"Brit-Am Now"- 394

April 29, 2004

1. Brit-Am on Radio
2. Some Reactions to Brit-Am on the radio
3. Steve Mathe: Unite Our Hearts
4. Feet  and Origin: Is there a Tribal Foot?
5. What is the Replacement Theory?
6. The Book of Jashar
7. Anti-Semites, Eccentrics, and all the rest.

3. Steve Mathe: Unite Our Hearts
A very impressive, inspiring, and potentially important message may be seen at

4. Feet  and Origin: Is there a Tribal Foot?
Roman toes, Celtic Toes, Iron Age British Toes, and Saxon Toes or rather feet in general.
An interesting site discusses the differences:

5. What is the Replacement Theory?
The following Query Was Recently Directed to a Certain Group.
It sums up what Replacement Theology is.:
From: CT
Subject: Church Replacement Theory
On the idea that it is OK to destroy (or not support) Israel, because the
church God loves and will preserve is the New Testament one and not in
addition to the Jewish nation.

6. The Book of Jashar
  The Book of Jashar (Hebrew: Sefer HaYashar) is referred to in the Bible.
The name means "Book of the Upright".
Some commentators say it is another name for the Book of Genesis.
Conceivably another work could be intended.
A medieval book by the same name has recently become popular in English translation.
This book is a collection of legends and midrashim and embellishments.
It is entertaining as it was intended to be and contain some genuine
material that is worth becoming acquainted with
and other things that seem doubtful. It was never fully accepted by the
general trend of Jewish thought but neither
as far as I know was it ever expressly rejected. I do not know to what
extent it was ever expected to be taken seriously.
We have quoted from it in the past since it does contain some useful
material  though I have only read parts of it.
How is this pertinent to Brit-Am?
Recently some dysfunctional people have taken this Midrash-based book and
said it is the work mentioned
in the Bible and they have been quoting a legend it contains out of context.
The legend says that before the Children of Israel came out of Egypt a
group of Ephraimites attempted to go ahead on their
own about 30 years before the appointed time and they were killed by the  Philistines.
This may be true or it may not. There are hints of Israelites attempting to
set themselves in the Land of Canaan
while most of their brothers were still in Egypt. We discussed this in our
book "Lost Israelite Identity".
The people in question based on the above legend in the 'Book of Jashar"
have been claiming that now there is a plot to get Ephraimites to come to
Israel in  order for the Palestinians (Philistines) to finish them off and
thus obviate a  potential Missionary menace.
Let us be quite honest and clear:
No-one (apart from Brit-Am and maybe a few others) at the moment wants
Ephraimites to come to Israel.
Even Brit-Am wants to concentrate firstly on getting Judah better
acquainted with the whole concept of
If anything it has been people from "Ephraim" who up to now have been
strongly expressing their wish to come here.

At all events Brit-Am is on your side and at your service.
Those of you from "Ephraim" who are aware of your origins should support  Brit-Am.

7. Anti-Semites, Eccentrics, and all the rest.
Brit-Am beliefs are true ones. They are also for the ultimate good of Judah
as well as of Joseph.
Since they involve the true benefit of Judah anti-semites will attack them.
Because we speak the truth lovers of lies will attack us.
This part of what is involved.
Brit-Am beliefs  are suggestive of a revolutionary
all-encompassing new solution to many of the quandaries of the world today.
Our beliefs are not conventional and so people who are open to unusual
ideas will
also be open to them. Eccentrics will be attracted to us and we ourselves
may not always be as careful in our associations and opinions as we should be.
We will make mistakes as we have done on occasion in the past.
Any new idea that is true yet drastically different from the commonly held
conceptions will be subject to the same influences and face the same dangers.


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