"Brit-Am Now"- 397

May 5, 2004
1. Joan Griffith: re Differences in Height
2. Question on symbols of Ephraim and Manasseh
3. Questions from Denmark

1. Joan Griffith: re Differences in Height
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-396
A wonderful newsletter!!

I'd like to point out that height also relates to nutrition & good health.
In the Little Ice Age, which offered times of famine (and pestilence), it's
no wonder people's growth was stunted. Today's diet of processed foods,
while growing people in larger height and girth, also make us liable to
diseases such as weight and heart-related  ailments (high cholesterol),
diabetes, and so on.

I have read that the Scottish warrior could go all day on nothing but his
handful of oats. If I had not read something similar about the Roman
soldier, I would suspect that comment.  I can't imagine eating so little in
a day!!  But maybe they added fresh foods they picked up along the
way--berries or leafy greens or foods purchased/stolen from farmers.

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. - Albert Einstein

2. Question on symbols of Ephraim and Manasseh

>If you will, two questions on which I need help.
>1.  What is the Numbers 2:2 standard (degel) for Ephraim
  and Manasseh and what is the biblical justification for each of these
2.  Furthermore, what is the ensign (oth) for Ephraim and Manasseh and what
is the biblical justification for each of these choices?

Moshe Ben Yehudi

no difference between ensign and standard.
Ephraim a bull
Manasseh a unicorn

Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh together) a picture of Egypt.
Source Midrash Rabah
but has some justification from the Bible:
e.g. Jeremiah 31:17 Ephraim a bull calf etc
Manasseh see our commentary on
A unicorn - In Hebrew "raem": a "raem" is sometimes described as a kind of
ancient giant buffalo-like bull that once existed (in AKKADIAN "RIMU") or
an antelope BUT the name was also applied to a unicorn. It is translated as
unicorn in the Septuagent (Greek translation) and major early commentators
(Saadia Gaon, Yehudah HaLevi, etc) understood it to mean unicorn. Unicorns
were depicted in Egyptian and Assyrian heraldic emblems.  "Unicorn" is how
the name was understood - aside from the question as to whether unicorns
ever existed, it is enough that the concept was known. The unicorn became
the emblem of Scotland: the Scottish coat of arms has two unicorns. When
Scotland united with England the lion and the unicorn were together on the
British coat of arms. The Midrash says that "raem" (unicorn) was the symbol
of Menasseh. In our passage Israel is likened to a unicorn. Only in Britain
does the unicorn appear as a national symbol.

A mighty nation defeating all its enemies. There is hardly a nation in the
world that at some stage or other was not defeated in battle by Britain
and/or the USA. Again we have the symbol of the Unicorn. The Midrash
(Numbers Rabah 2;7) says that the unicorn is the symbol of Menasseh. It is
true that the unicorn is now part of the symbolic coat of arms of the UK
but they derived it from Scotland which has two unicorns on its standard.
The USA is dominated by Menasseh. Is the above verse hinting that Menasseh
(symbolized by the unicorn) would end up being the most powerful tribe?

3. Questions from Denmark
>From: "Mikkel S. Kragh"
>Subject: Re: The Tribes: Ch.3
>Dear Mr. Davidiy,
>I have just finished reading your book "Origin", and I'm very impressed that
>also Jewish and Talmudic sources support the Israelite Identity message.
>This is something that most Christian Israelites ignore.
>Also thanks a lot for keeping sending me various news and studies via
>e-mail. This is also very refreshing, since everything else I read is
>written by Christians. (I am a Christian myself, though, and do not believe
>in the Talmud.)
>You write many places that the Germans of today are not Israelites. However,
>how do you explain that most Germans look physically like Scandinavians,
>Dutchmen and Brits, speak the same group of language, and share a common
>cultural history. Obviously, they must have the same origin, and I believe
>this origin is the tribes of Israel.
>Also, you say that anti-Semitism is a
>sign of not being of Israelite descent.
>Well, what about anti-Germanism, if
>the Germans are just as much Israel as those Jews that are of Israel?
>  (Using
>the same argument, you must agreee that since Jews vary from blond Nordic
>types to Negroes, they cannot all be of Israel descent. ???)
I'm sure you've
heard these objections before, but you must have answered them before I came
on your mailing list.

May the Lord God of Israel bless you, and keep up the good work.

Mikkel S. Kragh

You asked:
(a) about Germans and Israel and physical appearance
(b) about anti-semitism as a sign of Hebrew origins or the lack of them
(c) About anti-Germanism
(d) About physical differences amongst the Jews

(a) All Europeans look much the same, especially those of the North
and the Western Mediterranean areas. Only the relative proportions of
different types change
not the types themselves.
One has the influence of climate and environment and also racial intermixing.
Somewhere along the line there is a determining element that differentiates
one group from the other.
In ancient times one had Phoenicians (Canaanties), Aramaeans, Edomites,
Ammonites, Moabites,
Philistines, etc all of whom intermixed with the Ancient Israelites and
some of whom were closely related to them.
Descendants of these peoples are often to be found in Europe today.

(b) We say that a relative lack of anti-semitism  is ONE of the signs of
Hebrew origin. Someone who is antisemitic may be of Israelite descent. He
may even be Jewish.
Nevertheless taken as a whole over an extensive period of time a
persistently recurring hatred of Jews indicates
non-Israelite origins among other things.

(c) We say:
That many of those Germans who migrated to North America were of Israelite
descent whereas most (but not necessarily all) of those who stayed behind were not. This is
explained in our book, Joseph". I do not consider myself anti-German and most Germans
are not of  Israelite origin.

(d) You used the physical appearance argument. I did not. Concerning the Jews
it is our understanding that Judah has a body has a right to define himself
including the right to accept others into his family on an equal status or to pass on
inheritance rights according to BIBLICAL LAW.
Apart from that a hard core of Judah are descended physical Judah together
with some admixture the same as holds for the other tribes.
We do use secular proofs and apply secular lines of evidence but the bottom
line is the Bible and the Bible testifies that the Jews of today are Judah
despite physical differences amongst members of the nation of Judah.
see our commentaries on Zecariah on this matter as well as the article by
Steven Collins on our web site.
God bless you

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