"Brit-Am Now"-372

March 10, 2004
1. Searching for Pastor JamesTempleton,
2. Celtic Roots
3. Points to Ponder
4. Crucifixions
5. "Academic" Request

1. Searching for the present address of
Pastor JamesTempleton,
Northern Ireland

2. Celtic Roots
Dear Yair,

Thanks for all the amazing information you have published.

I live in the North East of England, in a very small rural village. My
family background is that my mother is English and my father was born in
Poland. I visited Israel three times in 2001 and about that time discovered
a family 'secret'. My Grandfather who became a catholic and lived in Poland
was actually the son of Rabbi David S who lived in Shargorod, Ukraine. I
came to faith in 1997 and this discovery about my family heritage had a
profound effect on me. My name in Ukraininan would probably have been
pronounced S and I think it's origins are Sklar which I think means 'of Isaac'

I have followed lots of your teaching about the lost tribes and I believe
that I have hit on a local connection. I could not have found this by
chance, and for more than a year I have had a prompting in my spirit to
look into the history of this area. Three weeks ago, I discovered that 1Km
from my home, hidden in the hills, are the remains of a 24 centuries old
fortified Iron-age homestead. These were Halstatt people, skilled in
metalwork and pottery. Amazingly, 50 years after the discovery, the site is
almst forgotten in this day.  The settlement was at Staple Howe, and I
quote Professor C.F.C. Hawkes, Professor of European Archeology in The
University of Oxford, who was also President of the Council for British
Archeology, writing in 1962. In the foreword of a book called 'The
excavation of Staple Howe' by T.C.M Brewster he writes: ''He has placed
it's name, together with his own, in the forefront of modern knowledge of a
major event in North-Western European history, some 24 centuries ago: the
settlement of Britain by the Britons.

I was astonished to find such an important historic site in this little
village, in the middle of the countryside, some 25 miles North East of
York. Until the dicovery of this site in 1951 'no Iron age period I
settlement in the British Isles had yielded a complete plan of all the
structures and produced large quantities of different types of pottery and
small domestic objects of bronze, bone, antler, pottery, stone, and iron'
The site had remained relatively undisturbed for 24 centuries.

Today, even local people living so close are unaware of it's existence. On
visiting the site, I had a profound sense that these people in the sixth
century B.C. had been offering up prayers to G-d, though they did not know
His name. In subsequent centuries, the area was occupied by the Roman, and
Anglo-Saxons. West of Staple Howe, in the village of West Heslerton, two
miles away, there has been intense Archeological activity for 25 years.
There was a pagan water shrine locally, and Christian worship since the 9th
century A.D.

I also believe that there was a small Jewish settlement here from the late
11th Century. These Jews possibly traded with and came here with the
Vikings. York itself has an amazing history. Roman Emperor Constantine the
great was crowned at York, the only Emperor crowned anywhere other than
Rome. York was also the scene of a great massacre of Jews in the late 12th
century. It is interesting that York has never grown since that time, and
is far less important today than 1000 or 2000 years ago. It is almost as
though the City has never been blessed since.

If you can help me at all with any information on the origins of the
Halstatt people that would be very helpful.

kind regards


Answer: On our web-site at HEBREW CELTIC NAMESAKES
you may find some information of assistance.
In our book "Lost Israelite Identity" we dealt with this subject at some
Shortly more information on these themes should be posted to the list
and available in articles since we hope to be able to concentrate more on this
aspect of our researches, to re-publish what we published in the past and
to add to and improve on it.

3. Points to Ponder
From: davidbenariel <davidbenariel@>

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it's dressed in overalls and
looks like work." - Thomas Edison

"The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees
opportunity in every difficulty." - Winston Churchill

"When one door of opportunity closes, another opens; but often we look so
long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for
us." - Helen Keller

4. Crucifixions
Stephen G. Esrati
Subject: Crucifixions - Recalling Ukraine's crucified Jews

In all the Sturm und Drang about Mel Gibson's "Passion," may I interject
with a scene from Curzio Malaparte's "The Skin," a harrowing memoir by
Italy's greatest (and most forgotten) 20th-century writer.  Malaparte
wrote about a ride from Constantinova to Dorogo, in the Ukraine, on
which he came to a section of road with trees on both sides. When he got
closer, he found naked Jews crucified on each tree. They asked him who
he was and he replied, "A Christian," not exactly a term to endear
himself to these wretches.  He offered to remove the nails from their
hands but was told to shoot them through the head to end their
suffering. He actually pulled out his pistol but could not do it.
  Two days later, on his
return, all the Jews had perished.

5. "Academic" Request

>My original request was:
>I'm seeking primary source material
>You were given as a primary source.
>I would love to see your hard evidence.
>  Archaeological and Physical Proofs.
>The rest of your thesis is of little interest or meaning.
>Anthropologists may love your other points, however
>for me they are too subjective.
>  You have a good website for layman.  In article format, I'm not able to
> double check your references and claims.
>Where as "The Cimmerians, Scythians, and Israel" might be 100% true, it
>did me 0% good in the pursuit of creditable information.
>Do you have anything in scientific journal format with a true bibliography
>that I can read your source material?
>I need to be able to see where and from whom you have referenced and be
>able to verify the quotes being made.
>Best regards,

I doubt that you are familiar with present-day Archaeological literature.
Everything in the article was based on direct quotations from Assyrian
documents that can be checked
in most University Libraries. The work by Kristensen and also the other
sources quoted are also
available and the background could be checked in the Cambridge Ancient
History, or the Cambridge History of Iran,
or most other accepted reference works.
Concerning the article you quoted we posted it since we agree with the
findings by Kristensen described therein
but it only adds to what we have proven elsewhere from other evidence.
If perchance the article was found to be unacceptable it also would not
affect our position.
Even if you accepted it 100% where would that leave you?
It only shows that there probably was an overlap and some type of
federation between Exiles from
Northern Israel and the Cimmerian-Scythian peoples.
The Brit-Am historical "argument"  describes about 12 pathways of migration
that for simplicity's sake can be reduced to four headings:
1. By Sea to Spain and from there to the British Isles.
2. Overland where they joined the Cimmerians and Scythians.
The "Cimmerian" section went westward and became identified with Celtic
3. The Scythian section first went northward and later westward were it was
identified with
some of the "Germanic"-speaking  peoples.
4. Later movements including the Khazars, Vikings, and later day mass
migrations from Germany
and other parts of Europe to the USA.
Our proofs are derived from  the Bible, Rabbinical sources, legends,
archaeology, Greek and Roman writings,
linguistics, and several other disciplines. All of these sources intermerge
and complement each other.
It would be difficult to decide where one ends and the other begins. Our
claims should be considered as
a comprehensive whole to do them justice.
If however you were to insist on confining the evidence to a particular
discipline, say Archaeology, then
the following could be said:
No1. Sea to Spain and then the British Isles can be proven more or less in
a satisfactory manner by archaeology alone.
It would not be absolute proof but it would show a reasonable probability.
2. Cannot be proven but recurring phenomena can be shown to have been
present for which our explanation is possibly the best one available and
therefore should at least be accepted for consideration, even from a
"scientific" viewpoint.
3. Is proven in principle but not to the degree that we say that it occurred.
4. Encompasses several points each of which has to be considered
separately. On the whole archaeology is less relevant here.
Since we last conducted serious research and wrote it up things have
changed. New evidence has come to light some of which strengthens our
conclusions and other of which requires
that we modify our original findings.  On the whole the path we went in has
justified itself over and over gain.
In my opinion No valid researcher who achieves results would confine
himself to only one discipline and none of the good ones would dismiss
relevant evidence just because
it came from non-Academic: sources. Read the literature and judge for yourself.
If you want the truth you will find it. If you wish not to see it when it
is in front of you then you probably will also have your wish granted.
If after reading something substantial of what we have written and
obtaining a basic understanding of it you then decided
that points (1),(2), and (3) are really decisive for you and you were to
request more details or references on those specific points
we would probably be pleased to assist you.

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