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April 21, 2004
1. Megalithic Monuments: New Evidence
2. Symbols of Joseph officially used by USA and UK
3. Sceath
4.Royalty and Circumcision
5. Question on Psalm 2: Messiah son of Joseph and the Ten Tribes

1. Megalithic Monuments: New Evidence
In our work "Ephraim" and our commentary on Jeremiah as well as in other
publications we have pointed out
how the dolmen megalithic monument path leading from the Land of Israel to
the West is a proof of the Israelite
origin of  several Western peoples.
       Jeremiah (31;21) refers to dolmens which are large stones set table
fashion over others and often covered by large piles of rocks and stone.
The dolmens and other related stone monuments form a connecting link
between Israel, Britain, West France, and Scandinavia. More dolmens (over
5000!) have been found in Denmark than in any other country. On the other
hand the oldest dolmens are believed to be those of Israel. More than
20,000 megalithic monuments of all types (including dolmens) have been
found in the Land of Israel especially on the eastern "Jordanian" side
since for various reasons those on the west were destroyed by local
inhabitants. The verse in effects links "dolmens" with "Ephraim".

             Hofman ("Olam HaTanach"): <<The Prophet calls upon the Exiles
to indicate with special signs their pathway into Exile, in order that they
may quickly return to the land by the path they went in. This method of
marking a pathway is practiced unto this day.How would they know to find
the way in Biblical Times? How would they describe the way of journey or
the border line? It appears that in Biblical times to was accepted practice
to make note of prominent features.>>

Abarbanel: <<The prophet therefore spoke concerning the Kingdom of Israel
[of the Ten Tribes] SET THEE UP WAYMARKS saying that when you g into Exile
make signs by the routes and waymarks like piles of rocks [i.e. cairns] or
stone monuments [Hebrew: Matzavah, i.e. dolmen] so that you may set your
heart to the route and remember in order that you may return in the way you
went in, return to your city.>>

The "WAYMARKS" the Prophet is referring to were megalithic monuments. These
monuments we believe were set up by Israelites and we have some proof for
this belief. Even however if the monuments in question were not set up by
Israelites but had existed previously the fact remains that they happened
to all lie along the path of Israelite migration westward. It is this fact
that Jeremiah is telling the Israelites (i.e. he is telling us) to take
note of.
             The word translated above as "WAYMARKS" in the original Hebrew
is "Tzionim" which strictly speaking means "signs" but in spoken Hebrew is
usually used to denote a stone erection marking a grave or event.
             The most literal explanation of this verse amongst the
Classical Authoritative Rabbinical Commentators is that given by the
"Radak" (Rabbi David Kimchi, 1157-1236) of Narbonne, France. The Radak says:

             "SET YOURSELF UP WAYMARKS" (Jeremiah 31): This was directed to
the Community of Israel, that in the generation when they would be exiled
they should set up waymarks [i.e. "tsionim"] such as PILED-UP STONES OR
STONE MONUMENTS. The purpose of these monuments was to mark the paths [of
migration for the sake of future recognition]. The meaning was to say that
even though you will be exiled, hope is not lost and you are still destined
to return to these your cities. "MAKE YOURSELF HIGH HEAPS" [Hebrew:
"tamrurim"]. The same message is repeated though the wording is changed
since both "tamrurim" [i.e. "high heaps"] and "tsionim" (i.e. "waymarks")
connote elevated-height [from the root "tamar"]...

             Bearing in mind that according to the previous verse (31;20)
Jeremiah is addressing himself to Ephraim, the verse in Jeremiah 31;21 may
therefore be understood to say:

             "Set yourself up stone monuments [menhirs, dolmens] and high
heaps of stones [cairns] [i.e. "Megalithic" monuments!]. Set your heart
towards the prepared way: The way in which you went. Turn back o virgin of
Israel, return unto these cities of yours.
The verse (Jeremiah 31;12) may therefore in the Hebrew be understood
further as saying:

Dolmens and other Megalithic Monuments are mainly ascribed to the
Megalithic Era or Late Stone Age.
We claim that most of them belong to the Later Bronze and Iron Age which
are the periods following Israelite Exile.
This is one of the few instances where our studies seriously depart from
conventionally accepted academic conclusions.

  The evidence on the ground actually justifies our position as the experts
sometimes admit as seen
in the following instance taken from Swedish and North German finds: That
speak of stone circles once ascribed to the Stone Age and now admitted to
pertain to the period around 500 CE or later and be associated with the
of people from the Scandinavian and what was once the Anglo-Saxon and
related area.
We are not dealing with the particular significance of the finds at this stage
only with the fact that our beliefs concerning Megalithic monuments
and their Israelite association are viable.

<<In case of the four stone rings at Boitin, scholars for a long time
believe them to belong to the megalithic period (i.e. late stone age,
early iron age). However, the discovery of early iron age urns inside
the rings prompted excavations under some of the stones, which showed
that these stones were sitting on early iron age pottery fragments.
These fragments fell into the earth before the stones were set,
probably even during contruction. Hence, the dating to the early iron
age and pre-Roman iron age is fairly secure for the Boitin monument.>>

Sahlström made a thorough investigation on these in Vestergötland Swedish

He came to the conclusion:

All of the "Domarringar can be dated to "Volkerwanderung age", in
Sweden 400-550.
Add to the standing
stone-circles starting in Norway and going straight over Sweden and the
Baltic to the mouth of Vistula and stopping there. The same in Denmark
from Bornholm to the area between Oder and Elbe and stopping. Those
constructions in Scandinavia are dated from around 400 BC and to the
Migration Period. On the continent they are Migration period.

2. Symbols of Joseph officially used by USA and UK

Every Tribe had its own special standard as mentioned in the Biblical Book
of Number.
The Midrash (Numbers Rabah 2:7) said that Joseph in general was represented
by a picture of Egypt:
Ephraim by a bull; Menasseh by a unicorn.
The Great Seal (official symbol) of the USA (as seen on the dollar bill)
has a picture of the pyramid. When one sees a pyramid one thinks of Egypt.
We have mentioned this several times.
A fact that somehow missed me all these years was that Britain
ALSO has an official seal and the seal of Britain depicts a sphinx,
an Egyptian sphinx. This too can be considered a "picture of Egypt".
Both Britain and the USA, the two major nations of Joseph, therefore
have as their official emblems a "picture of Egypt". As far as I know they
are the only nations in the world that use such symbols.
The original source for this information I found in an article by
Jack  Hertzog that will soon appear in our magazine, "Brit-Am Truth".
After doing a web search I found that William F. Dankenbring had also
mentioned this fact in an interesting article on the subject:
Mottoes and Symbols of Ephraim-America
The symbols and Great Seal of the United States, and the American
Flag, "Old Glory," have a fascinating history and origin. The terms "G.I.
Joe," and "Uncle Sam," have an amazing origin. More evidence that
America is indeed the Biblical tribe of Ephraim, the second son of Jo-
seph, son of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham!

William F. Dankenbring

The British seal has two of the ancient standards or flags of Israel -- the
lion and the unicorn (or bull). On the front side of the British seal is a
lion, symbol of the tribe of Judah, which was to bear the kingship (I
Chron.5:1-2), and the unicorn.

The obverse side of the Royal Seal of Britain shows the Sphinx of Egypt.
The obverse side of the American Seal pictures the Great Pyramid.

3. Sceath
The early Anglo-Saxons said they were descended from
Sheld Sheathing or Sceath who was identified with Shem.
According to our findings Sceath was actually Joseph.

4.Royalty and Circumcision
From: David Ben-Ariel <davidbenariel@famvid.com>


See www.moheljoel.com/pdf/circ_decision.pdf:
Queen Victoria, convinced that the British royal family was decended from
King David, had her male offspring circumcised. This tradition continued
through Edward VII, the Duke of Windsor, and Charles, the current Prince of
Wales, who was circumcised by a well-known physician and Windsor, mohel,
Dr. Jacob Snowman. This tradition of British royalty has now ended,
however. The young princes William and Henry are "intact," in keeping with
current fashion. Currently, newborn circumcision is not a benefit covered
by the British health service.

See http://funspot.net/malka/:
Crown Prince Charles Circumcised by a London Mohel

London (JTA)-Crown Prince Charles, son of Princess Elizabeth and heir to
the British throne, was circumcised in Buckingham Palace by Rabbi Jacob
Snowman, official Mohel of the London Jewish community.

See http://www.refsyn.org.uk/rsgb-artman/publish/article_253.shtml
The permanent appearance change of the circumcised male has served as a
mark, in different cultures, of different meanings. In the British Royal
Family it is the mark of royalty, in the Jewish tradition, the mark of a
covenant between man and God ( Genesis Ch 16).

5. Question on Psalm 2: Messiah son of Joseph and the Ten Tribes
Someone sent me a question that I accidentally deleted so therefore
have no record who sent it and must apologize.
The question was based on our commentary to psalm 2 in which we said
that some considered the Psalm to refer to David and others to the future
Messiah. The question was, Could not both opinions be true?
The answer is, Yes.
David (who composed the Psalm) was inspired and similar to a Prophet.
From his own life-time experiences he gave expression to the effect they
had had on him and therefore reflect himself. In addition due to the elevated
spiritual consciousness of David the event and situation described serves as Prototypes for that
which will occur in the future in the figure of his descendant who coming out from him was therefore
enclosed within him from the beginning.

Incidentally, one (and only one out of very many) Midrashic source says that
Psalm 2 (or at least part of it) is referring to the Messiah son of Joseph
who is both the representative  and future leader of the Lost Ten Tribes.
This opens possibilities that may be worth bearing in mind but not
necessarily taken too seriously unless additional evidence in this direction becomes available.

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