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April 28, 2004
1. Request for Funds and Tithing
2. "Achim Acharim" off the Presses.
3. Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Mixes in Britain
4. Southern Ireland and the future President Hertzog
5. Theodor Opatowski: Levites dominate?
6.Circumcision blocks HIV
7. Questions on Judaism

1. Request for Funds and Tithing
Our Request for Funds only applies to those who belief  in Brit-Am Identity
and the importance of this knowledge.
We frequently make requests for funds since we need
money to function in the same way as any other organization
does. We have expenses the same as anybody else
and Brit-Am is a worthy cause to support since we provide a service
that increases Bible awareness, Hebrew arousal, and the general good.
We also work for present co-operation and the eventual re-union of Judah
and Joseph
as well as the present good and fulfillment of the Divine given roles of
both Houses.
The situation may be difficult for us at times (and at other times reasonable)
but if we raise money we raise it for Brit-Am
and request people to give because they believe in Brit-Am.
We need money both to function and also to spread the Brit-Am message.
Our opinion (according to the sources) is that both Israelites and
non-Israelites should tithe
and amongst the possibilities to whom the tithe may be given should be
included Brit-Am.

One should give tithes.   Through tithing it is promised a blessing will be

2. "Achim Acharim" off the Presses.
The Hebrew-language Brit-Am book "Achim Acharim" should be ready today or tomorrow.

3. Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Mixes in Britain
Recent studies indicate that in England the Anglo-Saxon invaders
came to comprise about half the population while the other half
were "Celtic". The following study is interesting in that it also indicates
that at the time of the Anglo-Saxon invasions of England there also
occurred a movement
of "Celitc" people into regions that the Anglo-Saxons were occupying.

Teeth unravel Anglo-Saxon legacy

By Paul Rincon
BBC News Online science staff

History books say Anglo-Saxons replaced the Britons in England
New scientific research adds to growing evidence that the Anglo-Saxons did
not replace the native population in England as history books suggest.
The data indicates at least some areas of eastern England absorbed very few
Anglo-Saxon invaders, contrary to the view in many historical accounts.

Chemical analysis of human teeth from a Medieval cemetery in Yorkshire
found few individuals of continental origin.

Details of the work are described in the scholarly journal Antiquity.

  There are practices that are being adopted from continental Europe. To
what extent is that a movement of people (into Britain)? Probably not that much

Dr Paul Budd, University of Durham
Researchers from the University of Durham and the British Geological Survey
looked at different types of the elements strontium and oxygen in the teeth
of 24 skeletons from an early Anglo-Saxon cemetery at West Heslerton, North
Yorkshire that spans the fifth to the seventh centuries AD.

These types, or isotopes, of oxygen in local drinking water vary across
Europe and locally within the British Isles.

The differences are influenced by latitude, altitude, distance from the sea
and, to a lesser extent, mean annual temperature.

Invasion of ideas

This characteristic isotope composition gets set in people's teeth before
they are 12 years of age, and can therefore be used by scientists to
pinpoint a person's geographical origin.

Of the 24 individuals sampled, a possible four had oxygen isotope values
outside the range for the British Isles. Following improvements in
calibration, the group now believes only one individual was from
continental Europe.

The results support the view of other researchers that the introduction of
Anglo-Saxon culture and language into Britain did not occur through
large-scale replacement of native populations by invading tribes.

The isotopic composition of teeth can pinpoint geographical origin
It seems more likely that there was a small-scale immigration from
continental Europe and that the existing British population adopted the
customs of these outsiders as their own.

"There are practices that are being adopted from continental Europe. To
what extent is that a movement of people (into Britain)? Probably not that
much," Dr Paul Budd of the University of Durham told BBC News Online.

But the team did find evidence for migration into the area from other parts
of Britain during the period. While the isotopic composition of Bronze Age
remains from West Heslerton matched local drinking water isotope
compositions, the early Medieval group were more varied.

Of the 20 locals, 13 had oxygen isotope signals consistent with an origin
west of the Pennines. Dr Budd puts this down to upheaval amongst the
British population after the Romans withdrew their armies and
administrators from the country in the fifth century AD.

"At the end of the Roman period there was a huge collapse of a
centuries-long organisation, in government and in how the landscape was
used. The population moves off elsewhere to exploit the landscape for

The Anglo-Saxons supposedly began migrating into Britain en masse from the
fifth century. Their culture and language has long formed the basis for
English national identity.

Genetic support

The findings broadly agree with a large genetic survey of the British Isles
published in 2003. The study, led by Professor David Goldstein of
University College London, found that the genetic stamp of the Anglo-Saxons
on the British Isles was weaker than expected.

Patterns of oxygen isotopes vary greatly within UK drinking water

Enlarge Image

Professor Goldstein attributes less than half of the paternal input in
England to Anglo-Saxon migration.

"I don't think there ever was evidence for a massive population
replacement. From the genetics, it's pretty clear there was not complete
replacement on the paternal side in England," Professor Goldstein told BBC
News Online.

"Studies like this suggest that the number of individuals that came over is
small and even in burial sites that are Anglo-Saxon culturally, they're
actually natives."

However, Dr Neal Bradman, also of University College London, suggested
that, since the teeth of immigrants' descendents would take on the isotopic
composition of the local area, it was impossible to know whether the
burials were of Britons or not without conducting genetic analysis.

4. Southern Ireland and the future President Hertzog
Dear Yair ,

Concerning Southern Ireland  my husband David was a pupil at Wesley College
where one of the former Presidents of Israel attended 1930's , President
Hertzog, sorry if I have the name wrong. There were many Jewish pupils who
attended Wesley College and some were in his class at school and this was
in Dublin.

David and Lynda Crawford

5. Theodor Opatowski: Levites dominate?
   Re: The Tribes

It should be pointed out that at the split between Judah and the 'ten
tribes' only the cities of Judah remained with Rehoboam.

"As for the Children of Israel that dwelt in the cities of Judah, Rehoboam
reigned over them." (1 Kings 12:17)

These were likely to have been mainly Levite cities (since only Levi dwelt
in cities) with a mixture of all the other tribes, though probably more of
Judah and Benjamin than of the others.    From then on the 'Kingdom of
Judah' became predominantly urban in nature and was centered on the Temple
and the monarchy.

The 'ten' tribes on the other hand remained predominantly agricultural and
land oriented in their wanderings.   Indeed that is why they were forced to
migrate, time and time again, until they found a defencible country in the
British Isles.

And there, as the hymn says, they tried to build Jerusalem in that green and
pleasant land.

Theodor Opatowski

6 .Circumcision blocks HIV
From: "Hiberi"

Circumcision Seen as Method to Block HIV Infection

Thu Mar 25, 7:06 PM ET

LONDON (Reuters) - Circumcised men are less likely to be infected with the
virus that causes AIDS  because of biological reasons and not less risky
behavior, scientists said on Friday.

Studies have shown that men whose foreskin has been removed are six to
eight times less likely to become HIV  positive but there has been some
debate about the reason for the lower infection rate.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University Medical School in Baltimore,
Maryland found that circumcision had a protective effect against HIV, but
not against other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as syphilis
or gonorrhoea.

"The specificity of this relation suggests a biological rather than
behavioral explanation for the protective effect of male circumcision
against HIV," Dr Robert Bollinger said in a report in The Lancet medical
journal. Although male circumcision is common in the United States, the
practice varies throughout the world and is influenced by cultural and
religious attitudes.

Bollinger and his team studied men in India, where circumcision is not
common, between 1993 and 2000. All of the 2,298 men were attending one of
three sexually transmitted disease clinics and were HIV negative at the
start of the study. Their HIV status and risk behavior were assessed

"These data confirm previous findings that male circumcision reduces the
risk of HIV acquisition," said Bollinger.

Because circumcision did not prevent the men from infection with other
STIs, Bollinger believes the study supports the hypothesis that protection
is due to the removal of the foreskin, which contains cells that have HIV
receptors which scientists suspect are the primary entry point for the
virus into the penis.

"Our results suggest that the foreskin has an important role in the biology
of sexual transmission of HIV," he said.

Some researchers have recommended male circumcision as a means to prevent
the spread of HIV. Bollinger and his team called for clinical trials, where
culturally acceptable, to assess the safety and effectiveness of male
circumcision as a toll against AIDS.

They also stressed the need for new compounds to block the entry of the
virus into the cell.

7. Questions on Judaism
Brit-Am is occupied with research concerning Israelite Brit-Am Identity and
spreading knowledge of the research results. We concentrate on clarifying the TRUTH concerning
a specific subject  and spreading the resultant information. We are not missionaries of
Judaism, nor do we come to
explain Judaism or defend it. Nevertheless since we do use a Jewish
perspective (along with other
viewpoints) we are sometimes requested to explain certain matters in general.
Concerning the Talmud:
The Talmud is a collection of legal discussion, philosophical observations,
legends, traditions, and more. It is raw material presented for discussion and not
in itself binding but rather points of consideration prior to conclusions being reached.

A lot of incorrect things are said about the Talmud and those whi wish to
know more may go to:

If you want to know what Judaism DOES say in a legal sense on a certain issue
you may be advised toi see what Maimonides wrote in his legal code:
This code may be available somewhere on the Net and also may be found
in  good English translation and enlightening commentary
in the series:
Mishneh Torah - Hard 27-Volume Series
by <javascript:void(0)>Moses Maimonides Edited by Rabbi Eliyahu Touger
This is 27 volumes and somewhat expensive but individual volumes
dealing with specific areas of inquiry may be purchased.

If you want to know what mainstream Orthodox  traditional consensus is
such matters as Divine Will, death, resurrection, prophecy, Messiah, etc
then I would recommend
Kaplan, Aryeh. Handbook of Jewish Thought. Maznaim Publishing Corp  2 volumes

If you want to know what Judaism, the Bible, Talmud, archaeology, linguistics,
history, etc say about where the Lost Ten Tribes are today and what their
goals should be then we at Brit-Am are the  address.

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