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April 30, 2004

1.Yached Levavenu / Unite Our Heart website
2. Comment about Radio Show from Australia
3. Brit-Am Contacts with other "Identity" groups

1.Yached Levavenu / Unite Our Heart website
From: Steve Mathe <shenabav@dslextreme.com>
Subject: Re: Links not working
RE: "Brit-Am Now"-394

Thank you for notifying Yair re the links not working on the Yached
Levavenu / Unite Our Heart website.
...Sometimes long links do not work.
Sometimes when we have a long address, the links do not work.
  is the simplest address and  people can
just explore and read the index and all the articles and find what they
want, e.g. the Mishkan and the lechem panim, although all the articles hang
together and one needs to read all of them to get a sense of the website:
to obtain Divine Guidance for our return to the Torah.

Please try http://uniteourheart.com, and look for the articles ..
mentioned.  I recommend you read the About article first, and then the
Foundation articles. They  lay out the "foundations" for the purpose of the
website: to obtain Divine guidance for our return to the Torah and the God
of Israel.
I will be adding other articles.  One of them will be asking for feedback
on the articles themselves and also the developments that occur, i.e.
answers readers receive once they have applied the recommendations of the
articles. I am most interested in all opinions, since I will be sharing
developments with the list. So, please enter your address to be notified of
changes on the website.

Yours for the Restoration of All Israel,
Steve Mathe

2. Comment about Radio Show from Australia

         G`day Yair,
Was great to hear you on radio.

I was suprised  when I heard your voice, you have a great accent.

Overall you two, covered the subject well,for a short space of time.

Some sugestion though:try to better explain that their are many

non Jewish people who love the Jewish people & the old land.

Explain better the blessings passed on to the various tribes.

Particulary the blessings passed on to Josephs two sons.The

influence & significance this has had on the Jewish people.How

it`s  Ishmaels & Isaus modern day descendents that have hate & anger against

the Jewish people, wanting to kill & steal land, not the descendents of the

Well Done  Regards,



3. Brit-Am Contacts with other "Identity" groups

>         have your group ever had contact with the Aryan Nations or other
> British Israelism groups.
>If so,what type of dialogue transpired,and do you agree on any of their
>racial tenets.
>Aryan Nations support in Ireland is blossoming, precisely because of our
>countrys celto-nordic roots and israelite heraldry,
>                                        Finn.

Aryan Nations are in effect Nazis.
We have had no contact with them though I was once by invitation
on a right-wing e-mail discussion group in which some were present. Some of
them were pleased with
the dialogue and others were violently against it and in the end I pulled
out since it was going nowhere.
After that I received a few death threats from some of the membership.
When I tried to clarify the matter I was surprised to discover that they
seemed afraid of us.

We did manage to convince a few good people who had been taken in by them
to see things our way.

One of the anti-semitic groups published a 48 page booklet attacking us,
"Who Is Judah? A Review and Analysis of Yair Davidy's The Tribes"
by James W. Bruggeman.
We were quite flattered. Even Rabbi Mair Kahane had not been taken so seriously
by these people as we evidently had.
In my opinion people who are anti-semites do not really believe that they
are descended from Israel
but something else is involved. Perhaps they are descended from Esau who
was the twin brother of
Israel  and still feels the loss of his birthright. That would explain a lot.

British Israel in the UK at one stage bought large numbers of  our book,
"The Tribes"
and a fruitful dialogue started up. They said they were prepared to reconsider
their anti-semitic stance and possibly change it. I was invited to be the
guest speaker
at their annual conference but could not attend since I owed an Israeli
Ministry a large sum of money and was forbidden to leave the country.
Members of
Brit-Am from Israel did however visit British Israel leaders in England,
Scotland, and Ulster.
The meetings were positive.
Friendly relations were established. A group from Ulster came to Jerusalem
to visit with
us and we still have connections with them. In effect the Ulster group
became supportive
of the State of Israel and friendly to us.
In England we heard that some members of the organization had become critical
of such close connections with Jews and relations cooled down. They are now
non-existent though some of their executive members are still friendly.
Likewise British Israel in Canada has been sympathetic towards Brit-Am but
we have been ignored. Other similar groups in Britain  have now and again
established contact
but nothing serious has developed.

We have reasonably good relations with several Christian groups in the USA
who think along the
same lines as us. Steven Collins in the USA and Craig White in Australia
are especially good
friend of ours.

You also asked,
"Do you agree on any of their racial tenets?"
The answer is no.
We do however believe that people of Israelite descent have a special role
to play in the world.

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