"Brit-Am Now"-373
March 11, 2004

1. "The Tribes" and References.
2. Not interested in all Postings
3. Lost Postings and Queries that are not Answered
4. Offerings Requested
5. Our web site

1. "The Tribes" and References.
I have been criticized for not  including sufficient references in articles
and publications.
The first book we published was "The Tribes" and that actually was well
on the whole.
The Tribes in many ways was also a basic book of which our later studies
were a development.
We intend to republish "The Tribes". I will prepare the new edition and
send each chapter out to the list
as it is ready together with the references. That way if anybody has any
criticisms or queries they may be expressed point by point.
If any "bugs" exist they should also be revealed.
I will try to put out at least one chapter a week.
The book is interesting and in my opinion highly readable but it is also
detailed and some people had trouble getting all
the way through it. This way it will appear in a kind of serialized form
and bit by bit everybody will be enabled to digest it.
I do not think that this form of publication before the eventual printing
will significantly reduce sales and it may even increase them.
At all events chances are it will help get the message out
and also add something extra to this list.

We have also been criticized for not using enough primary sources.
Well the fact is that almost nobody does if by primary sources
you mean the actual inscriptions and archaeology reports from the sites
concerned. On the other hand in some cases we have compared the
inscriptions (using
in the case of the Assyrians the direct translations of Parpola and
Ivantchik) and our archaeological evidence
is often either taken from those who worked in the field or who were close
to it. On the whole in the academic world  of historical research people do
not lie. They can make mistakes.
They usually explain how they reach certain conclusions and one can accept
or reject them
with a reasonable degree of confidence.

Anyway we should begin sending out the chapters shortly and if you may
judge for yourselves.

2. Not interested in all Postings
>Greetings, Mr. Davidiy.
>May I ask why I receive these emails? I am not very interested in long
>Scripture quotes with running commentary. I do appreciate the other emails
>I receive, though -- the ones that deal with specific topics.

We cannot divide the list at this stage. Everyone has to receive the same
postings. If some of our postings please you while others do not I would
advise to use your delete button every time you see a heading in the
subject line you are not interested in.
Nowadays anyone who wishes to receive useful information through the
internet has to accept the fact that some of what he
will be sent will not be of interest to him and he will need to delete it.

On this list we have all kinds of people including Biblical scholars,
serious academics, and just ordinary people who are interested
in some (but not necessarily all) of the matters we deal with.
We wish to help all of them and be helped by them through their input and
agreement with our message.

3. Lost Postings and Queries that are not Answered

People send us postings on all kinds of matters. In principle we usually
answer but it happens that postings get put aside or inadvertently deleted
or even that we do not receive them. This happens and nobody should be

4. Offerings Requested
Brit-Am needs funds in order to continue to function and to do our task.
Lately things have been improving on the whole.
We have learned a few lessons and upgraded some aspects of our operation.
The Hebrew book should be ready within a short time. We need to publicize
and distribute the work and we also need to put out additional publications
both in Hebrew and English. The reality is that we either expand steadily
or we go under.
This is what is required of us.
Lately offerings and orders have fallen off somewhat. Maybe we have not
been doing what we should do as well as we can but that should change for
the better shortly. We have a true message and correct information that
specifically needs  us
to bring it out.
We need your assistance and input because without them we cannot do what
must be done.
Our policy has been to avoid personal issues. I work at this full time and
have family and other obligations.
Most of the funds received goes directly to Brit-Am and even that which
does not (i.e. that we use for our own
needs and so on) often indirectly helps Brit-Am greatly.
Please send what you can and may the God of Israel bless all of us in every
way together with all the Peoples of Israel.
Yair Davidiy.

5. Our web site
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