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April 4, 2004
1. Meteor Strike in the Past?
2. Brit-Am Now Archives
3. New Brit-Am Type Site
4. Message from Steve Mathe
5. Hebrew Words and Expressions
6. Pesach

1. Meteor Strike in the Past?
From: Katrina Peterson
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-382
Dear Yair, I am a reader from Chillicothe, Ohio.  I would love to make some
interesting comments but felt you might like to read from the website
yourself regarding the ancient British peoples.  The information on the
website speaks of a meteor strike in the area of Britain which killed a
significant portion of its inhabitants, which may account for the up and
downs in population.  The website is http://www.arthurinamerica.com

Sincerely,  Katrina Peterson

2. Brit-Am Now Archives
Previous Postings of  "Brit-Am Now" may be viewed

3. New Brit-Am Type Site
Brit-Am supporter Steve Mathe has produced a new site
I have not yet gone through all the articles on this site but from what I
have seen it is well
worth visiting.

4. Message from Steve Mathe
Subject: Announcement

By God's grace, I am happy to announce the new website Yached Levavenu /
Unite Our Heart at: >http://www.uniteourheart.com<.
It is designed to galvanize our united effort to help access Divine
Guidance for the returning Ten Tribes.
It specifically addresses the early contingent of returnees with
perspectives culled from the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings.
Its small collection of articles is a primer and starter for collecting and
disseminating the Guidance we are sent. We hope, that we are one of the
roadsigns along the way of t'shuvah / repentance to further the return of
the Ten Tribes to the Covenant we all made at Mt. Sinai.

Due to technical difficulties, we may not be able to get two timely
messages uploaded to the website before it goes public sometime Sunday
California time.  We ask that this Pesach, everyone think about the
possibility that the larger piece of the middle matza, the Afikomen, could
very well signify the Ten Tribes, disguised by a "Greek / gentile name," as
the "hidden" larger, "broken off" part of  Israel, that was to be hidden
till her "resurrection from the spiritually dead."  Also, Yached Levavenu
asks that all join / stand  in the prayer effort promoted by the Young
Israel Council of Rabbis. It consist of praying the entire Book of Psalms,
during the days of Counting the Omer, about two Psalms a day, every day,
till all finished between 16 Nissan / April 7th, and Sivan 5/ May 25th.
May the God of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov enable us to hear and act on His
message to us.
Yours for the restoration of Klal [ALL] Israel,
Steve Mathe

5. Hebrew Words and Expressions

Someone complained about different correspondents using Hebrew expressions
that not all our subscribers understand.
There is nothing we can do about this except here and there insert in
squared [  ]   brackets English explanations.
We would also request those who write to us and know some Hebrew to be
aware that most of our readership have not yet reached that stage.

6. Pesach

Tomorrow evening begins the feast of Pesach (Passover). I am going to
visit  family for a few days.
Over the next week or so I will be receiving mail but not so active.
Brit-Am needs your support.

From: Wayne Laurence
Subject: Tartan Day 2004


  From the Scottish Executive

America and Canada's National Tartan Day on April 6 has a strong resonance
in modern Scotland - New Zealand and Australia celebrate Tartan Day on July

Since 1998, the date has been officially recognised by the US Senate as a
celebration of the contribution generations of Scots-Americans have made to
the character and prosperity of the United States.

It is a fortunate coincidence that 1998 was also the year of the passing of
the Scotland Act which re-established a Scottish Parliament the following
year after an interval of almost three centuries.
Many have said the influence of Scots on America had been immense, quite
out of proportion for a country with a population of just five million.

President Woodrow Wilson, the son of a Scots Presbyterian minister, said:
"Every line in America's history is a line coloured by Scottish blood."

In the USA there are over 20 million people who claim Scots descent, and
most take pride in the transatlantic connection.

Today St Andrews Societies, Clan associations, Caledonian clubs and Burns
Suppers are the most obvious signs of continued Scots influence on modern
day America.

The Tunes of Glory event in 2002, with 10,000 pipers and drummers marching
in the streets of New York, was a magnificent spectacle that captured the
imagination of the world.

But behind the tartan, modern Scotland also makes an impact in the global
economy as an aspiring leader in many areas of modern science and technology.

The truth is that Scotland, as a constituent part of the United Kingdom,
has been reinvigorated by its new Parliament which has radically changed
the political landscape. In three short years the Parliament has found a
personality and has become a focal point in Scotland.

And at the same time, of course, the world comes to Scotland as a
world-class tourist destination.

In historical terms much of the basis for today's political system in
Scotland was done here in Edinburgh during the 18th century.

The Scottish Enlightenment was very influential across Europe and helped to
shape the thinking behind the American constitution.

As did the principles found in the earlier Declaration of Arbroath from
1320. The anniversary of its signing is the date on which Tartan Day is held.

Common sense philosophy, and the belief that any man is as good as his
master, and that the people reign supreme. These democratic traditions
still unite us today in the 21st century.

The links between Scotland and America, both historic and contemporary, run
deep and remain strong.

Tartan Day is now firmly part of the US calendar and a welcome signal that
the Scots-American relationship can only strengthen in the 21st century.

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