(3:18). They have gone out from Judah to Israel and they are beginning to
bring Israel back from the Land of the North. We refer to these people as
Captive Jews though Lost Jews may be more appropriate. We used the term
Captive Jews (rather than Assimilated Jews or something similar) since in
many cases Jews were forced or heavily pressured to change their religion
and cease being Jewish against their will. Descendants of these Lost Jews
or Captive Jews are often the leaders who are bringing their fellow Captive
Jews as well as the Lost Tribes back to their source.

They are frequently amongst the strongest supporters of, and identifiers
with, the Brit-Am message.

The Midrash says:

"Behold thou art fair, my love, yea pleasant, also our bed is green" (Song
of Solomon 1;16).
"Israel says: Behold thou art fair, my love When you will take retribution
from the worshippers of idols. Yea pleasant when you pay the reward of
those who fear you. Also our bed.: These are the "Ten Tribes." [In Hebrew
bed is "eres" while ten is "eser" and uses the same letters, and "our bed"
(erseynu) sounds like "our ten" (esereynu).] They are those who were exiled
beyond the Sambation River. The exiles of Judah and Benyamin [i.e. the
present-day "Jews"] are destined to go unto them and bring them back in
order to merit with them the Messianic Era and life in the World-To-Come.
This is as it says, "In those days the house of Judah shall go unto the
house of Israel and they shall come together out of the land of the north
unto the land that I have given for an inheritance unto your fathers"
(Jeremiah 3;18).
-Yalkut Shimeoni, Song of Solomon 905.

The verse should be read as:
ISRAEL".  People from Judah and Benjamin (i.e. legal Jews) shall go unto
the Lost Ten Tribes who are beyond the Sambation River. In our works
("Ephraim" and "The Tribes") we explained that the Sambation River means
Israelite Exiles who migrated to the west. The simple meaning is that Jews
from Judah will go unto the Lost Tribes to bring them back. It could be
said that the Jewish members of Brit-Am Israel is doing this to some degree.
In addition the "Captive  Jews" who in many cases are now to be found in
lands dominated by "Joseph" are also frequently
fulfilling the role of Judah who has gone to the House of Israel and is
calling upon them to return together to their  Israelite sources.

God bless you
Your friend
Yair Davidiy

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