"Brit-Am Now"-378
March 23, 2004

1. Note on Circumcision and the 8th Day
2. The name "Israel"
3. Identity of Polish and Slavic Peoples
4. Israel Feld: Message from Susia in the Hebron Hills
5. Lynne McGuire: More on Ireland

1. Note on Circumcision and the 8th Day
From: kyna
Subject: RE: eighth day male clotting

Yair:  The late Dr. Karl Menniger, of Menniger's clinic fame [Kansas] wrote
an incredible book several years ago regarding scientific research into the
laws given to Moshe, particularly, the Kosher and physiological laws.  [In
other words, he researched any scientific basis for not eating swine, 8th
day circumcision, etc.]  Concerning the male baby, it is the coagulation
cascade, or the clotting pathway, which is atypical on the male baby's
eigth day.  Female babies do not do this, nor is the clotting factor as
high any other time in a man's life.  It is an old, out of print book and
my dad had it somewhere.  An elderly physician I knew in Kansas City, Dr.
Dorothy Watkins, also had done research into this and would only circumcise
her male infants on the eigth day.  I read it years ago.  Excellent
read.  If I can get hold of one of these out of print books, I will send it
over.  By the way, the porcine unclean animals [pigs] seem to retain toxins
in their flesh, not releasing it as do other animals.  Nasty bacon.  PS:  I
believe there is a problem sending mail with your zip code on it.  Seems to
go to California and back.  I am sending some money without the code.  Look
for it, send my books and let me know when you get it please.

2. The name "Israel"

>Could you explain something to me.  I am curious why you call Israel, the
>State of Israel.

Answer: You have the Land of Israel  that includes the present countries of
Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria,
Iraq, Turkey, and Cyprus. The people of Israel that includes all 12 twelve
Israelite Tribes and you
have the State of Israel populated by only part of the people of Israel an
d located on only a small
portion of the Land of Israel.

3. Identity of Polish and Slavic Peoples
>Hello Yair, keep up the good work on Yisrael identity. I wish to ask you
>the origin of the Slavic people of Eastern Europe. Would you please reply
>to their origins and what peoples are they in the Tenach.  I am from
>Poland and descent from the Slavic tribe "Polians" who gave the nation
>Poland it name in 400 A.D.  The Slavic tribe the "Polians" had lived in
>the area and the Ukraine since 200A.D.  What is the origin of the Slavic
>people from the Tenach??  Poland mean dweller of the plains..   IF YOU

 From a Brit-Am perspective peoples we identified as being significantly
"Israelite" such as the Celts, Goths, Vandals,
Agathyrsi, Khazars, and others were in Poland and later others including
refugees from the Scottish Highlands,
and many Jews also settled there.  Nevertheless most of the Polish people
in the modern sense were not  Israelites.
It may be that , similar to the case in Germany, those who migrated to the
USA etc were of different origins to those who stayed behind.
Slavic peoples on the whole were usually identified as descended from
Japhet  with infusions from Canaan,  Edom, Moab, and Amon,
and others. Craig White suggests that many from Poland descend from Elam
the son of Shem.
It is natural for someone who identifies as an Israelite to wish that all
those with whom he is connected
geographically and ancestrally should also belong but in some cases this
does not accord with reality.

4. Israel Feld: Message from Susia in the Hebron Hills

        Dear Yair, It was wonderful meeting you this week in Jerusalem. I
most appreciated your short discourse on the geography of France.  With
regards to a comment I heard during the course of the evening about recent
criticism of  Britam.  Let me say this.  First off, I always try to only
speak warmly and friendly to all, but with regards to those recently heard
slanders and misrepresentations that has been spread of  Britam, it is most
important to take into consideration the source of the criticism or more
specifically,  WHO is behind the attack.   Show me who your enemies are and
I'll tell you WHO you are!  It is impossible to answer all the many
questions, bridge all the many gaps,or even understand the various
differences.  Our job is to make people aware of who they are and where the
come from and to try by the study of the words of the prophets and the
teachings of our fathers to understand what we can maybe expect in the
future.  Allow me to even saw the NEAR future.   That is an important
point. It is not always possible to come to terms with the knowledge of who
we are and where we came from and where we are going with the present
reality of where we are and what our personal situation may be.   It is
crucial to remember that we are all, no matter how diverse our personal
situation may be, united  by the common denominator of being part of the
people of Israel, the sons and daughters of Jacob, our father, and together
we went down into Egypt and there we forged into ONE  nation.   Judah the
tribe, MUST be faithful to the law of the Torah.

Those  who are against us at Britam are irrelevant since they act not out
of any Torah view.  Remember, Yair, our job is to make people, our people,
AWARE not solve all the problems or answer  everything. Leave that  for
Eliyahu HA"navi and to Meshiach. With love of Israel and with warm personal
regards to you.  Your faithful servant of Israel,   Yisroel

  5. Lynne McGuire: More on Ireland
Subject: 376

I was relieved to hear that the Irish  question was not Brit-Am's stance.
Maybe I am straining at swallowing a gnat,but because both  of  my
grandfathers people were from Ireland;one from Dublin[with in the pale] and
the other from county Cork [as south as you can go].
  My father could recite  Irish history ,as his grandmother before him,

The McGuires or Maguires that were in county cork,had not started there the
were original from the north .They lost [the tribe]the leadership when they
lost the battle to Mauvue and she moved into Tara hall .they were drive out.
G-d put a curse on Ephraim and Irish history,as well as
Scotland etc.has certainly had the things from G-d's curse happen.- their
behaviours were certainly alike.
As to the south not recognizing there Jewish roots that is not true. My
grandfather's friends and business associates always told him the Irish were
a lost tribe and he thought it true. My father also felt the same .
Both my Father and my Mother grew up in a subdivision in Montreal that was
93% Jewish and when they were transferred to the Maritimes it wasn't to long
before they had Jewish friendships again.The pull was so strong that even
the Rabbi and his wife would drop in most nights in the summer, to see my
mother, after their walk.
So it is very difficult for me to see parts of Ireland painted with a broom
and declared a fact before related evidence is in and behaviours are
analysed for the origin and a label of anti- Semitism slapped on an
observation not investigated. Ignorance of the whole picture inn southern
Ireland I could swallow much easier.
I also have difficulty with pinpoint what tribe is in what part of the
country,when you are dealing with such a small land . To expect the
population to remain static in all those years just doesn't cut it for me.

It is too bad that the Celtic language is almost extinct in Ireland and
Scotland for I think we would find like they did in Wales that the language
was the old Hebrew spoken by the tribe of Ephraim 1500+ years ago.

Another point that should be considered and researched is where the
migrations were from in the 1800s. I think Armagh and Cork were the two with
the highest numbers. Cork is where the boats left from most
Frequently.considering this would put a new twist on the Joseph theory and
This is getting more intriguing !

Just a few thoughts!


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