"Brit-Am Now"-382

April 1, 2004
1. North England Finds
2. Swedish Support
3. America = Tarshish?
4. Phoenician Finds in Spain
5.  Treasures found in Tiberias
6. Surname Distributions in USA, Cornwall, Ireland, and the Isle of Man
7. Historical Developments and The Last Days

1. North England Finds
Message from Nick Szkiler, UK
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-380
Dear Yair,

What an exciting e-mail from you this morning!

In section 3 of Britam 380 you mention the research at West Heslerton.
That's 2 miles from my home. I mentioned to you in my last e-mail that in
1950 a local archaeologist discovered an Iron-age period 1 fortified
farmstead about 24 centuries old. That site is less than 1 mile from here,
and midway between my farm, and West Heslerton. The research at West
Hesleron has been going on since 1978 and is one of the biggest
archaeological projects of it's kind in the world.

Last week the archaeologist Dominic Powseland who has worked on the West
Heslerton project for 25 years, called at the farm and brought me some of
his research. I shared with him some of your work, and he was quite
fascinated by the 'Lost tribes' theory.  He is an international authority
on Anglo-Saxon archaeology, and seemed very interested in the work you have
been doing.

He has brought to my attention an ancient religious site at West Heslerton,
which was in use possibly since the Iron age, and was certainly still in
use during the later Roman occupation. Coinage found on the site, dates a
large Roman building built on the site to around 340AD. Whatever activity
was going on there, more than 30,000 sherds of Roman pottery have been
found there, and the very worn pebble surfaces and food debris indicate
that large numbers of people visited.

It may be unconnected, but it is interesting to note that Emperor
Constantine was Crowned some 25 miles away at York. This site was probably
in use during his reign as Emperor.

kind regards

Nick Szkiler

2. Swedish Support

  Orjan Svensson <orjan.svensson@mbox300.swipnet.se>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-381

During the last decade there has been a mass migration
of muslims from countries like Iraq, Iran, Bosnia etc to
Sweden. They are mainly concentrating in the big cities
Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malm .
In Malm many of these muslims have been involved in
anti-Israel rallies, demonstrations and so on.
There has also been a campaign in Malm against Israeli
goods in the stores. The campaigners want people to stop buying goods
produced in Israel.
But so far these campaigners are not
winning. To the contrary the amount of Israeli produced
fruits, vegetables and so on has increased in the supermarkets
and stores in Malm after the PLO-sympathizers started their


3. America = Tarshish?
Dear Yair,
An archaeologist recently tested Egyptian royal mummies for different drugs
and was astounded to find traces of cocaine and nicotine in several mummies
after repeated tests.  The coca leaf, a New World plant,  was not ever grown
in ancient Egypt-- which indicates that it was imported from the New World,
meaning that Tarshish may well have been Brazil/Peru.   I believe that the
nicotine plant was native to America and not grown in ancient Europe or the
Middle East--but I could be wrong..
  Also, the remains of an ancient roman ship were recently found off the
coast of Brazil, indicating that the ancients practiced  trade across the
Atlantic, although they probably did it sporadically.
Carla Kruytbosch

4. Phoenician Finds in Spain

Yesterday was reported in the Andalucian Public TV, that an ongoing salvage
excavation in downtown Cadiz is revealing phoenician pottery and
(presently) animal bones and curiously mutilated horns,. The archeologists
involved have provisionally dated the remains around middle/late IX c. BC
(for what I could gather based on , at least some sardinian pottery found
there. Blame inacuracies to me ) That seems to reverse the trend to
downdating the founding date Gades (IIRC the earliest date inferred lately
in Gades was around 750 BC). The dig appears to be a pit (a burial ?) 5
meters below current surface.
   A link to short web note
   BTW. Are there in the ANE witnesses of any ritual/procedure involving
cutting  the tips of bull horns, as they have appeared in Cadiz?
   Werner Ll cer

5. Treasures found in Tiberias

Ancient Tiberias' nickname of the "treasured city" was further justified
when the remains of a perfume workshop and store were discovered at an
archaeological dig in the area yesterday. Among the findings were a stone
used for crushing plants, a clay pitcher, a small clay bottle, and a small
bronze spoon, all of which apparently date back to the ninth century.
Weizman Institute researchers are to visit the site today to shed light on
which perfumes were in fact produced there. (Eli Ashkenazi)

6. Surname Distributions in USA, Cornwall, Ireland, and the Isle of Man
Surname Distributions in USA
Surname Distributions of Cornwall, Ireland, and the Isle of Man

7. Historical Developments and The Last Days
Christopher Dyer recently published estimates
of the population of Britain in Ancient times:
300 - 4 million (Roman Britain)
600 - 1 to 1.5 million (population nadir)
1086 - 2 million (Domesday book)
1300 - 5 to 6 million
1400 - 2.5 million

We see that the population went up and down. It appears that in some areas
the differences were even more extreme than in others.
It would seem that populations can change, i.e.
originally Tom, John, and Harry had equal shares in the population
but due to differences in their survival rates it may be that in the end
times most of the people mostly derive from say Harry.

This from a Brit-Am point of view could be significant as to why in the
blessings to the Tribes
it was emphasized that the blessings would be most apparent towards the
Last Days.

"GATHER YOURSELVES TOGETHER": To receive the full blessings we need unity.
"IN THE LAST DAYS" This prophecy was pertinent to the Latter Time prior to
the Messianic Era. Many believe that we are in the times spoken of.